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this is sonny! sonny and i clearly started out on the wrong foot! we met at a super casual/yet uuber chic dinner party – where he was instantly snarky with me! with every question i asked him, i got an answer that in no way resembled the truth. but, being the people pleaser that i am – riddled with daddy issues and a severe NEED to be liked (THANK GOD) i went out of my way to match his bravado, and yell at him until he had no choice but to love me AND my b l o g (or at least agree to MAYBE read it one day)!

now, not only do i think the dude’s great, but i’m an even BIGGER fan of his super awesome girlfriend! they might just be the best couple ever! pow! bam! boom! check out sonny’s crazy amazers (that’s my personal slang for ‘rad’) show at space 1520 UP NOW! don’t be a retarded monster and miss it! it could be the perfect outing for a date! i love you!

begging a dude to read my blog: from alexi wasser on Vimeo.

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  1. Wow, I sense a forthcoming tipping point where you’re going to be annoyed with guys who start trying to get on your blog because, well, they know they’ll probably get girls from it. Or perhaps that’s already happened.

  2. I hate stubborn guys.

  3. he seems like a total douche..

  4. what is so frightening about seeing Alex Olson through a girl’s eyes for 90 seconds?

  5. what is so frightening about seeing Alex Olson through a girl’s eyes for 90 seconds? this dude is creepily homophobic

  6. ew! alexi, what were you thinking?!

  7. That’s my dad!

  8. His mind is closed, leave him be & please upload the video of the second guy in the room, he is sexy and i’ll bet he wouldn’t make you beg 😛

  9. the little kid is more handsome. ugly dude

  10. I disagree with all these comments. First, she barely let him talk and powered over everything he said. why doesn’t he have the right to not be interested in the questions she asks? I mean, look at these comments “he’s ugly. he’s a douche, he’s just trying to score off chicks. he’s homophobic” what childish, meaningless comments, the readers are the reason he doesn’t like the blog.

  11. I agree Magic Sandwhich

  12. Ahhh, let it go, who cares if he likes you AW, your to fabulous anyway.

  13. As a baby blog, I think there are lessons to be learned here…
    a.snarkiness only makes interviewees more attractive
    b.yelling at interviewees is a 98% effective way to be loved
    c.truth is overrated
    d.and we should all aspire to imboycrazy ballsiness

    capslockkills .com

  14. genius. i really like him. trippin

  15. Ohhhh my,this dude is so funny and stubborn !!! hahaha

    And the imboycrazy sticker is so adorable :))

  16. geniuz comment was best thing I have heard since sept!

  17. But who is the other guy in the room? So mysterious – I love him already! More info, please…

  18. best thing you heard since september NOWAY ?… did you even bother to look the links leading to his art? it’s absolutely brilliant and i think spike jonze knows what he is doing.

  19. Blogroll links aint that fab 😛 but i am not the admin:) 😀 ;p Just Telling 😛 😛

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