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a few weeks ago i hosted/mc’d an event at space 1520 called ‘blogger shop day’. i didn’t really do much. i sold some tote bags and t shirts i silk screened, shopped, announced the band that played in the courtyard (warpaint), plugged all the bloggers who came and set up stalls and were selling stuff, etc.

the most EXCITING part was that i got to speak into a MICROPHONE and have my voice amplified for people to hear and then, just as quickly, try to ignore. i thought i was a hit, but may have been the only one laughing at my amplified jokes. i’ll never know though, cuz my own laughter was way too loud and would have drowned out anyone else’s, microphone or no microphone. but more importantly, i met a bunch of cute boys!

everyone i talked to was in a lovely mood. the music was deafening, but i trudged on with my interviews… because when you spot a babe in a courtyard, much like the olden days when we were cave people and had to be quick witted, and move fast and stealth like styles to hunt our prey… so must a boycrazy monster like myself. xo

1520 from alexi wasser on Vimeo.

1520 – part 2: from alexi wasser on Vimeo.

1520 – part 3: from alexi wasser on Vimeo.

1520 – part 4: from alexi wasser on Vimeo.

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  1. FREE FOOD!?


  3. this was cool should have done more!

  4. Did my first comment go through? hahaha.

  5. ummmmmm, i would seriously like to eat that dimpled boy in the first video with a spoon! yummmmmm (call me)

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  7. Two completely unrelated things:

    – Is it at all possible to get RSS feed for this new site? The old blog was on my Procrastination Aid Sitefeed List, but the feed stopped working and I’m just too lazy for on-site procrastination.

    – Just passing on a tip that was once given to me: tags should be as focused and accurate as possible, in order for them to be of any use. Has to do with search engine optimisation (which I assume is a good thing, assuming I spelt that correctly) and the fact that the tag system is weighted. Or was it hierarchical? Anyway, it means that the more tags there are, the less do any of them weigh with search engines, and hence the optimal number of tags per blog post is something like four (and the number of words per tag affect this too). With more tags, you get diminishing returns. And focus is important: for instance, this post isn’t actually about Fast Times at Ridgemont High, so that tag makes it actually less likely for someone who’s searching for a site like yours, AND for someone who’s searching for something about Fast Times…, to find it.

    At least, that’s what I was told. Don’t sue me if I’m spreading misinformation.

  8. Will #2 be working soon? We are all looking forward to it!

  9. I just saw you in a commercial! I’m not crazy, right? I was excited!

  10. The boy on the left in the first video is such a babe! Send him to the east coast! Oh, and caught you in the David Byrne issue of Fader that was sent to my work. Keep it up, lady!

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  12. AHHH i’m addicted to warpaint. i’m ecstatic at the combination of you / boys / warpaint. ecstatic.

    do you know who else was playing, in that last few? i swear i know them. hm.

    oh wow i’m sorry i have a tendency to be music-oriented. must be my age. i’ve also been binge-reading your blog like whoa. you’re brilliant. <3

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