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i heard about some party in santa monica. when i got there, i realized i was standing in the middle of an alley, but then i spotted wylie! wylie’s in a hip happenin’ band called DAWES! wylie is gorgeous. somebody needs to call juergen teller STAT and get this guy in a marc jacobs ad! one day, i’ll get taylor from dawes on here too. until then, click their band link (‘love is all i am’ is TOTALLY about me) and watch the video i made! xo

boycrazy video- party in an alley: from alexi wasser on Vimeo.

7 Responses to “party in an alley:”

  1. cool blog :)



  3. i would date this man.

  4. that dude is sooooo cute. LIKE, the cutest dude you’ve had on here yet! well, except for that one that had sex written all over him. ya know, the hills.. but seriously, totally adorable.

  5. WYLIE!!!!!! i love him!!!!

  6. for real alexi, his lisp makes me go crazzzzy.

  7. Dawes is great. Wylie is striking.

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