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1. types of guys to date while you’re single: a fireman, a 19 year old, a mogul, a rapper, a basketball player, a skater, a musician, a black dude, a Latino dude, a white dude, an Asian dude, a Jewish dude, a lawyer, a director, a doctor, p diddy, kanye, a politico, a chef. bonus points to those of you who can collect all or most of these qualifications in ONE dude!

2. beware of ‘the lure of the sweatshirt’. i know they’re super cozy and comfortable, but they aren’t high fashion, flattering, or chic. do you really wanna be wearing a potato sack with pockets when you run into rob pattinson at whole foods? hmm, maybe you do. bella wears them all the time and word on the street is; he likes her… but, better to be safe than sorry! scrap the hoodies and go for an effortlessly chic/thrown together/ hip/ cool/ casual look! you’ll thank me later.

3. pay attention to the new friends you invite into your life. in the past, I’d meet people and only realize after months of hanging out that I’m doing all the entertaining and they’re totally boring.

4. be the person you want to attract.

5. dudes: wipe the dried cum off your pants. This isn’t a badge of honor. especially if it’s not from an encounter you had with the girl you’re currently dating/on a date with! why do i have to tell you this!?

6. keep some goddamn mystery ladies! Put your mascara on in private. Don’t do it lounging around in public!

7. don’t be too mad at him. all he’s really guilty of  is not loving you.

8. being a grown up is sooo cool! you can drive a car! go to sleep whenever you want! eat whatevs! live in your own apartment! listen to music all loud-but try not to annoy your neighbors! People even pay you money sometimes! Like, they give it RIGHT TO YOUnot your parents! enjoy it! you’ve waited your whole life to be a grown up! it’s all happening!

9. don’t be 10 minutes late, be 10 minutes early! but wait in your car- and ring the doorbell RIGHT on TIME!

10. i don’t know if it’s because I’ve always been a people pleaser or had the need to fill gaps of possible uncomfortable silences, but I’ve always asked people a lot of questions; about their life, job, technique, past experiences, goals, reasons for doing what they do- whether it’s how they’re doing a medical procedure or dental exam, or why they got married and had 5 kids, what they’re doing- technically and emotionally, and whatever that stems from, etc.  I’m grateful of this trait/habit because it’s taught me a lot/ helped me navigate the college of life. so, for the love of god, ask questions! people like it when you take an interest in them. and even if you don’t care…you could actually learn something!


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  1. oh my god number three

  2. oh my god. that video was so intense.

  3. #4… Yes! So true, but easy to forget. Thanks for the reminder, Boy Crazy!

  4. this is my favorite blind leading the blind….i love it!

  5. i can’t even handle that video. soo good

  6. I’m so glad you ended with the prophetess emeritus Alexyss. She is the truth.


  8. all I have to say in response to both this installment of BLB and that informative video is PREACH! Amen, sister, amen.

  9. how simple but inspiring, slap me silly!

  10. isn’t that a hooded sweatshirt i see in your Austin picture Alexi? (not being snarky- just thought it was funny!)

  11. you kill me. i love this list.

  12. this is good. 🙂 yay, super part 27! go go go alexiiiii

  13. this is the best part i have read mostly because i can relate to every single point alexi i love you dearly.

    it would be good to provide substitute ideas for hoodies (blazer, bomber jacket/notmyfavorite, fur coats, rain jackets, pea coats) or at least link them to a blog that can help this sickening dilemma in young adult fashion.
    and please, no uggs in public anymore guys! i love mine but i wear them strictly to run 10 minute errands or take out the trash and maybe once a MONTH to school.

  14. #5 is nasty. do some guys seriously do that?

    as for the sweatshirt…if you’re going to go for it, I prefer to wear a “fitted” hoodie..but only when it’s freezing temperatures (which where I live, it is!)

  15. hahahaha Where did you find that video!? “A JackRabbit!?”

  16. i actually totally like a bit of mystery.its keep them wanting more
    and i always say that aswell
    be the person you wnat to attract
    bcuz if ure boring and miserable..cances ae you’ll attract a boring and miserable person but actually again..hmmm Opposites do attract!


