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hi. my name is Alexi Wasser. i don’t know if you know this, but i am white. i’m practically see through. I’m not a ghost haunting you, or following you down the street. I’m just a person. a really pale person. Conan O’Brien could be my father. I’d prefer it if he was my husband, but he’s married and my crush on him is another post all together. the other day, while i was walking around my neighborhood, i stopped in a shop and happened to know the guy who worked there. he was not white, he was not black, he was not Asian. he was something else. I’m not sure what his ethnicity was exactly, so i won’t try to label him. he was a babe, but so far, that’s not ethnicity exclusive. he was talking to an Asian guy. a video of two dudes wrestling or skate boarding or something played on the TV screen, mounted to the wall above us. the shop dude wanted to show me a vimeo video on his laptop.

while i was watching the video, a black dude walked in. the black dude asked the shop dude who the guy on the TV screen was. the shop dude replied “i don’t know. some Asian dude.” he said this in a completely non sarcastic, straightforward way. and even though i was watching the vimeo, because I’m not deaf, i shivered. this could go either way. the shop dude had set up a perfect scenario for someone to be offended. isn’t there a difference between using the words Asian, white, black, Latino, etc to describe what someone looks like in a crowd- and using them in a racist manner? this was no time for logic. i was already feeling guilty and i hadn’t done anything wrong. I’m not even sure if the shop guy had done anything wrong. all i know is that by describing someone by their ethnicity alone, he was setting himself up for trouble.

i was right. the black dude said “oh, he’s an Asian dude?” he lifted the Asian dudes shirt up and said “Is that you? you’re Asian. you must be the same guy on the TV screen. he’s just some Asian dude.” holy shit. the shop guy had triggered some gnarly shit that was weighing quite heavily in the black dudes soul and because of all my white guilt, i wanted to hug the black guy and say “I’m so sorry. he didn’t mean it. i love black people. people are not ONLY their race. duh?! I’m sure the shop guy didn’t mean any harm!” but i didn’t. i tried to mind my own business. this wasn’t about me. this was about the black dude and shop dude. but mainly the black dude was projecting all his internal issues with a group of three young people in a shop that hadn’t done anything wrong.. really.

well, at least i tried to mind my own business – that is, until the black dude pointed at his white gf/wife whatever she was, who was at the other end of the store shopping with their kids, looked at me and shouted “Are you two related?!” i was shocked. wtf? i was watching a fucking vimeo. i looked up, looked the black dude in the eye, and looked at his white gf/wife and said “huh?” he repeated himself “i said, are you related to her? you two look the same!” i stood there, dumbfounded. my worst nightmare was coming true. i was straight up being accused of being racist. and i hadn’t even said anything remotely stupid and cavalier like the shop dude had. how did i get dragged into this? i should have just laughed, but my white guilt and need to be liked took over. so instead, i said “are you asking me if we’re related because we’re both white?” the black guy nodded. that’s when i knew i should/could have taken the high road and been an adult. but I’m Alexi, i don’t know how to do that most of the time… unless I’m being paid. than i can be totally logical and rational. at a crossroads of ways to respond, i finally picked a road and shouted “i am NOT racist! i’m not racist! what did i do? what did i do?” it was like bad middle school theatre.

the black dude yelled to everyone in the store (including his family, which i thought was super inapro-pro) “i guess all all mother-fuckin’ ni**ers look the same! fuckin’ bullshit!” holy shit! he said the ‘n’ word. hard ‘r’ and everything. i was shocked. i couldn’t handle it. i told the shop dude goodbye and left immediately. for some reason, i still had the urge to win over this crazy dude- but i kept walking and blew off some steam at urban outfitters.

what was i feeling? a multitude of things. i realized, i live my life constantly worried that black people think i’m racist. and this day made me confront that. i suffer from reverse racism. i can walk down the street and not smile at a single white, Asian, Latino person that crosses my path, but the minute i see a black person, i feel the need to exude warmth and smile so they know that i am NOT  racist. why do i do this? I’m pretty sure it’s because my dad is 22% racist. not in an ‘i want to kill black people/ ku-klux- klan’ kinda way, just the occasional insulting joke. which to me is pretty fucking fucked up enough. i also always got the impression that he wouldn’t want me to date or marry a black dude. i had black friends growing up and he had friendships with black people and has taken amazing photos of Martin Luther king, etc. but, it was just this underlined ‘thing’ i felt was being taught and instilled in me. it didn’t stick and, instead, it made me not like my dad. which makes me sad. his behavior made me not like him. i don’t speak to my dad anymore, for a number of reasons. he made gay jokes too, just as much as he made comments about black people and cultural stereotypes.

