BLOG » PART 2: mark ‘THE COBRASNAKE’ hunter speaks!


So, HOPEFULLY,  you saw part one YESTERDAY! well, here’s part 2 assholes! I actually PREFER part 2. It gets a bit looser. we talk about boobs, dungeons and dragons, being an ass master, and we finally get to talking about MY boobs, and the anal sexxx!

He’s STILL in the hammock, but his lips are moving more. And what’s coming out of them is WAY more exciting than yesterday! I’ve seen mark around town for years, but I’ve never touched his soul or anything, until NOW! Witness the first steps into our newly blossoming friendly acquaintance! Just me and mark ‘the cobrasnake‘ hunter. L.y.l.a.s! Xoxo

15 Responses to “PART 2: mark ‘THE COBRASNAKE’ hunter speaks!”

  1. alexi, who was the guy in that band you used to date? Just curious…

  2. sexy

  3. i really like this interview Alexi! Can’t wait for Steve Aoki’s interviewwww
    Mark’s hammock is pretty sweet too.

  4. Very Fuckable. Love this interview.

  5. Doesn’t anybody remember Cory Kennedy? How did Mark Hunter not get charged with statutory rape? Nobody cared that a guy in his twenties was dating a high school sophomore? The age of consent in California is still 18.

  6. Speaking of bands, you should totally interview some L.A. bands…like NO AGE, that would rule.

  7. A lot of people don’t know mark was born out of poverty, an orphan, abandonded by his parents at the tender age of 2 years old. He slept and lived behind a vacant photo pick-up booth in the middle of a parking lot. Thats where his love of film arose, self taught , he got a job with a catering company at the age of 5, where by chance at a house party event in laurel canyon in the early 2000’s he met a genie which granted him 3 wishes(he has only used up one wish, so he’s got 2 left…)he has come a long way and is just an all around awesome guy…

  8. fucking genius!

  9. adorable.

  10. The video interviews keep getting better Alexi! I agree you should get and interview with the No Age boys they are super cute and so funny.

  11. This is revealing, this one and the alex olsen one bc u get to see the mask these guys wear for u girls haha

  12. I loved this! So, so great. On an unrelated note, when are you going to interview Boesel? I’m dying to hear what he has to say! So dreamy 🙂

  13. god what a fucking DOUCHE. he is hideous and takes such boring pictures. hipster scum.

  14. This blog is getting better and better. Interview technique much better too – allowing him to speak more than you. XX

  15. interview devendra! please!!

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