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yes! it’s been too long! here’s today’s ‘dude of the day‘!

hello! Hi. Have you two met? Oh, no? Well allow me to introduce you to the sexiest dude in the ENTIRE world! during this interview, i was totally off my game. who am i kidding? I’m ALWAYS off my game! jk jk! i am NOT trying to promote self hating or whatevs on this site! so let’s leave the negativity at the door! wheeeee! is everyone cool with the fact that i’ve taken on the writing style of a pedophile about to murder a classroom of stuffed animals? i hope so! cuz i’m just getting started!

back to the dude at hand: I was unable to be as witty as I KNOW I could have been during the interview, so forgive me! But I hope you enjoy the video anywayzies! I love you! Xo

ps: EVERYONE! please check out my friend dallas clayton’s very important site that i’m totally in awe and proud of . it just might be the best thing you click on ALL day (except for my blog…maybe a close tie?) i love you!

pps: thank you sooo much to THE FADER magazine for supporting my blog and writing this amazing article in the actual magazine AND posting the same article AND my boycrazy promo on your website too! it made me the happiest girl in the world! i love you! xo

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  1. This dude is effin’ sexy.

    PS I love your blog. Keep writing. Forever. I had a bad day the other day, I read it, and it made me happy.

  2. i Love these!
    keeep them coming.
    your blog is great.

  3. ALEXI! you murdered me with this guy!! first of all you guys are at the smell so i want to know who i wasnt there… oh i was kind of there because o threw the paint on the walls in that bathroom…does that count as being there? im just trying to weesle my way into this bathroom with you and this insanely sexy babe! were do guys like this come from? maybe some day we’ll make it to their planet? they can look at us like that and hey wait do comic books count? can we ask this guy if they count as books? because you know im just sayin .. also what im just sayin is this video is really great and just what the dr ordered and your interview in fader is awesome i love how you started asking him questions! oh hey this is the comment area not the email area, oh well nobody cares right? oh dude guess what?! i dont know but i think its time for us to run into each other at family while nate is working and just hang out there and harass him (in the most loving way because i know you love him as much as i do) for a while and check out all the babes that walk in? and the babes across the street??

    ok i love you bye

    ps youre hot

  4. who i wasnt there? that doesnt make sense…why i meant to write why!

  5. Well I’m depressed again.

  6. wow he totally digs you, um, so does Dorian…

  7. Ladybonerrrr!!!!! ho-ly, Alex, he’s my favorite by far. It’s only a matter of time before we see him on the arm of Kirsten or some other indie movie star, let it be you!

  8. Yeah story of my life there.
    I always seem to crush on girls I would never have even the slightest chance with. I’m an odd duck.

  9. You totally need to write a blog post on how a guy should pick up a girl; I hate that most guys are shy and afraid to.
    plus I’m kinda having trouble telling my guy friend how he should pick up a girl but I suck at it.

  10. omg! alexi he’s the cutest and hottest guy you’ve interviewed yet! get me his address!

  11. When I first saw the video thumbnail, I was kind of meh. But then the video started and he smiled and he melted my cold, icy heart.

  12. he is by far the best guy youve interviewed
    he’s soo cute! (he has to already know that)
    you should do a part 2/3/million interview with him.

  13. alexi he was totally giving you the eye the entire time!

  14. i love love love dallas clayton and i am so glad i found out about him from your blog. His site is on my google reader and i love his poems and seeing this video makes me believe that good things happen in this world!

  15. are the dudes on the dude of the day section suposed to be THAT sexy?

  16. dudeman seems a bit cocky.. he’s good looking but he def knows girls dig him cause he’s the typical skinny jeans wearing dirty long haired defined cheekbones hottie babe. over it, next.

  17. I like this blog a bunch. Keep writing, you’re good at it! I think you might what we’re doing, you should check out what we’re up to here in the city of angels 🙂

  18. Aaaaaaah, don’t tell him he’s sexy! The sexiest guys are the ones that don’t know it!

  19. OMG where do u find this HOTTIES???????? i wish there were some my age in Boston maybe they are hiding!!!

  20. should be renamed to pretentious douchebag of the day, just for this dude i spose.

  21. alexi, this guy is a total babe! i watched the video with no sound and still, he oozes charisma and charm. i can tell he is definitely not anything like the typical hot “indie” boy in la. you better snag this one, before i do!<3

  22. Oh my. I approve of this very much.

  23. i love how that he list what he wants in a girl, to be well-cultred, smart and whatnot but he doesn’t quite seem much like an intellectual himself,

    I know LA may not have any good schools over there, but alexi can’t you find any intellegent men who do not consider themselves intelligent soley for the virtue of the label?

    oh, p.s: i’m calling him dumb because of what he is wearing, it looks too much the only exposure to culture he’s got is through a stylist who watches too much mtv (i can’t believe nobody commented on his 22-year old prep school boy look with tie, blazer and stripped pink oxford…)

  24. I can’t believe i’m double posting on the same entry, especially posting something i just realized about my comment. i can’t believe how pathethic i am as a human being, but i believe most can relate to me on this. Most of us chase men that are in essence accessible to us. We settle in partners, regardless what alexi advocates, we all do it (i bet even alexi does). it is sad to realize that we are a participant in a peanut gallery of ‘cute’ shouters, critiquing in essence their qualities with their defintion of those qualities. i can see it now, we accept their inadaquecies as men under the guise of cute, sexy or hot. there is something wrong with this, we are just like the fat people in walmart complementing each other’s acquired taste in plus size clothing instead of us critiqing each other’s weight in order to get healthy. I think there is a lot of prentending on my behalf, on alexi’s behalf and on most of our behalve (in essence) through participation in this circle-jerk session of self-validating our taste in men.

    btw: this dude should be the dude of the month (the guy was aids-ridden and deathbound, but he is still hot and at his age he is at the very least well cultured, well-traveled and an intellectual):

    alexi, find men like sexy and real intelligent men like foucault (but younger, and not gay) and interview them –screw dov or that hack of a photographer mark ‘the cobrasnake’ hunter, his mentor terry richardson is much much better looking than him and he photographed obama.


    what do you think?

  26. this is hands down, my favorite blog.

    and THIS is hands down, my favorite sentence:
    “is everyone cool with the fact that i’ve taken on the writing style of a pedophile about to murder a classroom of stuffed animals?”

    please keep it up. <3

  27. alright alright so kinda babe-ish but not digging the hair and not digging his outfit. what the hell was he wearing? and boooo for skinny jeans on guys. guys legs should definitely not look skinnier than mine. yeh and he was a bit pretentious. but what babe doesn’t think theyre the cutest thing ever?

  28. holy shit he is yummmmi

  29. actually i should clarifiy…not every babe things they’re the cutest thing ever…but babes who are constantly told they are babes, know that they’re the cutest thing ever.

  30. Ive slept with him and his dick is tiny so…. yeah.

  31. Im kidding its the biggest THING i have ever seen in my life so good for you for interviewing such a stallion. btw, his phone number is 323 463 8279…

  32. first time on the blog – loves it!

    Dude is sooo cute! yes, he knows he’s hot and yes, his dress sense could use some work, but the cute half-smiles always get to me. *sigh. anyway, my heart is safe from danger up here on the east coast, so i can drool to my heart’s content 🙂

  33. Who is this guy?? I think i saw him on a billboard in New York?!?!!?

  34. Holy shit. Fucking gorgeous… And I thought we had all of the fine men in Sweden… *books flight to LA*

  35. i love guys with long hair!!! so good.

  36. Arianny Celeste is easily the hottest of the MMA Models

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