all that aside- now, i have this whole reverse racism thing happening, and i’d like to find a happy medium and lose the guilt. once i even paid a house cleaner (who just happened to be black), even though she didn’t do a goddamn thing and I caught her sitting on my futon eating chips, watching TV when I got home. And not only did I pay her, I over tipped the shit out of her. That is an example of white guilt. how does this help ANYONE?  i am not racist. i like people. if you are nice to me and we get along, great. if we don’t, we don’t. it isn’t based on what your skin color is. I’ve been talking to a lot of my black friends (yeah i have black friends), and we’ve been discussing the struggles of racism that exist even now in 2009- and more specifically the problems that arise in this bizarro hipster culture that my target demographic exists in. after the shop encounter, one of my white friends said, “earth to Alexi, some black people just don’t like white people.” i was shocked. “what? why? how could they hate ME? what did i do?” i mean, of course i understand why black people would hate white people. i obviously understand that, which is why i feel so guilty and am so eager to please.

other things I’d like to get off my chest and get over- which stem from my being super white, is that i feel embarrassed listening to Lil Wayne in my car with the windows rolled down, because i think it just looks too retarded. but that’s a whole other post. i don’t think of Lil Wayne as ‘black music’ exclusively for black people. i listen to jazz and oldies and Motown and can have the windows down. i think the lil Wayne thing just has to do with the lifestyle he paints and how everything i look like, down to the car i drive has no place in that life style. i drive a scion, have a leggo haircut, and am so white i could be dead. me listening to gangsta rap looks ridiculous. i hope we can all agree on that. i will forever remain the white dude from office space when it comes to listening to rap. but i love Lil Wayne. he’s such a great lyricist…. and his voice makes me wanna sexxx. (to be continued)

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  1. some black people will just always hold on to that hatred no matter what anyone does or says to them. i mean really, the word ASIAN offended him? please. you should have been an asshole right back because in fact NO ONE DID ANYTHING WRONG. especially you. i can’t stand black people who pick that flag up just to pick fights. like get over it. honestly. (unless someone was a total dick racist, then they should fuck that person up and cut a bitch.)

  2. this was a rly good post in that it shows that the incident inspired you to really explore your own feelings and thoughts on race. also great to see you talking to your friends of color about the issue/incident as dialogue is one of the most important starting points for dealing with race/white privilege. as someone who has studied race/gender, etc. for a number of years, i would just like to comment on a few statements i had a problem with and maybe point you towards some good reading if you’re interested. first, there’s no such thing as “reverse” racism. the definition of racism isnt that white people hate black people. defining racism in that way just puts more power into the white race and makes their experience the norm. white people can be racist towards any race and vice versa. black people can even be racist towards other black people. sad but true. instead of feeling guilty for your white privelege, do something about it. when you’re in a situation like the one you describe above, be an active participant. tell your friend it makes you uncomfortable to hear someone described as some asian dude. speak out, get involved. guilt is not productive and its not going to make you or anyone feel better. for some further reading on this subject, i would suggest “talking back” by bell hooks, “this bridge called my back” by gloria anzaldua and cherrie moraga, and “Race, class and gender” by patricia hill collins. i know its totally “not cool” to talk about these things and thats why i think its rad that you have put this out there! I love you!

  3. I know what you mean about white guilt. I live in Tel Aviv. There are thousands of foreign workers in the city. The government keeps bringing more of them, and at the same time deporting those who’d already worked here for a few years and have children that are practically Israeli. Anyway, I once heard a foreign worker interviewed on TV here, saying that people never sit next to him on the bus. Ever since I heard that, if I’m on a bus and there’s someone who looks like he/she maybe a foreign worker – I’m jumping on that sit next to him.

    And don’t even get me started on all the other ethnicity / religion issues going on around here.

  4. Black people aren’t “holding on” to hatred. Some black people would just rather not be bothered with white people because sooner or later an unforced, unconscious “racist” event is going to happen. I remember going on a concert date (i know–cliche) with a white girl from Romania. Afterwards, she asked me if I wanted to get something to eat, and she immediately mentioned “chicken”. Two things–1. Yes, there IS a 24 hour “chicken” spot in the area that people of all shades usually go to after shows. 2. She had never dated a black guy before and the fact that she bought up “chicken”, made me wonder if she was trying a lil’ too hard to be accommodating. It’s things like that that make black people standoffish and somewhat bitter.
    But I don’t think that “white guilt” should be a part of any white person’s repertoire. “white service” and “white civic and ethical responsibility” seems like a better way to serve your anxieties.

