BLOG » sneak peak: MEET KARL…..the cobrasnake’s grandpa!

coming soon….the cobrasnake’s grandpa! from alexi wasser on Vimeo.

Get ready! later this week, i’ll be debuting an epic, in depth interview with mark the cobrasnake’s grandpa: Karl! until then, here’s a sneak peak. hear an experienced man BREAK IT DOWN on dating and how a woman should be treated! you’re welcome! xo

13 Responses to “sneak peak: MEET KARL…..the cobrasnake’s grandpa!”

  1. Cobrasnake’s Grandpa is awesome

  2. he’s amazing haha

  3. hahaha he’s so sweet and nice:) go cobrasnake’s grandpa gooooo 😀 we want more!

  4. awesome, i love him

  5. hahaha I LOVE IT!

  6. preach it karl!!!!!

  7. oh. em. gee. this guy is great. he knows whats up.

  8. Oh yeah?…….well fuck
    that shit.

  9. Ohhhhh my,I can’t wait ! He’s so so cool <3

  10. haha WELL SAID!

  11. hahaha!!!so good!!
    the “they dont know how to handle a woman” it’s just the ugly thuth!!

  12. I don’t know exactly how to respond to this. He clearly means well and he is adorable. I reckon he has a rocky relationship with the Cobrasnake. Other than that, it sounds exactly like advice from an old bald fat guy wearing a GIANTS t-shirt trying to flirt with the ladies.

  13. sorry grandpa,
    thats the way it WAS.
    if girls want to act all independent and dont need guys to do this and that blahblahblah, then own up to it, you dont need a man to pay for your dinner.
    now then,if youre a lovely more than a friend young lady, then as a nice gesture sure, its on me.

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