boycrazy at the drugstore: from alexi wasser on Vimeo.


  1. Who’s the hot dude?

  2. The ending is priceless!!! SLEEZY!!!

  3. ha, just make a t-shirt with that box, instant numbers

  4. ahhhhh, so that’s how you do it

  5. I’d never have the ballzz to walk…run up to a dude like that!

  6. hahahahahah dude oh my god thank you for this, thank you so much for this, these videos are my favorite thing in the world right now!!

  7. Awesome! ~ You have balls with the menz I wish I had!

  8. lol. i love it. he probably was thinking “she goes all the way” as he picked up the box. you’re great.

  9. guys are dogs!!!


  10. i freaking love you i am on a lollercoaster right now

  11. What kind of video camera do you use?

  12. that is so funny!!

  13. I´m familiar with that box! lol
    not that I take it all the time though, I know you shouldn´t 🙂

  14. thank allah that i can use birth control and not gain any weight.

  15. so funny. thank you for your honesty in portraying modern women.

  16. hahahah this gave me the best laugh. You are a genius Alexi.

  17. these look and sound ace, too + I love the car horns at the end of #2.

  18. i love love love these short films alexi!

  19. I’m sorry, but that guy in the second installment is so NOT a babe! I guess our tastes differ.
    Wicked videos though.

  20. ahhh so i love your blog.
    i kind of linked you and embedded your videos on my lastest post.
    hoping that you’re okay.
    it admits to my lurking of this blog.
    makes me laugh.
    you’re amazing.

  21. Adore this video and how you approach the guy ! heeee He’s cute and the ending is so funny and AWESOME ending 🙂

  22. Dude, these short films are so good. Please make some more.

  23. LOL, so much for asset/liability perception differs in men and women

  24. i cant believe you like to make those silly films about yourself. is that your first sex film? heh. LOL

  25. I’m rolling on the floor. I love all of these!

  26. Awesome video. Just found your site through a friend. You’re too cute.

  27. This is my favorite blog, all the posts are very well written and i can see a lot of thought goes in to them. Keep it up!

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