first love – part 2:

all this was happening during that time in life when you don’t know if you’re gonna be a jock, a cheerleader, a raver or an indie kid. I chose the latter (although i leaned more towards mod, if you MUST know). And I think I did this because of indie dudes like Felix! they were the ones I was attracted to. by just existing, Felix alerted me to what i was instinctually attracted to. 

Sometimes what shapes a woman into the woman she learns to become, are the men she chooses to surround herself with. Or the dudes that choose her. the time you spend with the person you call your bf or gf or whatevs, is some of the most intimate time you experience. this is very influential in peoples lives. men AND women. deep conversations/thoughts exchanged with a person who makes your heart race and causes a rush of endorphins and dopamine is a BIG deal! this type of relationship allows for much more (or at least a different kind of) intimacy than you’d experience with your big sis or aunt. 

personally, I liked the boys who liked the pixies, unwound, built to spill, fugazi, the make up and modest mouse. This doesn’t mean I liked EVERYTHING they liked – but when I was super young I went along with what the boys thought was cool. i was a sponge. listening to conversations about records and making the knowledge they spewed my own. But as I grew up and became my own person, I learned to differentiate between what I liked, didn’t like, and what i had fooled myself into liking. 

As a young person finding yourself, you use all the tools around you to define who you are and develop a sense of self. friends, books, movies, music, TV, clothes, etc. I am an only child who grew up in a turbulent home with a dad who didn’t say I love you enough. Boo hoo me. WAHHHH! but, LUCKILY, I had lots of guy friends (who i MOST LIKELY sought out as male figures to give me attention affection and approval) who treated me like a sister. 

they drove me to shows when I was too young to drive. They picked me up after school, we got french fries and talked shit! they included me, stood up for me. i felt like i was special, chosen, belonged, had a family and a secret society. i was untouchable. 

one of these guys in this gang of big bros was Felix. who was only now in my life, after randomly running into him a year after i found out he even existed! and while spending time with him, during group hang out sessions….i fell in love with him. and the best part was…he ‘like-liked’ (youthful slang for love) me back! i couldn’t believe it. (to be continued) 

first love:

He was gorgeous. He was older than me. 18 to my 15. the coolest boy i had ever met. A drummer of a band. i guess I’ve always had a thing for drummers. I’ve put up with tapping from boys for so long, and now when they do it, it just annoys me, instead of fascinate or turn me on.

he had been in and around my life for a while without me knowing it. in 9
th grade the coolest of the 11th grade girls let me and my friend Alana tag along with them (at their mercy) to a rave in downtown la. we all got ready together, lied to our parents about where we would be, what we would be doing.

before going to the rave, we had to stop at some coffee house on ventura Blvd. i can’t remember why (map point?- no) or what it was called. the alligator lounge? no. blue iguanas? no. just, SOME coffee house. we were waiting for kelly’s (prettiest of the cooler older girls- at least in my opinion) boyfriend to show up. 

he was older than her and she was crazy over him- but all i could think was ‘who is this mystery dude? he’s running super late and ruining the party!’ but because i was frozen, in fear of not being cool, and planning EVERY word i uttered around the older cooler kids….i picked and planned what came out of my mouth minutes before i said anything! and regarding kelly’s late bf, i kept my fucking mouth shut and smoked. (at this point in my life, i think i had yet to learn abut inhaling.) 

i smoked Marlborough menthol light 100’s. LAME! homeless people wouldn’t even take my cigarettes. it was many raves/shows/nights later- up all hours at Twain’s/canters/nova express (all ages coffee shops and late night spots)- that i was FINALLY taught to inhale. why didn’t anyone tell me? how embarrassing! but, geeze, NOT inhaling totally didn’t hurt like INHALING. i guess you have to pick your battles. cool won over common sense, getting in trouble with grown ups, and cancer EVERY TIME!

