boycrazy bikini mishap: from alexi wasser on Vimeo.


  1. oh my god, i totally freaked out, i think i felt that. you are a clever writer and thanks for writing the little stories of young women.


  2. these are so clever and unique! these always make my day, keep making more alexi!

  3. ohmygod. thats totally happened to me! it freaking hurttttt! and you captured that perfectly. these are all sooo amazing.

  4. ooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!

  5. YIKES ! … But damn funny also, muahahaha …

  6. love it! poor alexi! very good fake crying, though 😉

  7. oh shit girl! way to pull it together for the babe. i love your brain!

  8. That was the scariest thing I have ever seen. I haven’t cringed that much in a horror movie. I sympathize, girl. That’s real shit right there.

  9. I saw you in a commercial today! I was in some polish cafe and they had a tv on. anyway this video made me legitimately squirm!!! good job

  10. painful to watch! in a “well done!” way

  11. like a ripoff / funnier version of that movie the piano teacher

  12. Hi, i love the concept of this; a video for every blog post you wrote. so autobiographical…

    Personally, i wished i have thought of it myself, but did not.

    i guess the internet is big enough for the both us…

  13. Did that ever really happen to you or anyone you know?

  14. Hi Alexi….your transparent tee is very sexy…wink, wink, you look so beatiful in the video…thanks for having me as you fan! You r definitely a video vixen

  15. hahaha oh my gosh girllllll,
    you had me hardcore cringing when I watched this. But so clever.! Looking forward to more! <3

  16. Ohhhh my,I do hope this doesn’t happen to any girl in real life. It would be so so painful ! Ahhhh

    But it got me laughing too. You so adorable 🙂

  17. jesus! i FELT THAT!! When things calmed down i realised my hand was on my face. hahha.

    i think this is excellent. your acting is great and every shot looks so good!

  18. these videos dont play on my phone!! dammit!!

  19. I did that once, but I imagine it would hurt more for you. Still, an amazingly painfull experience.

  20. I’m just glad to know you have pubic hair, I live with some crazy sick bitches who get rid of it all

  21. Your blog is really fun,
    but this contant obsesion with weight isnt healthy.
    The measuring your thighs thing was disgusting.
    You can see almost all your bones,
    and you still act like your fat.
    I mean,
    I am not exactly defending the people so overweight they use one of those remote control weelchair things….
    But give the weight issue a rest.
    Its your problem stop reflecting on to your readers.

  22. Haha this soaps are comedy,heavy breathing,bad acting

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