BLOG » the blind leading the blind part 11:


1. always have a book. It proves you can read, helps pass the time, and will take your mind off the real world for a second.

2. if you think all white people look the same, or all black people look the same, or all Asian people look the same, or all Latino people look the same, etc: YOU are a racist jerk. Case closed! Fix this! It’s a serious problem!

3. Do whatever you want, just don’t make that face.

4. try to find the balance between being a stupid pushover and a closed off know it all.

5. let me expand on #4: people are BANKING on you being an easy target; stupid enough to take advantage of you, fuck you (over), lie to you, and/or rob you. if you know this and get DEFENSIVE, you could end up being worse off than someone who is a carefree retardo. Try, i beg of you, JUST TRY to find the happy medium between being stupid/thinking everyone or anyone knows better or more than you and thinking YOU know it ALL and no one can offer you advice cuz you’d never need it, take it, or listen to it.

6. ‘forgive and forget’. this phrase sounds great, and will help you get over unresolved issues weighing you down. but, should you really forgive and forget? just don’t forgive and forget THEN let the whole bad news cycle REPEAT itself. forgive, forget, and learn from the experience, cut the dead toxic weight out of your life and be better off.

7. if you live in la and have a free day just to troll for dudes, here are places you should go: the apple store at the grove, the 101 cafe, amoeba records, family bookstore, target, wasteland on melrose, and Sammy’s camera- just to name a few.

8. if you live in la and you have a free day just to troll for GIRLS, here are the places you should go: m cafe, wasteland, target, the Beverly center, all over the grove (including the farmers market), and erewhon (more specifically, the juice bar).

9. don’t pick the dead skin on your fingers and then rip it off with your teeth! this goes for both guys AND girls. fucking ridiculous! do you know how many beautiful girls I’ve seen at castings just sitting around gnawing at their own flesh! it makes me feel better about myself cuz they’re so beautiful and makes them seem more human, but it’s also SUPER gross! besides empathize with them- what i REALLY wanna do is slap their hand out of their mouth and make them snap out of it! and if this picking, nervous bullshit MUST happen….. NEVER in public ladies. whether you know it or not, someone is watching…. and throwing up in their mouths.

10. if you are walking down the street, on a sidewalk, and you’re about to walk past a van….walk AROUND the van. step OFF the sidewalk and into the street and walk along the drivers side… but even THEN, keep some safe distance from the van. this way you are not trapped between the van and the wall, and there is less of a chance of you being clubbed over the head and dragged against your will into the rapist/child molester/murder van! i’m NOT kidding. be careful! even if you AREN’T alone, i STILL suggest you and whoever you’re with take this advice. you can never be TOO careful. hindsight isn’t 20/20 when you’re dead. xo

20 Responses to “the blind leading the blind part 11:”

  1. Ha,I was just stretching when I visited your website and read the first line, “Always have a book. ” and I involuntarily pointed at my computer screen and said “That is true! YOu are right! That is good! Yeahh!”

  2. hahaha…number 9 in particular.
    just so you ladies know and guys…someone is in fact always watching. cameras in the waiting areas and the camera in the casting room is usually linked to the casting directors office so he/she can watch remotely if they are not in the room.. and keep in mind sometimes its a satalite feed to client…not to make you nervous or anything…

  3. your onnnnnn the cobra snake .
    .. such a pretty girl -_-

  4. your site seriously rocks

  5. Hey you were on one of those Bing commercials! good job.

  6. As far as number one goes, make it a good book. Reading sub-literate garbage like Stephanie Meyer or Dan Brown makes a horrible impression. On the other hand, if someone is reading a good book I am immediately interested in them. I can live with bad music, but horrible taste in books is a deal breaker.

  7. Haha. BING!

  8. you’re hella dope, when i make my trip the cali on the 15th. you should throw a dope party so that i can attend.

  9. i love you!

  10. i love you. some of your posts have disappeared? like the one about hitting your head masturbating? haha and the ones about your spa trip and… wait i noticed lots more that i had realized were gone but now i can’t remember. either way put them back and don’t delete stuff! every blog post is amazing!

  11. i loved your ad for this blog, you look so sexy and what an amazing tiny little body! so jealous. plz give us tips on this blog or just tell us HOW you get such a great body.. how you stay fit, what you eat, etc.. because i am DYING to know and i’m sure other girls/guys are too. you tell us to be beautiful and thin but we need real advice as to how to do that missy! and don’t worry about the people that think you are advertising eating disorders or whatever because i know you aren’t like that at all. you are happy and healthy and sexy and say what you want and thats why we love reading it so much so bring it all on! spill your guts!

  12. What are your thoughts on Dec 21, 2012?

  13. number 11…she does…and has…its a whole process

  14. it seems like trader joe’s should be on the troll list.

  15. ahaha i was laughing so hard when i read your rant about the nailpicking thing. i used to bit my nails (but don’t anymore!) and now i have this nervous habit where i do that and my boyfriend yells at me nonstop about it. anyway, you reminded me of him when reading the rant. i know, its disgusting.

  16. I’m trying to catch up on all your blogs bc i think that they are amazing. i try to live life by number 4. sounds like a stoner but has a proper education in culture and manners. : )

    i do have to ask…why are so many women scared of THE RAPIST VAN.

    my sexy girlfriend cannot walk past a van without turning blue…even if no one is in it. why is this?

    i don’t get it but your blog is def. helping me understand the other sex with more insight and profundity, albeit a grate dose of humor and wit.

  17. As for trolling for boys & girls, don’t forget Intelligensia in Silverlake and Trader Joes on Hyperion (if you can find parking)…

  18. anyone else find this stuff is way too strong i know the style but damn

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