boycrazy waking up in echo park from alexi wasser on Vimeo.

12 Responses to “SHORT FILM #4. WAKING UP IN ECHO PARK:”

  1. ha, epic. Google maps, current location? At least no walk of shame in front of roomates..

  2. Keep these videos coming 🙂 great entertainment, maybe you should make some longer ones.

  3. these videos are getting better and better!

  4. These are pretty good you know. Well shot, scripted and edited. And the acting is impeccable!

  5. Should this happen again, please call/text me. I will come right over and bang you while you’re waiting for the cab. peace.

  6. i love your litttle clips haha

  7. ha these are great. where’s that dress from?

  8. just saw your commercial during Cougar Town!!!!! xo

  9. Hmm… (not as in “mmm” but more as in questioning)

    Pretty boring ?

    You should have filmed the scenery, more ineresting

  10. ohhhhh my,this video is way adorable !!!

    I love the part where you’re sitting waiting for the cab. Ohhhh and the Chanel purse,is it really yours ?? So so beautiful <3

  11. I like your other films better…you should never be ashamed to wake up in Echo Park : )

  12. Nice, to see a successful individual on my/our neck of the woods. Love the shoots, lens, location, set decor. A better plot good be superb, that is in my opinion. Your actually doing it, its a phenomenal itself. Which overwrites my opinions and thoughts and what i believe to be a concrete fact

    My hat goes out to you young ladie.

    p.s. your street marketing scheme (lack of better word) is A+

    pizza boy, girl skinny jean wearing, bike dude

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