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sometimes ALL you have is your computer and a fantasy/daydream! the dude you like TOTALLY isn’t calling you- so you’re left googling the shit out of him. i get it! it’s fine. we’ve all done it. we’ve all been there. but this isn’t real. just because Susan miller’s astrology website tells you that his being a Libra and you being an Aquarius is a perfect match, DOESN’T mean your love life is gonna be tied up in a bow! i think you should go on a long walk. i really do. you need some fresh air- you’re having a freak-out. stop refreshing your facebook and twitter pages! no one’s sent you a new message. I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news/voice of reason and second grade logic that still holds up.

go outside and talk to a real person. wait till the dude you’ve got in your minds eye ACTUALLY calls you, or a close second, texts you. and if he DOES try to reach you, via twitter or the face book (which i personally feel is a dick AND pussy move)- I’m sure it will alert your blackberry I phone or whatever, so you don’t have to be glued to your desk waiting! move about the world. it’s good for you. i love you. xo

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  1. For the saddos out there who can’t be bothered to go out and take bracing walks and all that, I have four words: AdZe MiXXe Venus Files.

    To this date, AdZe has told me I’ve been true soulmates with each and every one of my crushes. Can’t decide if this is super encouraging or kind of tragic, but there you have it. Bloody Susan Miller always rains on my parade with ‘passionate fling that will not last’. Plus, AdZe is totes more scientifithingymagific because it compares your Scorpio ascendant to the Gemini in his eleventh house and that sort of thing. Which is an approach I trust 100%, because it tells me my potential boyfriends and I will not only be intellectually compatible, but will also have a ‘robustly physical relationship’ and ‘share potent psychic vibrations’.

  2. Goddamn. I love Susan Miller. The second you don’t care, he’ll call. Why is that?? Feast or famine.

  3. actually, i really needed that.

  4. get out of my house!

  5. Instead of cruising the facebook of a player who’s got me crushing on him badly, I’m reading your site, so thank you! Ah thank you thank you. You are my mind right now.

  6. Ohhhhh, U are SO right!

    Just had a drink with my girls, instead of waiting for that idiot who doesn’t deserve me anyway!

    U go girl 🙂

  7. love knowing i’m not the only one refreshing shit.

    next time i do it i’m running out of my house and down to the gym. take that take that take that.

  8. Am I the only one who only picks up dudes on the internet? well… I try to anyways. Then they always end up telling me they want me but then they stop talking to me and go out with this other girl that they had been telling the same thing to. I hate it! ugh! really thinking about becoming a lesbian at this point. I live in bumfuck nowhere so when a cute guy comes around its like “I need this!!!” girls here fight over boys like they are starving on a dessert Island and the boy is a piece of steak or something. Maybe i should just hitchike my ass back to California and strip for money or something so that i can live out there. So over the ugly guys and players that live here.

  9. thanks alexi. i needed that.

  10. and the moment i start refreshing my facebook/myspace or checking my blackberry…alexi’s wise words will be on my mind!

  11. sometimes you simply dont have the digits to follow through with such actions. however, if the digits were available… then a call would be made instantaneously. seriously. no joke.

  12. You are so right on !! Yeahhh,should stop waiting for calls or msgs to come in .

    Go out and have fun. Thanks wise words !

  13. Simply said and perfect.

  14. Omg how did you know?

  15. question: can you eat food and still be skinny? personal proof is telling me no

  16. Do NOT link to astrology websites! That is my rule for any blog that should be taken seriously.

  17. i love you. also, i love how tall you are, i did not know you are 5’11”. also, i enjoyed your rack in waking up in echo park. so good. oh and don’t get me started about your courage and bravery in addressing problems others didn’t want to address to their significant others etc on vimeo. wonderful!

    the only thing i thought on this is i hate when like, ‘he’s not that into you’ or w/e start going on their cyber spiel. the internet is the information superhighway. super high, way. there are more ways than the internet to fuzzy up the line between fantasy and reality, people were still delusional in the 19th century. with that said, you can almost be putting yourself in a catch-22 by diminishing the force of your own blog with this insight. why should i get my love information from a girl recently broken up, admittedly hates making out/loves/hates guys – your typical girl in a post-break up position, but of course you aren’t typical you’re still extraordinary, alexi for even ‘putting yourself out there’ so to speak in a different way than most of us would – respectably, everyone ‘puts themselves out there’ so to speak…why should i be looking here as if these things can possibly relate to me on some level? on a superficial level, yes i can relate to horoscopes and your blog etc…but i do see that this stuff may need to be said to some girls that really are delusional so, kudos anyway, just watch yr catch22!

  18. (note: uh forgot i have a wordpress and not a blogger so the link above is wrong.) also, i realize you call this blog a pep talk/slap in the face…so technically, i think you actually are correct to say these things. you are doing what you set out to do, brava! (no sarcasm there had to mention it b/c ppl can never know with me, allegedly)

  19. your blog is such a good read! seriously

    arrrrrrrrrrrrrgh i hate facebook, its an instant killer and it’s just not REAL (but i just dont think i can bear with deleting my account)

    i guess sometimes boys my age (17) don’t really know what elese to do, or probably feel too shy to do anything elese, other than commit to the facebook friend request
    or maybe it’s just the boys in the area i live in, hm hmm

  20. ive been bitch slapped by you yet again. its wonderful, smooch!!

  21. ohhhhh, i so needed that. i literally got on here so i would stop being so pathetic and googling/twitter searching about someone i KNOW i will probably never hear from again/ sort of am obsessed with/ think most definitely is a mysogynist jerk but is just jerky enough to keep me obsessed. i’m. stopping. now.

  22. haha oh how i like you. right on.

  23. I’m so happy this post exists. I need to be told this frequently. Now I can just come to this page.

  24. man, your blog is one of a kind–this entry especially spoke to me. I think I’ve met you once actually, at a shoot! anyway, you have described my entire fucking life story and I wanted to thank you for the slap-in-the-face advice that I needed. much appreciated


  25. alexi, pls, pls start writing like this again. i really miss such wise and comforting reads… xoxo

  26. i love susan miller

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