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1. when you’re at a concert and you’re worried cuz your friend is acting weird and you think she’s mad at you cuz she’s being passive aggressive- THEN the show starts and you get all in your head wondering if people are watching you tapping to the beat with your heel/foot and thinking it looks dumb, or you are way too conscious about your facial expressions as you listen to the music, cuz you think people are judging you and ultimately making fun of you: just remember that you and everyone in that room is gonna die. So get the fuck over it and smile…. while you can.

2. it’s important to listen to the Beatles.

3. “I’m just not that into ‘it” ” is the alternate version of  “he’s just not that into you” – for today’s woman.

4. if a tree falls in the forest, it totally makes a sound.

5. maybe don’t tell someone how many times you’ve seen them in public. If you’ve seen them and remember every detail- but they never saw or noticed you– that could be a bad sign.

6. you can’t go wrong giving a girl a classic lambskin Chanel purse with gold hardware.

7. in a perfect world, you’d only be having sex with guys who, if they accidentally got you pregnant, you might not even consider having an abortion. Stay in school though kids.

8. don’t spoil movies for people you jerk! what are you a sadist?

9. claiming dibs on a guy is not allowed. If you aren’t dating him/never dated him- he’s up for grabs. People don’t own people.

10. however, you are not allowed to date your best friends serious ex boyfriend. if you feel very strongly about it though, you have to take your friend out to dinner and ask her for permission. there are no rules, jut try to treat people the way you’d like to be treated. and chemistry is chemistry, so work it out so everyone can be happy and remain friends!

PS: TONIGHT AT 9PM I will be doing a live internet feed/podcast/radio show type thing!

all you have to do is come back here to and click on the link to the right that says blog talk radio! tune in, and call in to chat/ask questions/get dating advice/vent/whatevs.

this will the first podcast for it could be a total disaster! hope you decide to be a part of it! call in! xo

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  1. Actually, I believe you can go wrong with a “classic lambskin Chanel purse.” It’s made out of lambskin.

    “heavily pregnant ewes are killed and their unborn lambs removed for their coats. Newborn lambs are routinely killed after a few days, before their velvet-smooth coats have had a chance to uncurl.”

    All that for a handbag. Don’t contribute to the suffering by promoting it.
    Please have a little respect for animals and hey, why not, a little for yourself.

  2. i adored this post!

  3. 2. it’s important to listen to the Beatles.


  4. Also, I agree with “Alright”; while a Chanel handbag is nice, the fact that it is made of lambskin makes it not worth having.

  5. i totally cannot agree with #2.
    and although ‘Alright’ has a point, i believe that it was unnecessary to put it that way – ‘Please have a little respect for animals and hey, why not, a little for yourself.’ alright, wtf?!

  6. oh and something i’ve wanted to say for a long while now: i ADORE about 90% of the pics you use. for example this one <3
    i wonder, do you take them yourself or just find them in the internet?
    the blog is awesome xoxo

  7. Excellent tips. It’s nice to know there are people out there (and by “there”, I mean “Los Angeles”) that understand basic human behaviour and how to avoid behaving like a jackass.
    Found your blog today through…and also worked with you on Melrose eons ago. Weirdness. Glad to see you’re happy and healthy!

  8. i LOVE blind leading the blind ♥

    keep up the awesome work 🙂 X.

  9. That’s right, just enjoy the music and life

  10. Chanel bags are starting seem played out. Too many logos make bags look cheap(hi gucci).

  11. wow, this is all awesome….except for the lambskin thing. that’s fucking gross and cruel.

    love the rest tho…!

  12. Yeaaa,nobody would go wrong with the Chanel purse man ! And I don’t quite like people who are spoilers at moviesss ?!!

    Ohhhh man,I can’t view the podcast now 🙁 I’m at work,and its being banned cos its a video ! Urghhhhh. Do hope you’ll do another one sooon <3

  13. 7. in a perfect world, you’d only be having sex with guys who, if they accidentally got you pregnant, you might not even consider having an abortion. Stay in school though kids.

    TOTALLY sexin one of those guys right now! luv mah lyfe <3

  14. Love #6…my boyfriend needs to start reading this blog! As for #8..well, I’m guilty of it!! Whoops…need to work on that!

  15. #1 grabbed me, then #2 lost me. sorry.

  16. Alright, I listened to your radio show last night. i gotta say, either you were uuber nervous and excited, or you’re 12 yr old boy about to get his first blowjob! You seemed so spastic! Despite that, i still had such a great time listning! One word of advice, DON’T say you don’t know what you’re talking about, b/c you do..and the ‘insightful’ advice that you give is realistic and true. So dont discredit yourself.
    Also, is it me, or were the majority of ppl who called in were pre-pubescent, little obtuse girlz?!?!? WTF?

    anyways, i’ll be sure to listen again!

  17. dead alexi, do you know the new rules about disclosure that the FTC (an american federal department pass about blogs which you fall under their jurisdiction)?

  18. oops, i meant dear alexi.

    i think the fine for not disclosing corporate sponsorship and endorsement for blogs is around 5k or so.

  19. Listened to your podcast, yes it was a disaster, but it was your first time, so you are forgiven. Some constructive criticsim, you should use the same “opener” for each call–for example “Whats Up you’re on with Alexi” this would save a lot of time and my ears would be really happy not hearing the confused voices of callers, “Uh–wait hello? am I on, what”. Uhm, other than that I enjoyed listening and look forward to your next, hopefully more organized, hopefully more tech saavy podcast.

    and p.s I know you’re all about promoting boy crazy, but how about doing it in a not so obnoxious way, dont just paste your url, it gets annoying, offer some of your smart ass/witty commentary i.e your twitter is very annoying.

    ok love you bye bye.

  20. I tried to call in and couldn’t get through.
    Hopefully next time.

  21. M, you put the finger on the pulse!

  22. it really IS the worst when you’re at a show and you feel like people are staring. I don’t think it ever actually happens though… also not so into the chanel bag thing either but thats just because i prefer things that dont fall victim to wear and tear (diamonds)

  23. 8 is so crucial! and don’t put it all over your facebook status! this applies to tv shows too!

  24. one word.


  25. what are you a sadist?


  26. k>!</b it’s important to listen to the Beatles

  27. lonelygirl115, the figure that has been thrown around in book blog circles is $11k. Some FTC representatives said the fines would be directed at the advertisers, rather than individual bloggers themselves, but the guidelines seem to leave it open so in theory they *could* go after the blogger – if only to set an example. Better be on the safe side of sorry…

  28. Hey Alexi, if this is your “broken hearted” you deserve & will receive more than the rest of us only dream of!

  29. i once dated a girl

    who spoiled city of angels for me

    whilst i was in the midst of watching it for the first time

    i don’t think i ever forgave her

  30. it’s PEEK not PEAK

  31. Number 9 mad me fall more in love with you.

  32. number six

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