This is GIDEON YAGO! A male anomaly. He’s you AND your parents wet dream! Bring this guy home for thanksgiving and you better not screw it up- or else your family will drop YOU and adopt HIM! He’s THAT good! Not only is he smart, driven, successful, talented AND funny-but he’s good looking and dresses well! Is he a robot? No, he’s Gideon Yago!!! Star quarterback in the game of life! If you don’t fall in love with him, you’re MILF mom will! Booya!

7 Responses to “GIDEON YAGO:”

  1. OMG!! i totally had the biggest crunch on him when i was a mere teen watching MTV after school!!

  2. this post is completely accurate. my mom, did, infact, fall in love with gideon yago and i don’t want to even tell you what she asked me after first meeting him…

  3. just discovered this blog today and i fucking LOVE it. the videos of the dudes talking about girls are ace. keeeeeeep them coming 🙂

    by the way my “word verification” for this comment was p-hole, hahah.

  4. does he have a girlfriend?! (boyfriend?)

  5. he’s ‘s straight! not sure if he’s single though! isn’t he adorable?!

  6. He came to our school last year to speak and I got to sit in a car with him and just listen. It was pretty tight, very knowledgeable and chill. Don’t agree with all his opinions but nobody generally does (ie nobody agrees 100% with anyone).

  7. interesting stuff

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