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this is pro surfer Chad Marshall. he’s one half of the duo behind the warriors of radness clothing/lifestyle empire! the other half of the duo is his bro trace Marshall– but I’ll get to HIM  later! in the video of chad, he’s even wearing a piece from the w.o.r. collection (yellow plaid button up)!

something about chad makes me act all awkward and goofy whenever I’m around him. i don’t know why. maybe it’s because i look like a bizarro character from a Tim Burton movie OR a vampire in black tights, with a leggo haircut, who would burn the minute  sand, saltwater, or the sun touched her. while  HE looks like he could be the star of some 1950’s/60’s TV show/movie , alongside Gidget, Elvis, or Fabian. he’d play the sexy lifeguard who all the beach girlies swoon over OR the funny side kick who’s always up to no good and hitting on the girls at the beach hut cafe or something. two characters from two different movies colliding! how exciting!

maybe it’s his beautiful blue eyes and his mom tattoo. whatever it is, i like him! and one day soon I’ll be able to act like a normal person around him. but he’s so blond (is he even blond? he might not be. in the video he doesn’t look blond does he?i swear he USED to be blond! I’m just gonna go with it.) and i’m so brunette now! he’s always smiling and seems to be in a good mood! how is this possible? if he were dumb i would understand, but he’s SUPER smart AND funny! feel free to visit him, hug him, or flirt with him at mollusk whenevs! or request the dude’s facebook friendship! i DARE you! xo

chad marshall- surfer dude stud!!! from alexi wasser on Vimeo.

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  1. all i have to say is THIN LIZZY in the background yes to that yes yes yes, and me and my friend just watched this together and our response is “damn that guy is real!”


  3. kook personified

  4. mmmmmm- he is cu-u-ute. and I’m loving his tattoo. good post

  5. Hey Alexi,
    I have a question I hope you can give me some insight into…. well, I love sexy lingerie. I’ve just discovered the joy that can come from wearing a suspender belt/garter under your clothes and having it like a dirty secret no one knows about but you. So here’s the thing…when they have done their job at seducing the hot guy and it comes up to sexytime, how the f*** do you get them off swiftly, while still looking like an irresistable minx?
    thanks i love you!

  6. how cute!!! great interview

  7. he is so sexy.

    seriously, how could you resist?!
    i would have gotten him drunk!

  8. this guys a faggit he has sex with young underage girls. if i ever see him im going to kick his fucking ass

  9. well, that was rude and unnecessary.

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