THE SESSION GETS SEXIER: There’s something about this guy, i just can’t put my finger on it. the word ‘nasty’ comes to mind. but in a GOOD way! i’ve been watching him, studying him, gageing him, spending time with him…i’ve even taken yoga with him. 

i’ve never seen his private’s- but the rumor is: it’s a tad smaller than a Budweiser beer can. super gurthy, but you’ll ONLY get hurt in THE BEST way. he’s not notorious for giving girls herpes, urinary tract infections or even AIDS…which pretty much makes him a keeper nowadays! 

look at that whimsical yet wicked stare. it’s as if his eyes see right through you, past your heart and all the way down into your panties. this dude will most likely fuck the shit out of you, THEN convince you that it’s OK that he’ll be in bed with ANOTHER girl only hours later. it is his way and this MUST  be understood or else you might get hurt. i told you he was dangerous! a dangerous casanova. i only hope he’s as good at giving head as he is at mind games…for YOUR sake. but it’s worth a makeout with him at dawn to find out. have fun my babies!

boycrazy interview- charlie part 3: from alexi wasser on Vimeo.

boycrazy interview- charlie part 4 from alexi wasser on Vimeo.


  1. these two videos were in the last post! repeeeaaatt.

    and, i know another guy just like this one. he’s not really special, he’s just got game. it’s fun, though.

  2. I’ve always been a James Spader girl, but this guys giving me a hot andrew mac carthy.

    He’s so Andrew Spader.

  3. check the videos again, all of them should be working and different now. let me know.

  4. nope. still the same.
    if you watch them all all of the way through, you’ll see what i mean.

  5. it works! im at the apple store now. they say you need to download the latest version of quicktime AND RUN MY BLOG ON SAFARI! XOXO

  6. full service!

  7. Matthew McConaughey’s double

  8. Ha, good ole Charles. I oddly met this crazy fellah 2ish years ago in Hollywood. I nicknamed him Spicoli, he introduced me to Quinoa, true story. I was happily surprised to see Charles in full mack action via your blog….. Hilarity!


    I was soo shocked that I almost forgot to take note of the name. Charlie huh?? Did anyone peep that Charlie sat down chillin the whole time that Spencer was fighting??? Meanwhile, all of Cameron’s friends where trying to get Cameron’s back. Charlie was sitting in the same place at the end when Spencer was like “Lets Roll”… (that’s just gay)no wonder they cut him out of every scene on the hills – ny mag makes fun of him too…

    spencer’s out with charlie, who we’re convinced is a Life on Mars extra that Spencer paid to pose as his “friend.” How else to explain that horrible seventies ’stache?
    are we going to have to watch an entire season of this? As Heidi says: Get us off of this boat!
    - ny

  10. this guy is so fake
    he’s got outdated game

  11. this guy is as lame as the day is long – the kinda douche that only wakes up to check twitter – someone should tell him when you are fat you shouldn’t have a mustache – guess it gives your triple chins something to talk to – what a loser – get a job & please get on a diet before you try to act like a mac…

  12. the dude is a serious fuking gimp who drives a shit van an waits for brody to call him up when he needs a lift home!!
    hes a gerbal to the stars with a shit moustache

  13. Charlie doesn’t give a fuck about anybody, but Charlie. BTW, dude is hung. I sucked his dick and drank his cum.

  14. Just did a shoot with Charlie Smith this guy is so classic.
    See Photos of Charlie AT


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