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the hot new look

this guy is serious! dead serious! serious about the hot new look he’s sporting! fresh haircut (check), mini hoop earring (check), huge brain with a plan for world domination (check,check,check!)

Who is he? What’s his story? Who cares?! the dude’s got a bangin’ new haircut and doesn’t give a fizz-uck! He reminds me of someone, but who? oh yeah: THE MAYOR OF EXCITEMENT CITY- that’s who! Pow!

He can’t even be bothered to look at the god damn camera! And notice how the photo is a bit dark? probably cuz the guy taking the pic is grumpy he didn’t get that bangin’ new ‘do’ first! Goddamnit!

His friends are so in awe, they’re his personal backdrop providers 24/7! What’s he gonna do later? Probably anything and everything! Is he married? Don’t worry about it! Will he make out with you in a dark corner and let you pet his new hair? Shut your mouth! Probably not, but a girl can dream!

He’s got a new lease on life, this guy…. And I’m just happy I got to sit across from him and experience the vibe . Lock up your daughters- assholes! not because this dude babe is dangerous– but because they’re probably too old and yuck for him N E wayz! You’re welcome! I love you. xo

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  1. Make a shirt that reads: “I am a lesbian who still loves”


  3. xoxox It’s very nice!

  4. is that a morrissey haircut? or is the photo just too dark for me to tell the difference?

  5. haha i love that someone’s holding a napkin behind his head

  6. found your website through nylon’s october issue, and now i am more in love with that magazine. you are hilarious.

  7. k I twittered you. but you specifically asked to not get twitter replies. so I’m commenting here too.
    this post just made my DAY. times a hundred million
    I’m sooo into boys but I sooo have developed a lezzy crush on you and your funniness

  8. Holy Shitcakes, I just laughed my ass off…..such a simple blog, but your writing style cracked my stuff UP. Great blogs and video….well done!
    xo, jenn, the polaroid artist 🙂

  9. Ohhh the napkin behind his head,that was funny !! hahaha

    Such a funny story,he does look rather cool though,love the glasses. This got me laughing so loud <3

  10. Jay Reatards Underwear does not support this look! He looks like a homosexual pirate banker fresh off the bus from Nantucket.

  11. probably one of the best sites like this I’ve seen

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