    I think that the bottom line to this whole racial problem can be summed up by a line from Alexi’s fav. rapper . . . “what’s a goon to a goblin?”. Who knows? But who really cares either. They’re both the same to me.

  5. I really hope this post doesn’t become a we hate blk folk post.

    Blog host i realized, i live my life constantly worried that black people think i’m racist.

    This is unfortunate and I’ve noticed it’s common amongst some hipsters and super liberals whts. Don’t worry, you know what type of person you are deep within yourself and that is what’s most important. I’m sure most of the blk people you come across know you are a decent person too.

    blog host i suffer from reverse racism

    This doesn’t qualify as reverse racism. This is more along the lines of racial self-consciousness. Not to play the oppression Olympics but…..what you experienced is sort of like how blk women feel about blk women who misbehave in public(flavor of love girls). Imagine how embarrassed blk folks were when Marion Berry got smoking crack as the mayor of DC.

    blog host also always got the impression that he wouldn’t want me to date or marry a black dude.

    HEHE, My friend, there is something about men that makes them want to protect their own women but plow into others. Your father wants to keep you away from blk men but wolun’t hesitate for a moment to jackhammer me if given the opportunity.

    blog host hi. my name is Alexi Wasser. i don’t know if you know this, but i am white. i’m practically see through. I’m not a ghost haunting you, or following you down the street. I’m just a person. a really pale person.

    Actually, I like your skin. It makes you different from the all the other overly tanned LA girls. What set you apart from the other woman(apart from your height) in the commercial you stared in, was your perfect skin. Are you familiar with Dr. Pat Wexller? She has super pale super smooth skin just like you. Kelly Osborne also has super pale but very lovely skin. Preserve your skin as best you can (rhyme cute much) and try to avoid eating things that will give you break outs.

  6. @Flowers – sometimes we must look at these things deeply before writing someone off as racist. Did she mention the chicken place because she likes chicken? Should she have avoided mentioning chicken to you because you’re blk but mentioned the chicken place to her non blks friends on another day???

    For her comment to register as racist in my mind some blk jokes or comments about blks liking chicken, needed to be added to her question.

    To some it up, I think you were being overly sensitive.

  7. Overcompensating is reverse racism so try to avoid it. A few times, I’ve been in a very busy bar and a black guy will be trying to get a drink and when it takes more than two minutes, he’ll loudly say something like “I’m not getting served cuz I’m black, is that it?” Does the bartender stop everything he’s doing to serve him? No, he says, “Just wait your turn like everybody else. I’ll get to you.” Catering to racist presumptions is stupid. One thing you can say to people who are challenging you on this note is: “Don’t even go there.” Also, you should memorize some Lil Wayne riffs so you can rock that shit harder.

  8. @chic noir I believe that as an adult with common sense and cultural sensibilities, it’s a good idea to add some sort of disclaimer before outright mentioning a stereotype to a person who might take offense. It’s about all about “watch what you say”. I wasn’t sensitive about it at all, we proceeded to make out in her dorm room later on that night. It was mighty lovely.

    Maybe the problem was that I took her to an undergound hip hop show, and she just couldn’t shake off the beautiful blackness in the building. That, I don’t mind as much.

    I see/experience these things constantly though. White people feeling like they have to overcompensate and “relate” to you when, in fact, most black people (people I know anyhow) are actually trying to crawl their way out of the pigeon-hole and be exposed to new things.

  9. @flowers – ummmmmmm Sorry, Chicken is stereotype related to black people? I have no idea cause I’m not from North America. OK so now that I live here I guess I should learn these kind of things so that I could perpetuate this nonsense, or?? what am I supposed to do? Not all white people come from the same place. Is there a racial stereotype guide I can get somewhere so that i don’t offend someone buying stamps or something?/

  10. it’s hard, yeah?
    in honolulu there’s so many lovely types of people– most everyone is mixed with at least a little bit of filipino, korean, japanese, portuguese, hawaiian and yes… haole (their term for “white people”).
    it makes race a nonissue except when it is, which is kind of all the time.

