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UPDATE: Thursday night (tonight), i’ll be on from 9-11pm –

hanging out with Shelby and Courtney of

call in and say hello/ask questions/whatevs!

The number to the studio is 213.252.0998.

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  1. lol, awesome pictures, reminds me of me 😛 Have fun tonight, seems like a good time 🙂

  2. Are we going to have a conversation tonight? Fuuuck yeah we are!

  3. Aaaah I’m listening! The audio quality isn’t very good. Too bad where I live it’s 11 and I have to go to school in the morning! Good luck though!

  4. alexi-
    im sure i will run into you one of these days, we go to the same places it seems.
    what were you doing in south africa? i was born there.. left when i was seven.
    love your shit!


    p.s: i totally dont add anyone i dont know or like or talk to any more on my facebook, but i think i will have to friend you. i might just have to. <3

  5. Well written, really enjoyed reading it.

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