back to the story, Kelly’s dude FINALLY showed up! his name was Felix. i barely looked at him. i was too shy and didn’t want to reveal to much about myself by staring. he wore high water Dickie’s, etnies, had full hair, not long, just full like a member of the Beatles. had a back pack written on with white out. I’m sure a hackey sack lurked somewhere inside. but that was really none of my business. he seemed angry and serious. for the first time ever, i saw the older girls i thought were the coolest- revert to being just as big a dork as i acted when i was around THEM! 

a year and a half later, i was walking from my moms house in north Hollywood to a coffee shop on lankershim blvd.(hey, when you’re 14, it’s all you can do!) and who was walking out of an early evening band practice sesh?…..Felix! i couldn’t breathe! it was a sign! he was it!!!! he and kelly had long since broken up. it was a whole new era…. and i was about to be 15! the possibilities were endless!(to be continued)

always something:

a couple of months ago, i was seeing a boy. these are thoughts i wrote down during that relationship experience: 

“what is my problem? I’ve found a guy who says he loves me and I stayed with him. He consistently calls me, is ok with me coming over to his house on a regular basis. But he’s so cool and calm and collected. He can get mad, but he never explodes. Maybe he implodes, but I’d never be able to tell. 

Sometimes I feel alone when I’m next to him. His dry sense of humor and how much he loves himself is pretty entertaining most of the time. But I always feel like I’m left with nothing when I get off the phone with him, or leave his house.

My problem is; I feel as though he would be completely unaffected if we were to never speak again. As if he doesn’t cry, or get truly sad about ANYTHING. As if he could take me or leave me. And that does not make me feel good. That does not sit well in me. 

I know LOGICALLY that he loves me (as much as he is CAPABLE of loving someone- which is supposed to make me feel better?), that we are as he says ‘on the same team’, but there is a disconnect

I am not logical like he is. I scream and I cry and I have tantrums and all I want him to do is put his arms around me and show that he’s passionate about me! He’s so cavalier it hurts me and makes me ache. He doesn’t have the need to kiss me and hug me like I need to kiss him and hug him. Kissing him and holding him are like medicine for me. But lately I don’t want to bother him for my doses. I wonder if he’ll remember on his own. If he needs my love as much as I need his. But he doesn’t. 

And then there are the days where he trys. when he’s tuned in, ‘on’, and shows that he loves me- by the way he looks at me, cuddles me and tickles me. ALL the things he does for me/with me. And I KNOW. 

but just as soon as he’s got me under his spell, he’s off in his own world again. Love is hard.”

since that experience, i’ve changed. i don’t feel sad, empty or confused anymore….. 

because i’m dating someone new now. i’ll let you know how it goes. xoxox

ps: here’s something neat I’m gonna be a part of this Sunday (May 31,09) at space 1520 (1520 N. Cahuenga Blvd. LA CA
90028)from 11am-4pm……..


the blind leading the blind PART 8:

1. if the one person you DON’T wanna have sex with is your boyfriend, there’s a problem. 

2. if you’re put on hold for longer than 9 seconds, hang up/press end.

3. men put work first. Women put men first. Don’t do it for a man, do it for yourself. let’s change the way we think.

4. NEVER, i repeat NEVER wear flap pocket pants. you are not a joke! don’t dress like one.

5. if you pick at an ingrown hair on your bikini line, people will TOTALLY think you have herpes. i’m just saying.

6. never pay for a man. let him pay for you. if you MUST, split the check. but only if you really love him.

7. everything is better when you’re eating with chopsticks. Remember that scene in the breakfast club, when everyone stares at molly ringwald cuz she’s eating sushi for lunch? Fancy beauties need sticks to hold their food and direct it into their mouth. Duh! Get with the program and join the club! fyi, you can’t eat a pizza with chopsticks.

8. stop TALKING about what you’re GONNA do and just DO it. nobody will believe you anyway until it’s done and you’ve actually accomplished something.

