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on a lighter note, here are two boys i met the other day at mayfair market on franklin! i was leaving the store and the taller of the two, with some very intense piercings, asked me if i had a boyfriend and told me i was a bodacious babe! how could i NOT get an interview for you guys! xo

boycrazy video- the boys at mayfair: from alexi wasser on Vimeo.

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  1. this video is so good! these guys are great

  2. Cute yes a Lighter read indeed
    miss Lexi!x

  3. are you single Alexi?

  4. why do you ask, michelle? are you coming on to me? xo

  5. it’s funny when people do things like ride a fixed gear, dress a certain way, or whatever, but try to separate themselves by pointing out that they themselves are not hipsters. as if being conscious of the stereotype somehow makes you different. like, i use my bike to commute – everybody else in silverlake is just a poseur!

    that said, these dudes seem pretty cool.

  6. tennis IS awesome!!

  7. Hahahaha, he sounded like he was SO full of shit. But he’d be fun to talk to for a little while.

    Cunt! Hahahahahahahaha.

  8. I like his view on fashion, and not objectifying women. Making it all about the arts… fabulous find. I can’t believe he called you “bodascious” though! haha!

  9. Alexi your sweet, if i was gay youd be my number 1 gaydar girl
    tee he hee

  10. oh my god hes so cute! just a dream guy… have his number? haha, wow i so have to move to america some day.

  11. Whatever happen to this dude? He used to always come into my work.
    Nice guy .

    hahaha cunt,his friend was funny.

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