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so, this half of the interview is my FAVORITE! it’s even MORE fun than yesterdays. there’s nothing more to say…… just watch! xo

alex olson interview part 2: from alexi wasser on Vimeo.

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  1. so fucking hot.

  2. haha he’s so awesome. omg he’s hot too.

  3. ah I love him, you need to interview him more, the two of you are just so funny together.

  4. We get it, he’s nice to look at and you love him. But dude is about as interesting as watching jizz dry

  5. what is he doing with his mouth? is he ashamed of his teeth??

  6. It’s supposed to be about HIM not YOU.

  7. Bring on the blind leading the blind!!

  8. isn’t it supposed to be about whatever Alexi wants it to be about?

  9. he’s adorable and everything, but YOU are hilarious. i love it.

  10. DAMMIT! Get back in the ring and bring us a stomach shot!!

  11. lots of flirting happening in these videosssss… LOVE CONNECTION!

  12. “break the wrist and walk away” hahahaha he’s amazing! MORE!

  13. alexi, he’s rad! <3

  14. i watched part two first and he made me smile/smirk a lot and so i went to part one and i see ..what? him, this cute sweet dude, wearing a shirt with cat power on it? man, yes please!

  15. jesus, this girl is a fucking idiot, and Alex should have known better.

  16. He is proper cute!

  17. ohdearlord.
    the careless beauty of this man is insane.
    & he had my heart when he said, “break the wrist; walk away”


  18. Fuck he’s hot, and yet humble I <3 it!

  19. what a dream date! I hope you grabbed him and made out with him once you turned your camera off.

  20. psyched on your qs interview and had to check this out. this was a serious bummer. whatever, you’ll get em next time. peace homie and find someone with a vx

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