9. get rid of what you don’t need. Leggings with stains?! are you kidding me? you’re what? Saving them for a rainy day when you have food poisoning or your period or something? NO! I don’t give a fuck! Get the fuck rid of them/it! It’s a representation of you. An extension of you. Like your bf, your apt, your job, your clothes, your friends! Do you save your fucking stained panties too? Reserving them for when you’re bleeding and/or aren’t gonna be around a dude you’re trying to impress? Well that’s nasty! Don’t accidentally fall into the trap of being a fowl dirty bitch! Even in the privacy of your own home- it isn’t ok! you’re doing it for you, not him! Be a fancy princess alone too! even just for yourself! Just for you, not for him! I love you!

10. it’s super important that when looking for a new apartment to rent/move into- you feel SAFE! i can’t stress enough the importance of feeling safe. not only in your apt, but where you hang out, with your dude, with your friends, etc.

a rant on monogamy:

so, I’ve been thinking a lot about monogamy lately. Is mid to late twenties still too young to fall in love & say you’re gonna spend the rest of your life with someone? would it be better to meet someone when you’re in your early to mid thirties? 

but women freak out about this! they think that if they meet someone when they’re 34/35, they’ll have to rush into having a baby out of fear their bio clock is tick tick ticking! but is it? should women still fear this? it seems like women are having babies later & later nowadays. I’m not saying try when you’re 50, but waiting till you’re 38 to procreate doesn’t seem so scary anymore. 

i also hear it’s common for women to have a miscarriage the first time they get preggers. but i am in no way an authority on any of this. i am not in my thirties, i have never been pregs, i have never had a miscarriage or an abortion, and i am not trying to make a baby any time soon. all real questions on this subject should be taken up with one or more gynecologists- to ask them for their expert opinions on all these topics. 

as for relationships, isn’t it better to have a passionate relationship and if/when the passion runs out- leave and hopefully walk away with having learned something? what do you think? I’m interested in getting my readers opinions. all eight of you!

when things get lackluster or you begin to feel either too comfortable or perhaps a bit taken for granted, shouldn’t you leave? is it possible to keep the excitement and passion in the beginning/the enchantment forever? I need to interview some older men/women and see what they have to say. on one hand, it would be nice to be crazy high euphoric in love forever. but on the other hand, i don’t think you’d get anything in your work life accomplished! 

euphoria tends to dwindle. the urge to kiss strangers pops up again. it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re not in LOVE with the bf anymore, it might just mean you’re in the dulldrums/disenchanted and have fallen from the clouds. Reality has set in and it feels like shit, compared to the start of the relationship. but chasing that feeling isn’t real though. It’s another addiction: just like people can be addicted to food, drugs, sex. it’s a love addiction. an addiction to high highs and low lows. 

is it OK to accept that the truth may be this: that a stable, mellow, even keel relationship is healthy and the way to be? that it’s ok for real life to set in and for you to realize that you can’t put ALL your attention on your significant other 24/7. you have to have a LIFE of your own. and it’s ok if he has a life of HIS own. that relationships go in flows. they have ups and downs. it can’t be ALL drama and passion ALL the time. sometimes it’s just a steady paced thing, which can feel very boring to someone whose idea of a normal relationship is kuh-razy highs and lows with screaming and crying; or trying to make the other person jealous in order to feel attractive and desired; fucking in public; shutting the rest of the world out of their love bubble. 

All I know is that i would hate for any bf of mine to be thinking these thoughts! but i guess that’s why the saying ‘what someone else is thinking is none of your business’ exists. and THANK GOD your thoughts are inside your head and you don’t have to share them with anyone if you don’t want to. UNLESS you have a blog and are too honest for your own good. then all your thoughts are public knowledge and you’re fucked. 

i love you. be nice to the one you love. they’re on your side. not if they beat you though. then they are not on your side. xo

chatting with PATRICK:

this is Patrick! we’ve known eachother for about ten years! he’s gorgeous and smart; has great taste in music; we share a love of Belle and Sebastian AND the same birthday (February 11th)! 

in this epic vid: Patrick and i talk about love, monogamy, and finding everything you want in just one person! personally, i walked away feeling better about my priorities and the unnecessary weight i put on the men in my life. you might too! enjoy! xox

chatting with PATRICK: from alexi wasser on Vimeo.

