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Normally, I hate the word loser. using it to DEFINE someone makes me shudder. I don’t wanna say it or even be ASSOCIATED with it. I feel guilty if I describe someone as a loser, as if it’s harsher than the word ‘cunt’ or something.

in an attempt to keep people from being a potential loser, or even just a loser in training- I used to TRY to help people figure out what their purpose and contribution to the world could be. So that they could find their unique talent/gift, to bring to the table of life.

But the truth is, they didn’t need my help or anyone elses- because they didn’t WANT it. some people just aren’t ambitious and they never will be. They weren’t born with a built in drive or passion. they don’t have a gift or a hidden gem tucked deep down inside their people soul. And that’s ok.

now I APPLAUD the mind set of the casual, hanger outer, fun haver, non go-getter, with no plans/vision for the future. I’ve realized/accepted that the world actually NEEDS losers. without losers how could we define the winners?  how could we separate the creators from the consumers? whose heads would we use as stepping stones to glory? we’d be knee deep in a puddle! a puddle! In fact, this is my new religion: To inspire NON producers and a general rule of non-productivity in any way, shape, or form. Just DONT do it! use this in ALL aspect of your life. From working out to paying your bills,  getting a job to combing your hair (even though the bed head chic look CAN work on dudes AND girls)!

We need losers to continue on their loser path to nothingness, middle ‘age’dom, old age,  and to keep from getting in our fucking way! We need them to continue to be lazy, get nothing done, acquiring and spreading stds, snorting peanut butter crank, smoking pot, hanging out, shopping all day with someone elses money, partying too much, leaning against walls, avoiding phone calls/not returning phone calls, borrowing money, putting things off, not making plans, living in a trailer, surfing all day,  eating too much, sleeping in too late, celebrating achievements they’ve yet to/and will Never achieve!

Let people NOT aspire to be their best, because it will make rising to the top much easier for the go getters and the people with drive/ goals/ hopes/ dreams/ and the energy to realize them. so stop trying to change your lump of a friend, neighbor, or acquaintance! instead, enjoy him/her for the jokes they tell and the space they waste. have fun with them in your free time. share a dance at a club. and if the sex is great, keep having it. just make sure you get dressed after, go home, and get some fucking work done when you’re back in your own apartment. i love you!

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  1. funny!

  2. It seems that there is more than a small bit of irony sneaking through the plain message… hahh, oh I’m so “smart” Sorry not enough coffee in system yet..

    I’ve always thought that ‘losers’ are that way because they are afraid of designing their own reality’s; basically that its all coming from being afraid to have to face a real identity, to have someone think of them as who they really are; like they want to remain hidden in their slackerness/loserness/sleepyiness, where “who they REALLY are ” is their own secret. maybe they feel like that way, they truly belong to themselves.

  3. why are you so against smoking pot? god forbid us hardworking people get a chance to relax after hours of go-getting.

  4. your blog is like my blog

  5. In my opinion, losers are those that not only don’t do anything with themselves, but in order to be defined as such, also must hold others back.

  6. this is brilliant and has winner written all over it

  7. alexi wasser: reminding us lazy bastards to take our adderall since 1981

  8. When did Alexi turn into a Republican?

  9. what’s wrong with surfing all day?

    even in california there’s only like 100 days a year where that’s even worth doing.

  10. Surfing all day seems like a pretty winner thing to do…

  11. You are a capitalist nightmare, the advertiser’s dream, caught in the rat race.

  12. i only just read your blog for the first time today, and i’m having a really hard time knowing if you’re being horribly sarcastic or actually really think you know everything.

  13. LOVE IT!
    your speaking my language

  14. success is happiness. i’d rather spend time with a pleasant interesting person regardless of how much money they want to make, rather than some ego maniac on a mission to “achieve” status in life.

  15. You never really define what “winning” is; what the go-getter is trying to GET. It’s this horrible Beckett tragedy that you’re stuck in, a delusional bubble of waiting. Is there any point in the future where you will sit down on on an expensive couch and say “GOT IT!” or “WON!”?

    I mean, what the hell are you talking about? You’re inserting people who mildly annoy you into this hitleresque philosophy. You, of all people, wouldn’t be able to exist if people didn’t wash your dishes and fix your car. And instead of respecting the work they do, you see it as failure creating vacant space for your flimsy success.

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  18. in real life( i am pretty sure) u r just some ugly loser slut who plays with herself all day long…..

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