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nylon pic

thank you nylon magazine for the awesome write up in the October ‘it girl’ issue. Marvin, Stephanie, Faran, and everyone over at nylon HQ….i love you!

thank you the fader magazine for this amazing feature on my short films etc! Matthew you are a sweetheart! i love you!

thank you street carnage (short for: street boners and tv carnage) for being super supportive and featuring me and my short films on your site! your readers are brutal– which is forcing me to build a tough skin – something long over due! i love you Gavin and Arvind!

and thank you tank magazine: 1.) for the beautiful photos in ‘the paradise lost’ spread by Alex Prager and 2.) for the blurb! i love you Chloe Kerman and Alex Prager!


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  1. congrats on all the press! i absolutely love your blog, so hilarious. x

  2. Congrats, I love your blog! Really.

  3. I pretty fucking excited for the new nylon now.

  4. oh my god! I got my issue last night and saw you and just about died! congrats! you totally deserve it!

  5. congratulations! great photo!

  6. i tried to leave a comment saying i love you and wordpress wouldn’t let me because it said my comment was too short so now i am leaving this comment instead because i love you

  7. holy shit those hipster-hater street carnage ppl are kinda mean man. like the hip hop generation of digg commenters. shittyyyy. i wonder what they look/smell like.

  8. you look freaking gorgeous

  9. the only surprising thing about you trying stand-up for two years is that you did not immediately become a famous comic! you are hilarious and every time i read your blog i think about how your brilliant your stand-up routine would be! i think you should give it another shot.

  10. Sorry if I was kind of brutal with my comment over at Street Carnage. I think I was trying to say that (1) you’re obviously a cool chick and that (2) for the life of me I can’t understand why a girl like you would ever have boy problems. I mean…really?

    And uhh…what else. My problem with the whole bloody scissor thing came right after I looked at a Lars Von Trier poster. I’m pretty good friends with the clitoris, so stabby things down there freak me out.

    Okay. Sorry for being a douche. You’re cool…and jews need to stick together. The End.


  11. Congrats girl !!! Ohhhh,really so so happy for you 🙂 And you look amazing in nylon ?!! Is it this month,I got to go run and grab my copy !!
    Ohhh yes,its this month’s copy !

    Okay okay,I need to go grab my copy after work <3 <3 You totally deserve it ! Wooooohoooo,way to go girl !

  12. Only cool people are in Nylon 😉

  13. those comments on tv carnage are way brutal, good on you for seeing the positive side =) i love the vids xx

  14. Congrats Alexi! I’ve been reading your blog for a bit now. You’re doing stuff most people would be too terrified to do. Way to be honest and proactive! Best to you and imboycrazy!

    Love Grace.

  15. congrats!!! love your blog and glad it’s getting more recognition! xo

  16. Awesome! Congrats…

  17. 0o0o i saw you in the nylon magazine and you looked beautiful
    congratulations! 🙂

  18. saw you in nylon and decided that i wanted to check your blog thing out…you’re awesome. and i know everyone says that but it’s because it’s true. congrats on having such cool shit. mmhmm.

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