  17. “inside the intra-vagina” bahahaha that video cracked me up

  18. AWasser, you get ten buckets of unconditional, FDA-approved, bomb-shelter-appropriate, bi-lingual LUV (plus a packet of vintage Saltines) for item #1 on this list. But, re: #5, that is NOT drying howdychowder… it’s low-fat yogurt because we’re weight-conscious! (speaking of which, has Harmony chubbed out somewhat since first blowing my mind with Gummo or what?)

  19. (Um, ooops, that’s not my blog that my name links to in the above comment)

  20. You might be the most annoying person alive. Wow, why am I even here….

  21. Ask questions (a lot).
    Remember the answers (only the crusty ones)
    And use them from time to time with other friends.
    That’s the key of a good communication.
    No more seriously!!!, i liked 1st one , especially the cougar thing “date a 19 years old”. that’s so interesting! .

  22. This is great! And so right about the sweatshirts! Because I looked through the photo albums of my friend’s Swedish parents in 1975, and they weren’t wearing sweatshirts! And guess what? They looked hot! And we blogged about them! And no one will blog about you in thirty years if you are wearing a sweatshirt.


  23. These lists, are just common sense, don’t you people know these things, oh, and nice save with the “Date a black guy…OH, and I totally mean date a Asian Guy (Yellow)too, and a Latino (She meant Mexican/Brown)…and of course a white guy after it all, so you feel normal again…like a deliverance shower…. You’re lame…

  24. omg #3!! Story of my life!!!!!! There are so many boring people in the world xo

  25. You are totally and utterly fascinating. The end 🙂

  26. i love jews.

    this blog is totally good. literally.

  27. i disagree with the sweatshirt statement. I look damn fine in a sweatshirt…DAMN FINE.
    still love you.

  28. oh my goodness, #6!!!

    i was waiting for a bus the other day and watched a girl put on TEN coats of mascara in the bus shack. yes i said ten. yes i counted.
    major turn off.

  29. Great advice, I can relate to most of them(haha im not a boy). I am absolutely in love with your blog and im so happy I found it!!


  30. I agree with #2, but strangely I tend to get hit-on while I’m wearing something casual–even in my big, bright red Montauk sweatshirt. Go figure.

  31. Hello Alexi! I hope you are doing well. xox

  32. no. 4. enough said.

  33. if you could get all or most of those qualities in one dude, either you’d be dating the genie from aladdin….or a serious freak.

    even politico chef kanye sounds a little intense for one girl.

    unless of course, you’re magic and you happen to have multiple personalities a la alexi.
    thats not supposed to be an insult.

    p.s. # 7 so right.

    best interview EVER.

  35. the girls who read this and think its good advice are girls are pathetic. All guys wanna do is fuck you. Why cant you get it thru your thick heads. It doesn’t matter what the fuck youre wearing. All this advice is for girls who are not good looking

  36. Hang on, is this Steven Augustine the same Steven Augustine from the Guardian Books Blog?? God, the world just keeps getting smaller… more and more often, I see the same people all over the interwebs. It’s making me slightly paranoid.

    be the person you want to attract

    Yes, well… I unconsciously tried a literal version of this back in high school, and somehow transformed into a geeky female version of a skater dude, and then a geeky female version of a nu-metal bassist, and so on. (Thankfully, no great adjustments in wardrobe were required.) It didn’t work. Probably because neither the skater dude nor the metal bassist were interested in dating geeky female versions of themselves, and in hindsight probably also because the baggy clothing effectively disguised my gender. But at least I got to spend my teens wearing super-comfy shoes, so I’m not complaining, really. My toes have never since felt anything as heavenly than that one particular pair of DCs…

  37. 1. Activist dude, studying social justice and peace. Insists on starting the revolution. Has a mohawk thing that turns unto a rat’s tail. Hero = Hugo Chavez. Socialist. Intriguing, but definitely a short-term thing.

  38. 1. got 4 in one, whatchoo KNOW.

  39. As a side note…

    I like the tiny tiny smiley face on the top right of your blog.

    just sayin’.

  40. Re: tiny smiley:

  41. Oh man, I hadn’t seen that penis power video in a while.
    I needed that laugh, even though the library frowned upon it. 🙂


  43. OMG! Penis Power made me laugh until I cried!

  44. useful advice. I’m going to post a link of this podcast on my blackboard website for my students. Every thing you said operates for discussion boards as well. Thanks !

  45. I really like the colors here on your blog. did you make this yourself or did you have it done by a professional?

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