  11. @Xenia I’m sorry that you didn’t know this. Sadly, it’s common knowledge here in America based on a racial pre-text. No, I don’t suggest that you “learn” anything. Please live your life according to your values and ideals. I was simply recounting something that happened to me.

    I’m done here. Alexi, please continue on with the boy stuff . . .I’m getting bored with race already.

  12. listen to lil wayne with pride, he’s a god

  13. i’m so glad i am not the only person who wants to sexxx when they hear lil’ wayne!

    there will always be racism no matter how much you try to avoid it. there will be white people who don’t like (insert ethnicity) and vice versa and any way you can mix it.

    Just be yourself is all we can do.

  14. race will always be a touchy subject, so i’ll try and keep this as short as possible:
    there are differences between racist/racism/racial prejudice, then there is privilege. unfortunately, in north america, the definitions for racist/racism pretty much mirror each other, racial prejudice is skimmed, and privilege isn’t discussed.(i say north america because this is where i live/where i’ve been raised, so my knowledge is of how things run here). the failure to realize the indiviual(dictionary def) vs systematic(sociological) difference in those 4 words is what fucks people up.

    anyone can have a racial prejudice. that’s just carrying positive or negative stereotypes about a group of people based on their racial characteristics. all black people are criminals/all asians are smart/etc. people of all races can ostracize/mistreat/act violent towards a person of another race based on those racial prejudices. a black person beating up a white person because they don’t like white people. a white dad not allowing his daughter to bring home/date a black guy, but it’s ok to have black friends. whatever

    being racist is not the same as being prejudiced. being racist requires having institutional power. in the usa, white people have that power. major companys…headed by white people. majority head lawmakers/judges…white people. white people, in america, have the money. ipso facto, white people control the systems that matter, therefore only white people can be racist. people of color can be prejudiced, but they can’t be racist because they don’t have the institutional power. if you’re a white person who lives in an area that is predominately populated by people of color, and you’re harassed because of your skin color, it still isn’t racism even though you’re the miniority in that area because in majority black/hispanic/asian/etc communities, they still don’t have the institutionalized power(courts, police forces, the national media isn’t ran by them, etc). that would be the definition of racism a white person would encounter, but it’s not reverse racism. it isn’t possible to say that a white person was victim to reverse racism, because, again, white people have the institutionalized power. racism is essentially having both prejudice and power.

    in the usa, you are born with privilege as a white person. all that means is that under the current system of institutionalized power, you’re born at the top of the totem pole, through no fault of your own. i think that white guilt comes from this, which is silly because having privilege isn’t something to feel guilty about, and guilt doesn’t get your ass anywhere. you just have to understand what privilege is, and how it works.

    Alexi, i think you’re amazing, and i’d never even for a minute think you were racist. i’m sure the white guilt thing isn’t something that you can easily shake, but if you’re a good person, all you can do is be who you are. people will either accept that or they won’t. you can’t erase privilege and you can’t take apart racism.

  15. ps sorry that effing novel everyone!!

  16. Don’t worry, race technically shouldn’t even exist, it’s just all about culture, right? Be a cultur-ist, if anything haha.

  17. Alright, so here’s the thing: in order to live in a “color-blind” world, or whatever you want to call it, the solution is to view everyone, regardless of color/ethnicity/clothing choices as a human being. Then you need to remember that you are a human being, and because of this you understand how humans work. Maybe not all the time, but you get the gist of they wrok.

    And just like how a girl with an abusive father has a hard time having positive relationships with men, some people with different cultural backgrounds can carry a similar chip on their shoulder; one that impedes their growth as a human being and connecting with others.

    This DOES NOT justify inappropriate behavior at all. It is simply about you (the universal “you,” not just Alexi) understanding this and not internalizing everything that someone with a chip like that on their shoulder does. You can not help how people act or react, you can only control your actions.

    If everyone in the world took a moment to understand this, we wouldn’t have people acting a fool over a Vimeo video that has *nothing to do with them*; we wouldn’t have to worry about what it means to leave comment threads open on posts about race, because SHIT, SOMEONE COULD MISINTERPRET SOMETHING and then OOPS, YOU’RE A “RACIST”!

    And as for those with the race-chip on their shoulder (just in case anyone fitting that bill is reading), you HAVE to let it go, and you have to realize that you are more than just one part of your personality; although sometimes it can feel like it’s all people can focus on. If your color is all someone wants to focus on and not anything else that actually makes you awesome, then fuck ’em. Because anybody that daft is not worth your, or anyone else’s, time.

