BLOG » the blind leading the blind PART 10:

1. always date the letters/journal entries you write, it’s important. you’ll be glad you did this in the future when you’re looking back on your life! xo

2. dogs ALWAYS know when you’re having your period. no place is safe anymore. if you’re going on a first date, or to a totally rad style chic party…and a dog’s gonna be there and you’re bleeding, you might as well NOT go. unless social suicide is the new black. then go right ahead.

3. if you leave a door open in your home, any door, even a door to a closet, the bathroom, whatever… it’s like leaving open an entrance to an evil vortex that monsters live in. they will come out, and kill you in the night. you really have to keep your wits about you.  

4. don’t drink alcohol during the day. it’s gross. have some self control. even if you are at a bbq and everyone is getting shit faced or just nursing a beer. you’re better!

5. if you do smoke, even though you know you shouldn’t be smoking…ONLY smoke at night. at least this rule might help you cut back. but really. you should totally quit. get addicted to toothpicks and an unhealthy water drinking habit instead. i recommend the dark blue water bottle from whole foods or erewhon. it’s uuber stylish and it tastes good! you are better than smoking! 

6. it’s here! spf 100+ from neutrogena! look into it bitches who take themselves seriously! i did. 

7. new best drink ever- almond milk, earl grey tea lattes!

8. surefire asshole alerter- hummer limo.

9. pickles are only five calories- look into it fathead!

10. don’t use microwaves! are you fucking kidding me? you might as well give god and mother nature the finger!


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17 Responses to “the blind leading the blind PART 10:”

  1. dude guess what me and my friends took to prom???? yeah were total assholes…they wanted to and i was like why not see what its like to be an asshole?

  2. hey, totally agree on the whole dark vortex thing. i shut my closet every night for many years. who the hell knows whats gonna pop out of there?
    not me, please, no.

  3. Hey, great post, very well written. You should blog more about this.

  4. The blind leading the blind posts are my absolute fave. Keep it up, and keep ’em coming. Love your blog.

  5. wait, wait, but i love talking to boys and seeing what they love about us! I love hearing how wonderful girls are.

    OMG, Alexi, get Rob Pattinson to say what he likes/dislikes on girls. Your blog will EXPLODE.

  6. love this! not as good as some of your blb’s but pretty damn good.

  7. oh, and by the way, you totally need to give make-up and clothing and charm advice to girls, yes, I know thats what this is… basically, thats what this whole blog is, but. just do it. like in your other post with the pic of Kanye in it. only that was for guys. I want to know how I can become a seducer of men. fo sho.

  8. you’re hilarious, opinionated and healthy… love your blog!

  9. “pickles are only five calories” – what the fuck!?

    on one hand, you seem to be saying “ladies, love your body, feel good about yourself, my momma told me that god don’t make no trash” etc etc.

    but then these fucked up diet standards keep creeping back into this blog and it’s really aggravating. Telling people to be themselves and then giving them a detailed list of the consumer goods they need to be a good person is pretty fucked up. I wanted to like this blog a lot, but you’re really missing the mark here and it’s making the rest of us do one of those full body cringes.

  10. You are pretty amazing…

  11. i dig your blog, but this is a bit preachy…

  12. OwlFace, the whole website is preachy, thats what’s good about it.

  13. pickles are 10-15 calories.

  14. uhhhhh day drinking is fun sometimes… should try it. don’t judge.

  15. I got the 100 SPF sun screen and all my friends think i’m crazy, but whatever i’m fair skinned and i never tan just burn anyways..

    i really like the blind leading the blind, always makes me laugh

  16. Microwaves aren’t as bad as many people make them out to be.

  17. Dang, awesome post. I adore posts like this.

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