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i don’t know who the hell this guy is, but I’ll refer to him as an adorable cross between tom sawyer and conan o’brian and leave it at that. he wiggles, he talks and he has bold opinions. you shouldn’t even be reading this intro! you’re wasting your time cuz the video speaks for itself! I’m so thankful my friend charlie has started introducing me to his bevy of young, thin, bearded friends. the first of many I’m hoping…..thanks charlie. soon I’ll steal a piece of your soul too. xo

boycrazy video- close encounters at target: from alexi wasser on Vimeo.

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  1. kind of an ass…. but incredibly good looking. and i liked the wiggle.

    who likes fat chicks?

  2. Alexi, what happened to interviewing babes??

  3. what’s with the attitude? if a cute girl approached me, told me i was attractive and wanted to talk sex, i’d be pretty stoked.

  4. not cute :(

  5. kyle!!!

  6. ahahaha yeah he was a douche.

  7. i saw your kohls commercial tonight. its sexy.

  8. i think he’s super cute!

  9. I think you hassled him way too much and made him uncomfortable.

  10. i think the last comment was kyle. xo

  11. I was thinking the same thing.

  12. that guy is ridiculous.

  13. hmmmm taken hua? that guy asked me out last week and said he wasn’t…shady

  14. 20 year olds suck. let’s leave it at that.

  15. this guy is a total dickface. if he only knew what an opportunity he missed. i hope he is looking back at his douchbag performance and totally wanting to die. he only wishes he’d had crime-scene sex. i’m sorry but where has your taste gone this time?

  16. hot and a dickface, probably what made him so hot and deliscious.

  17. growing a beard, squeezing into skinny jeans, and wearing plaid does not give any douchebag a golden ticket to hotness. he’s 20 and doesn’t know anything about anything. maybe he was ok cute, until he opened his bearded trap. lameass.

  18. if i see this kid in person, im gonna slap his face off…

  19. I think this blog is gay and if it wasn’t because i heard kyle was on here I would never have looked at this complete waste of your time and mine

  20. these comments are trashy! im soooo sure dudes, i mean this is a classy blog, act like civilized people okayyyyy

  21. i was wondering whatever happened to that guy…

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  23. I LIKE HIM .

  24. I LIKE HIM.

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