deep inside the factory – american apparel:

oh my goodness. so, i did it! i had my FIRST visit to the American apparel factory in downtown Los Angeles. HQ if you will; where ALL the magic happens. it was a little daunting. not only is there a huge American apparel store NEXT to the actual factory, where i spent 2 hours shopping and trying on sample pieces that aren’t available at the regular stores- but there were a whole SLEW of awesome man babes lurking about. tall, short, blond, brunette- looking busy AND official in a skinny, aloof, somewhat androgynous kinda way. i was in heaven. clothes and boys! wheeeee! it was like a modern day willy wonka chocolate factory for a girl who’s lies about being lactose intolerant cuz she’s always on a diet! 

i was nervous. i felt out of place- which i kinda was, cuz i don’t actually work at the factory- but my friend Lisa Kim was kind enough to invite me in with open arms, give me a tour and then have a gossip sesh with me over 50 cent coffee in the cafeteria that is EXACTLY like an elementary school/junior high caf. right down to the covered outdoor seating area and post modern style community tables with built in benches, that’ll probably be the ‘it’ piece and cost a fortune in about twenty years! 

but back to the point; please join me on my first and DEFINITELY NOT last trip to the American apparel factory. I’ve only just begun to collect all the boys that are hidden inside. gay, straight, unsure….i love you ALL and am coming after you. so be prepared to be interviewed! you look fabulous! how could you not? you’re wearing American apparel! maybe one day I’ll even interview Dov…………xoxo

deep inside the factory – american apparel: from alexi wasser on Vimeo.

the blind leading the blind PART 7:

1.  if a fat and/or ugly dude snubs you, it’s time to look at yourself in the mirror. it might be time for a make over. 

2. if you’re in a car and you see a cute dude, honk your horn. women NEVER do this. men do it! gardeners do it! just give it a try. the dudes will LOVE it and be a bit confused/taken a back. it’s like punching them in the face with your new found power vadge! 

3. if a boy says no one will ever love you as much as he loves you, don’t believe it. he’s trying to suck you back in. it’s actually another reason why you SHOULDN’T be with him. the world is large and you are lovable. i hope. i haven’t met you, but i’ve heard totally good things!
4. you are a woman. you have the power to cast spells over boys with your words, your silence, gestures, eyes, and actions. this power can be super fun/entertaining, and will most likely result in an epic make out and/or someone falling in love with you. i can’t stress enough how much power you have. use it wisely.
5. make a life list of what you want for yourself. what you want to do professionally, where you want to travel, things you really and truly want to accomplish, where you want to live, etc. and put them up on your wall. i can’t tell you how important it is to see what your life goals are every morning when you wake up- right there in front of you.

6. wear mascara! what the fuck is your problem? it will only make your life better. trust me. 

7. if you begin a relationship with someone and you think you love them, but as time goes by you begin to realize they aren’t the person who thought they were. OR they aren’t what you WANT anymore, don’t be afraid to leave. 

8. if you ask your date for a coca cola and he comes back from the bar and hands you a diet coke- it means he thinks you’re fat.

9. being the bearer of bad news does not ALWAYS feel THIS good. 

10. when he calls, let it ring at least twice. nobody likes a desperate whore. xo


this is Cali DeWitt. a legend in his own time. he’s lived a thousand lives, is REFERENCED in books, and has awesome bros-(one of which kind of looks like Jarvis Cocker and has WRITTEN a book.)Cali is/has achieved, so many things: co owner of hope gallery, a master blogger- yesterday and today, a great friend who will set you straight when you need some words of wisdom! he even runs a record label! need i go on, cuz i will?! don’t push me! 

unfortunately, when i ran into Cali, my camera was on the compact setting. and because of this- the video isn’t as clear as it should be. i’m sorry Cali! this is what happens when i see you, i freak out in the best possible way and my camera skills go all herky jerky cuz i get too excited! i’m sure you understand! you’re CALI!

why did i bother with the fasting and all that when Cali tells me this…..:

boycrazy video – hey, it’s CALI!: from alexi wasser on Vimeo.

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