    Ya dig? Hopefully this makes a bit of sense, because it totally did in my head before I started writing.

  18. i’m a thin white girl living in the bronx and you have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA how much “reverse racism” i encounter. i also go to a predominately black school. honestly i could write an entire book on horrible racist things people have said to me, when i did absolutely NOTHING to receive the comments.

    it’s fucked up and annoying as hell but i still want to marry a cool black dude. why? because black babies are the cutest.

  19. i am black, but first and foremost i identify as a human, and second a woman. being black or just identifying that way completely is so isolating and alienating and fucking hurtful. so this racist chip we are talking about is from deep seated pain (i am not excusing the behaviour). not all black people are like this, come to fucking toronto dammit!

    lately i have been talking to a lot of my black friends and we often talk about how we feel isolated from our own people and people outside of our race. the black people i know do not play into stereotypes we only joke about them. and our circle includes people all kinds of nations and culture. just be the bigger person and know who you are as human.

    i am just saying in short, i am human first and thats how i treat people.

  20. chic noir is my new fav person.

  21. Everything you wrote is so fucking true!!!
    the part about having black friends, your dad being 22% racist and being embarrassed to listen to lil wayne…
    i am now offically addicted to your blog

  22. “he lifted the Asian dudes shirt up”

    i have mixed feelings about this blog post and the comments it has generated, but what i DO know is that if mr. sensitive actually grabbed another dude unprovoked, he should have immediately been thrown out of the store. asshole can throw a 20th-century chip-on-the-shoulder hissyfit all he wants, but HANDS OFF.

  23. 22nd comment was mine, not sure why it went unattributed.

  24. John Howard, former prime minister of austrilia, when asked whether he would ever offer an appology to the natives said it best: “i can’t appologize for something i had no part in”.

    use this line to combat your reverse racism. it isn’t like your family owned slaves, it isn’t like that you are actually doing any which needs to prove to black people you ain’t racist.

    p.s: i think terry richardson is a dirt-bag

  25. racism is a touchy subject, but its very much alive and kicking. maybe not to the extent of 40 years ago,but alot of those people are still alive and have (unfortunately) raised kids of their own. people are also programmed to accept stereotypes with images from the media and they dont even realize it =/
    i dont think anyone is born hateful including that guy, that was just a result of thing he’s been put throughout his life. its a smart thing to have left, nothing good could’ve come out of that.
    i like you, but it breaks my heart to hear you like lil wayne, that guys an imposter. thats irrelevant tho. im pretty sure he’s boycrazy too, maybe he can be a guest on your blog?
    anyway you’re not a racist, and you know it. so you dont have to prove it to anyone.

    this is the first time i didnt lose IQ points reading replies on a blog! i also like your writing style.
    much love.

  26. I think it’s an interesting topic, because while it would be best if it could just be ignored in the John Howard style, it *does* still exist. It would be nice if it were just an aesthetic choice for dating (as in – pale skinned girls who look like they will haunt me after they drive me insane are cute), or in the Chantal post above who obviously has given some thought to her ideal physical mate’s offspring.

    All that should be fine – and should have nothing to do with race. Unfortunately, it is a bit hard to ignore totally. If you grow up in a culture where you are surrounded by and experience racism in any form, it does shape you and your actions. Whether it’s Alexi giving undeserved money to someone who did a poor job or it’s Flowers almost missing out on a great makeup session with a hot Romanian chick (I don’t know if she was hot, but for the sake of the story I’m gonna picture her that way) because something she said could have been misconstrued.

    Semi off-topic – I highly recommend the author (and occasional Daily Show comedian) Larry Willmore. He has a book called something like “I Would Rather We Had Gotten Casinos” that is pretty funny, plus I’ve read some essays of his that are hilarious. He doesn’t pretend that race is immaterial, but he treats it with such blunt humor that it’s hard not to laugh at the seriousness of it.

    Anyways, there’s a lot of real racism. Luckily for me, my eating habits are strange enough that they probably offend everyone equally and my cultural taste confuses the hell out of everyone I meet.

    In closing, I’m not a vegetarian because I love animals. I’m a vegetarian because I hate plants. I’m not sure if that’s apropos of anything, but it is funny.

    Basically, don’t judge people by how they look. Unless they’re really hot. Or if they’re wearing head to toe Juicy Couture. Or if their childish eyes make them look like big cartoon characters. Or if they have a lot of wallet chains and seem to limp for no reason. Those are all valid criteria.

