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dear forever 21,

what happened dude? I thought we had a deal. you’re supposed to manufacture great designer knock offs with a good fit, at way affordable prices! That was our little secret! We had a pact. It was deep for me!  i THOUGHT it was deep for you too! I believed in us! I would have loved you forever! but there is nothing inside you anymore! Everything inside you looks cheap, flimsy, redundant, and not at all modern. vulgar even! At first glance you look perfect, overflowing with possibility and hope! but it’s just a facade. i just wanted you to make me feel beautiful! like a woman wrapped up in a bow, empowered and ready to face the world! supported by the confidence you give me when you wrap yourself around my body! but I have no interest in anything you have to offer! How can you harbor sooo many clothes, yet nothing fits me right and I don’t want any of it? you really let us down. But like a sucker who’s tasted the magical fruit of our love in the beginning, you and I both know I’ll be back for more- if only just to check in, see how you are, if you’ve changed, and if I’m sill interested. Xo

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  1. i shared the same secret with Forever 21 all through out my high school career. Since then I have not like a thing in that store. I thought I might have just out grown the style, but no, it wasn’t me, it was the store.
    I always sit and think about what might have been. We had some gooooood times..
    Alas, I have been forced to move on! And you shall to!

  2. I wish they would invest on better material, example I bought leggings just a week ago and they have a really tiny little hole in them now, and I barely did anything physical in them.

    But at least there jeans last a long time; the only positive thing going for them.

  3. Ugh did you go to the one in the grove? That one is such a downer these days. I used to go to these two Mega-sized ones in NYC and those were AMAZINGSAUCE.

  4. Forever 21 going back to their shitty quality and trashy selection gives me a bit of nostalgia. I grew up with Forever 21 in NYC, along with BangBang and RAVE in their cheapie hookerlicious glory. That’s where my friends and I would get all of those awful/awesome “of COURSE I’m 18!” kinda clothes. Not that I’m a huge whore anymore or anything. Just sayin!

  5. Holy SHIT BANGBANG! thanks for the memories.

  6. I agree completely. Also, wtf is up with their sizing now? I’m not not thin by any means, but even the larges are SKIN TIGHT on me and look atrocious. Of course they don’t have XL’s, either.

  7. upon my last experience there i left feeling the exact same way.

  8. Forever 21 was the best to find a last minute dress that you can throw on and be done. I’ve given up on them – they make clothing for the average 5’4″ woman and does not work with the ratios of a 5’8″ women with boobs.

  9. I totally feel your pain, Alexi. Forever 21 can be so deceiving with their enticing window displays but it’s not until you really get in there and strain your eyes searching through the overwhelming amount of garments in fluorescent lighting that you realize it’s all shit. On the other hand, that’s what makes shopping there so fun because once you find an awesome piece you feel like a total warrior and you are just so proud of yourself!

  10. Agreed. Their quality and materials are getting worse 🙁

    And sometimes on the website,it’s not true to picture and when I receive certain items. Ended up not liking them

  11. J, Forever21 size large is cut to fit a 9/10.

    I’m going to write a post in the upcoming week for how to take care of clothes from forever21.

  12. hahhaha. ssthhherrriously. !!

  13. you should try the Heritage 1981 line, it’s a lot better!

  14. f21 lied to me too, except the occasional accessory, which is just toying with my emotions like an on again off again bad boyfriend.

  15. This is so true and it affects all our lives!!! – Me and my friend used to joke ‘Forever 21, wear once and you’re done’.

  16. Word. took off the promise ring a couple months back too. But I did the “it’s not you… it’s me” I swore it was cuz I am there size “large” and they never fucking have larges. And the shit they do have my size in.. is borderline Rainbows/Pretty Girl/Rave.


    Okay guys, the post for how to preserve your forever 21 clothing is up.

    I will cross link.

  18. Oh my fucking God!
    I just found your webpage today and I totally get what you’re saying.
    If I just had found this page for a couple of months ago I would have known what to do and what not to do.
    At first I loved being single for the first time in two years.
    I got drunk and fooled around. Had a lot of sex and just enjoying every freakin minute of it.
    I totally forgot that I actually was good at beig single. They boys wanted me and I felt gooood about it. confidence boost at it’s best.

    But then it just started to get a little overwhelming. a litlle too much.
    and then he started to do the same. and it totally took me off guard.
    i started seing pictures of him with other girls on facebook and then I had to have him back. and i did get him back (but only for the sex) but i wanted other boys at the same time.
    totally fucked up.
    and then he said that he didn’t want me if i wanted other than him and he broke it off.
    and the fooling around and the partying stopped and the sadness came.
    he found another girl (the worse part of it is that she’s freakin nice)
    but somehow ind the vacation I wrapped him around me fingers and i lived with him for a week while his new girl was on vacation. He went to sweden with his boys and i went to work and he had promised me to contact me when he got back home. but he didn’t and i fell hard for him again. keeping my act together and staying home friday nights.
    i finally got in touched with him and he told me his other girl was home from her vacation and that he rather wanted her.
    after being in a relationship with him for two years I thought I had won the battle. but no. Now i just keep seeing pictures of them on facebook and hearing about them from mutual friends and it’s killing me slowly.
    Somehow I know it’s my own fault and that I haven’t been nice either but why?
    And the only thing I wan’t now is to hurt him. Get a new boyfriend (a hot one) so he gets jalous. Fool around with babes at parties where he’s at. cut my hair and burn all the things that he has ever given me.
    but i don’t have the power to do it. and now i’m stuck.
    I want a boyfriend but right now for the wrong purpose.
    I want the butterflies in my stomach and i guy who totally adores me and late night kissing with hot sex and slow sunday mornings in bed.
    But how do i get the strength to just do something for me and not having him in mind?
    I deserve to be happy too.

  19. girl- Fuck yeah on this blog

    Came just in time for my break-up(1month ago SHIT!)
    And you’re blog is the only one cumming

    I love you!xxx

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