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hey, monster face: JUST brushing your teeth is NOT enough. how about you stop picking at your face? shave your legs while your at it too! and don’t put me off my food, please! It’s bad enough homeless people wander by/walk past while I’m eating, OR a baby cries, OR I can see the colostomy bag hanging to the side of a handicapped dudes wheel chair while I eat: NOW I have to look at YOUR previously puss filled zit, turned oozing open gash sore on your face, cuz you popped it and tried to core/scoop out a chunk of your face last night? have some self control! oh gross! now it’s all crusted over! yuck! you are sick! I paid good money for my food, jerk!

Fyi: people can see you. you are not invisible. Just because you have low self esteem and you think no one cares, although you’re right about the not caring part- they CAN see you and are affected. AND it’s a bummer. you’re totally not helping lift world spirit! And if you’re not with us, you’re against us.

Do your part to breathe HOPE into the world, EVEN if it’s ONLY aesthetically. think of yourself as a Christmas tree or a prostitute. Either/or and decorate yourself accordingly so you look SOMEWHAT presentable. Thanks. Xo

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  1. hahahah I was having a bad morning and this just put me in a better mood…. thanks!

  2. so this is your open letter telling people to conform? great. not really though.

    p.s. stop shaving your legs for a while, it’s not that bad

  3. Whoa you put product placement in your blog post.

  4. have some sympathy, not everyone can pull off the whole emaciated heroin chic look that is reminiscent of a high school anatomy skeleton as well as you can. you should be proud of yourself though, by now i’m sure you’ve thwarted countless kate moss/nicole richie interventions during your quest to be a b-level starlet in LA.

  5. Ouch. Not your best. I love your writing and relish the superficiality of it all–usually–but this touched a nerve. Have some heart, babe!

  6. Always love reading what you have to say 🙂 Presentable is important !

  7. just cause some people get pimples doesn’t mean we lack self esteem? i’m awesome with the occasional break out. maybe i shouldn’t go out for lunch today to spare the rest of humanity 🙁 wahn wahn.

  8. hahahahahha

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