  27. I love you say him calling the asian guy asian was sooo bad, but you refer to the the black guy as ‘black dude’ the entire post.. its ridiculous. i

  28. yes? don’t cut yourself off before you’ve given yourself a chance. ‘i…’ what?

    and yes, i refer to the black dude as ‘black dude’ the entire post. and yes, it is ALL ridiculous.

  29. clair bear, :
    chic noir is my new fav person

    *smiles big smile*, thanks clair bear 🙂

    flowers I wasn’t sensitive about it at all, we proceeded to make out in her dorm room later on that night. It was mighty lovely.

    So poon made you foget all about her racially insensitive comments huh?

  30. The handsome john blackwood wrote “i can’t appologize for something i had no part in”.

    use this line to combat your reverse racism. it isn’t like your family owned slaves, it isn’t like that you are actually doing any which needs to prove to black people you ain’t racist.

    but what if your mom and dad were two of the people out throwing stones at the little rock 9? The ending of slavery in 1865 did not end the hellish American experience for African-Americans. We experienced Jim Crow for about 100 post slavery years my sweet.

  31. robotofmystery Or if they’re wearing head to toe Juicy Couture

    *takes off juicy couture watch, earrings,socks, and handbag*
    Juicy is tacky but for some reason I love the brand although it’s so overpriced. I guess what I like about juicy is its’ over the top girlyness

    Offtopic: robotomystery, I like your writing style, do you have a blog? Clairebear, you too?

  32. Well, if my mom or dad was involved in some hangings or something, or they were plantation owners or something, or whatever. well, i can’t exactly appologize for what they did. if i did, than my appology would be meaningless because, you know, they still probably believe in their ways which justified racism in their mind.

    also, since race is social and not biological (since there is no real difference between blacks and whites except a little skin color and sickle-cells) than whatever catagorical justications which exist that support racism had its reasoning within that historical context. to contextualize a white’s man usage of the word dark black male in the context of jim crow is utterly apathethic, because (you know) that’s the past.

    so, in closing.
    racism, and the discussion of it, is boring. it is a cottage industry for black intellectuals who want to prove their worth, and utlimately prove the reason behind the continual necessity for their tenure.

  33. @ 17. Bea

    Wow, thank you. That was one of the more enlightened posts I’d ever read on a blog. Really, well said.

    And great piece as per usualz, Alexi, thanks. 🙂

  34. Umm, hate to say this, John, but I bet Bill Gates’s son will have better opportunities than you. And Obama’s kids will probably have an easy time with the Harvard admissions committee. That doesn’t mean that should be changed, just that there is no such thing as a level playing field. Pretending it’s level is usually done by people who have little experience with modern racism. I’ve personally heard intelligent people argue that race *is* biological, so it’s not all in the past. Utterly apathetic is an appropriate term for a hipster blog, though.

    Race is historical, which causes the social context. I personally don’t like the term black intellectual, but I do know what you mean as there are people who are devoted to only black issues. I think that’s a shame, as they should be dealing with the issues on a wider scale, but I understand that if you’re a 60 year old college professor, most of your formative years you were probably using the black water fountain, so it’s hard to ignore.

    Chic Noir – I do have a blog, but it’s actually a pretend indie, but carefully corporate contrived and funded shill for the Juicy Couture corporation. This is the only place I can vent away from my day job promoting all that is Juicy. Little known fact is that Juicy is a shell company incorporated in the Isle of Man that actually has a controlling interest in both Fox News and MSNBC. You read it on the internets, so it must be true.

    I’ve been meaning to write a blog, but never got around to picking a topic. I was hoping for something non-controversial, like maybe racism or healthcare.

  35. a scion? wtf is wrong with you? and i always thought you were part azn.

  36. Have you ever heard the term silently agreeing?

    I’m sorry but that is sort of what you did there.

  37. Have you ever heard the term silently agreeing?

    I’m sorry but that is sort of what you did there.

  38. racism sucks and people should stop being so horrible to each other. period.

    also, the black dude overreacted. you should’ve just told him to shut the fuck up and stop picking a fight.

    he had no reason to blow his top like that.

  39. robotofmystery, you are a funny guy.

  40. robotofmystery, just write about whatever comes into your head when you sit down to write. When you start your blog, be sure to give me a link 🙂

  41. lil wayne.. is pretty amazing 4realz.

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