BLOG » we met on facebook (the final chapter):


we had sex, duh.

he went back to new york.

and life goes on!


(i’ll save the details for a later date….)

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  1. Love how you finshed that one. I like your writing style. Have you had any training, or are you the type of writer that just has the “knack” for it?

  2. i love you alexi….but did someone actually pay you to run around asking people if they wanted to have sex with you? REALLY?

  3. from that boyslifenyc blog:

    “After a 4 year relationship ended with less fanfare than a mattress sale, followed quickly by a short (well not that short, but it shoulda been) and tumultuous affair that spanned our great nation (LA, ya know) and robbed me of hundreds of thousands of airline miles, I am, Single Again.”

    so that “short and tumultuous affair” was not with you then? OR IS IT. 😮

  4. now get ready for desire.

  5. BAAM, suckerpunch ending. You had me intrigued by your storytelling, next time I’ll wait till the end before I start reading.

    however, “a pep talk in the form of a slap in the face…”
    should have hinted at surprises, shouldn’t it 😉

  6. That’s what I’m talkin bout! Hellll Yeaaaaahhhhh

  7. wtf! thats a horrible way to end it..

  8. Stop being lazy and write out the rest of the story. If you’ve got more to say, say it.

  9. Alexli You are a DICK… Finish.

  10. Damn you Alexi! We need details!

  11. This post sucks Alexi. More writing, MORE writing. Love you.

  12. i AM a dick! actually, i’m not. so calm the fuck down my beautiful babies! i will write an epic post, just as long and detailed/riddled with my analysis as part 3..i promise! but i need a buffer…. it happened too recently. it’s too raw, and makes me even MORE vulnerable than usual! so there! i love you!

  13. You are a NUT. But it’s okay.
    I shouted you out on my blog, yes I diiiid 🙂

  14. Wonderful!
    I love a happy ending.

  15. you slept with a guy that sends pictures of his private to people! you crazy Alexxiiii!!!!

  16. what are you waiting for?!?!
    oh unless you’re still at dream-like state, i suppose that’s understandable.

  17. wait, so he can read this! crazy! does that make it hard to write about it?

  18. how could you end the story like that? finish it the right way.

  19. sheesh it’s so obvious that it’s still RAW hello people!? and of course he’s reading it – he’s a NARCISSIST! simma down simma down write when you can be ur silly witty self. u owe none of us an explanation and clearly fb guy was a predictable douchey douche after all

  20. YOU’RE KILLING ME! :0!

  21. You previous commentors suck – I think it was a perfect ending because it’s reality and dammit, ladies don’t kiss (scratch that) sex and tell, although we know alexi will. Take your time lady. Love you!

  22. Melissa’s right… Aw :/

  23. yes,no, yes, no. xo

  24. I can’t wait for the details!

  25. You made a video about cutting your meatz and now you’re shy?

    But, take you’re time, really.

    It’s not like I’m desperately waiting by my dusty computer screen to heavy breath over details of a real live persons real live sexual encounter.

    But I’ll tell you this, if Saddamn Hussein hid in my dick, they’d still be looking for him.


    Wasn’t Avatar amazing!?!

    Gotta go, dollface!

  26. this has turned into a riot, even boycrazy has decided to interact in this.

    Alexi, its the perfect ending!

  27. OH YOU TEASE! i thought it was going to be an all out entry too! hahha you had me on edge! but awesomely put.

    go alexi !

  28. what a cop-out. Let’s email him and ask instead haha.

  29. AH!! I wanted to know what happened on the second date at dinner. Im glad you fucked. Thats awesome! give us those details too!! 🙁

  30. wuuhtt i was so looking forwrd to reading

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