boycrazy in bed from alexi wasser on Vimeo.

47 Responses to “SHORT FILM #1. BOYCRAZY IN BED:”

  1. HAHAHHAHAA. but no, really. nightmare.

  2. HAHAHHAHAA. but no, really. nightmare.


  4. HAHA, that was funny. Bad times.. 🙁

  5. Funny but if it was true (and I know shit like this happens) It would totally blow!!!
    But good camera work.
    Love the part were you squeeze hands.

  6. god, he has so many spots on his face and his arms look so whimpy….

    I know better than to think those spots have anything to do with zits, but the abudance can’t help stop me from thinking they are some form of a black-head-permanent-acne hybrid.

  7. p.s: he has neck acne 🙁

  8. oh jenna…you’re full of shit.
    your “being picky” is probably just that guys dont like yo stank ass either.
    those “spots” are beauty marks!

  9. amazing! you should think about doing a feature. 🙂

  10. UGH, horrible, what happens NEXT!!!


  12. Too far.
    ps. Is it always THAT boring?

  13. holy shit! this is sooo amazing. so amazing. I hope you’re looking into making movies. because this was freaking art.

    and jenna, fuck off. for real.

  14. man oh man.
    if you were doing it standing up you would’nt get pregs.
    but you were laying down.

  15. ah this is classic. i loove love your posts.

    p.s. do you take suggestions for boycrazy videos/interviews/babe hunting?? i have a babe friend that works at the AA in ventura..i think??? aaaand if you have never been to salt lake city right before and during the snowboard season, you might want to check it out.

    babes. everywhere.

    thanks for loving boys so much!!

  16. oh my god FUCKING love this

  17. ahahahahahahahaahaha

  18. 1. Jenna West is mad lame
    2. Of course you can still get pregnant standing up, I hope flipz was joking!
    3. fantastic Alexi

  19. Alexi you are a goddess of beauty and art :]
    Fuck yeah. This was awesome.

  20. is that morgan?

  21. ALEXI- this is fantastic

  22. that guy gave me such a boner who is he omg

  23. hahaha omg that truly is a wtf/oh shit moment! great job Alexi! 🙂

  24. I love this short film and I love you.

    On an entirely different note:
    Are you as addicted to the The Rachel Zoe Project as much as I am?

  25. Jamie, i’m not being picky, just pratical.
    Seriously, unless you find jarrad leto attractive and guys with ‘beauty marks’ that look more like a constellation of massive-black heads than clearly i must be clueless about attractive guys.

    But seriously, beauty marks on men are attractive when they accentuate the face, and not dominate them: (proof)

  26. Aside from the gift of seeing Alexi, I’m going to have to say not a fan of this one.
    My reasons being purely jealousy aside.

  27. Alexi,you look way hotttt and beautiful here ! heeee

    This video is way funny and cool too <3

  28. those are definitely beauty marks. he’s hot. wtf.

    and i liked this hahah

  29. well, i guess you’re clueless. clearly.

  30. that was for you, clueless jenna.

  31. […] A cautionary tale from our fav, imboycrazy. […]

  32. Great way to make the ex jealous.

  33. Jamie, you must be some sort of simpleton who recently found her self surrounded by urban sophstication; perhaps a re-reading of my statments is in order, no?

    Anyways, Jamie i guess i am clueless about the attractive qualities found of men who looks like a golf with dimples filled with muck. How could any face that looks like it dominated by enlarge pours clogged with black dirt be anything bur attractive. I’m clealry lost about this quality of men.

  34. p.s: Dorian Gray is getting creepy.
    alexi, you should prepare some e-restraining orders (pronto).

  35. This was hot. And any female has been in that position you ‘were’, more or less. fuckin men.
    Your face at the end of it was classic. you are wonderfulllll.!

  36. Yeah Jenna I’m really concerned what your opinion might be.
    You have posted it enough around here as is.


  38. jenna, umm…maybe you should re-read your or own shit? idiot.

  39. to quote jamie: “jenna, umm…maybe you should re-read your or own shit? idiot.

    so should i read your or own shit, which one?
    these instructions are hardly clear, idiot.

    Dorian, you sound like some totally desperate person who plays up the fact they are desperate. it is very confusing, and scary. it is almost as if you are the predator waiting for someone to shower you with some sort of self-affirming/narcissistic love, and when they do that (even if this statement of ‘love’ is only a mere interpretation of your delusions) you will leap up and expose yourself as the narcissist you truly are. when others do not reciprocate in your games of self-pitty, you will become hurt and that’s when your predatory instincts kick up and go for the kill. amirite or wut?

    I know this because i’m a arm chair psychatrist, and i got my degree from devry.

  40. Oh no you found me out, Dr. Phil
    /predator mode initiated

  41. Dorian, sarcasm only works when the target of your sarcasm is totally unware of the irony of their statements.

  42. The kissing didn’t look real


  43. Omg, how hot is that? I want one!

  44. I love this. Your short films are the best. They always make me smile. You’re adorable.
    Annnnnd Morgan Krantz?? He’s in the MSTRKRFT “Heartbreaker” video, yeah?
    🙂 I love him.

  45. Haha this would totally suck but your films are brilliant.

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