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this is Alex Olson! Alex is a professional skateboarder. but this isn’t about that. this is about a different side of Alex. the interview is in two parts! part one is us easing into it, and part 2 is more up close and personal- with me behind the camera basically bullying Alex for answers to all my annoying questions.

the dude is totally likable, lovable, and made me tea with cream and sugar when i came over to his house! he wasn’t scary and mean like a lot of boys CAN be when girls jock them. yeah, i said ‘jock’. and I’m not gonna take it back. did i mention that all of his female friends, neighbors, and random girl passers by want to bang the shit out of him? well, i should have, cuz they do! my mom thinks we look like we could be related! and that is nothing to be bummed about! have you seen the dude’s bone structure?! well, you’re about to! he could cut glass with those cheek bones!

throughout the interview, i keep asking to see his stomach. can you blame me? with cheekbones like that, imagine what his abs must look like! whoopsies, sorry. i think i just threw up in my mouth. too many compliments! i gotta stop! i got excited! Alex is a gem, that’s all. but seriously, the dude could be a movie-star! sponsored by vans, and sent DIRECTLY from heaven…… i bring you ALEX OLSON! xo

PS: i can only IMAGINE how much fun his skate friends are gonna make of him when they see this… but don’t worry, i’m coming after them too!

alex olson interview part 1: from alexi wasser on Vimeo.

31 Responses to “alex olson interview part 1:”

  1. I’m not gay but I love this guy.

  2. Are you going to interview Patrick O’Dell? I have such a girl boner for him.

    P.S This was super cute, I kind of wanted it to fade out at the end and then fade back in like some sort of 60s vaseline on the lens style to you guys snuggling. It would have been so perfect.

  3. This is so adorable. Your interviews of boys I know AND boys I don’t know are the absolute best. Made my boiling hot afternoon all the better!

  4. he’s so cute in the coconut records video!

  5. would marry if asked

  6. CUTTTEEE!!!

  7. […] this half of the interview is my FAVORITE…. it’s even MORE fun than yesterdays. there’s nothing more to say….  just watch! […]

  8. scoop this shit up ASAP alexi, if you know whats good for you!! HOTDAMN@@@@!!!!!!!!

  9. oh my goodness! this was one of the most awkward things i’ve ever watched! i can still feel my skin crawling! are there seriously women out there like this one?

  10. i know! isn’t she great? wait, why was your skin crawling? you mean, she gave you goosebumps? i totally understand. me too.

  11. usually read, never comment but alexi holy shit alex is adorable and i’m starting to really have a thing for you.

  12. love him and love you!
    will you do a video about your hair and/or makeup?
    i love your hair and want to hear your secret!

  13. He is such a sweetheart <3

  14. faggot hipster shit

  15. good on ya, alex. we all know you hit dat.

  16. i want to punch that girl in her stupid fucking face.

  17. Alexi can you interview Pat O’dell. That hunk made the polar ice caps melt.

  18. look how hip alex and that girl look, soo fucking gay…

    fuck hipsters

  19. awww he is so precious.. i love how he’s able to say i love you with such a straight face and i cant even get out the second syllable without gagging…no lie

  20. alez geez your not as art faag as me! im the faggest! im jk youre a doll. go boy skateboards!

  21. Wow. wowowowow. Not normally into the cutiepie sweethearts, but he’s a natural. Gave me Jonathan Taylor Thomas style butterflies.

  22. he is so FUCKING cute!!! omgomgomgomg.

  23. […] soul. This Girl skateboarder known for freaking out, hanging with hipsters, and being a trendy babe magnet, as well as his skating gave Crailtap his Top 5's on Traveling with Biebel and Templeton, […]

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