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YES! thank you so much!!! i will totally be your friend! you are adorable!!!! xo, Alexi


for anyone awaiting my facebook friendship approval… I’m sooo sorry, but I’ve hit the 5,000 friend maximum/limit and am not allowed to add any more people. this totally suxxx, but at least it means i’m not some jerky snob who won’t just fucking approve you!

so, instead, join my fan page! yay! wheeee! just click on the icon to the right!

lots of love, me

14 Responses to “be my friend!”

  1. I have so much to say about these friend videos I don’t know where to begin.

    1. I think the idea is good, funny even. But when the “please be my friend” video lasts longer than 90 seconds, it’s torture. People why aren’t you giving your best! Script it even. There are thousands of us watching. Don’t you want me to be glued to the screen or replay the video 4 times because you were so mesmerizing?!? Did none of these lovelies take intro to acting or a communications class or watch an episode of sex n the city, 3d rock, or family guy? You’re not Lexi so you HAVE to be entertaining. HAVE TO being the operative words here.

    2. This particular girl was adorable until she mentioned Miley.

    3. This is going to force me to make a video just to set a standard. (sigh)

    Outtie 5000

  2. And let be more clear, this video was easily the best of the bunch. She put in work. Edited. Thought about it. And her hair was pretty.

    I’m done.

  3. girls!!!! yall need to do a way better job on making these videos, we don’t have the advantage of Alexi interviewing us but that doesnt mean we can’t make entertaining vids, talk about what you like/dislike about boys, give us a voice!!!

  4. YEAH dis bitch rules!!!!

  5. why hasn’t anyone figured out that this is totally the girl whose video was deleted because everyone was so mean to her?

  6. Points for “no scrubs”

  7. lillian: actually, it’s a different girl.

  8. “i’m promiscuous, but i’m classy about it”
    haha i loved that

  9. start up a profile for IMBOYCRAZY2 x

  10. I’d hit it.

    Also: I was listening to Empire State of Mind in one tab and I clicked pause on it to watch this and then that chick cut to her listening to Empire State of Mind. So that was fucking weird.

  11. Hahahah I totally know this girl. This is too funny.

  12. She’s so cute! I hate when people get hated on for liking ANYTHING mainstream. We all have guilty pleasures, and really, I don’t feel too guilty about mine 🙂

  13. @angel
    that’s so pretentious. just because someone admits to liking something mainstream doesn’t mean they are any less of a person. not everyone has a “flawless” set of interests, and if you’re going to pick out something as small as that, well, it seems like you could be doing something better with your time.

    personally, i think this girl is adorable!

  14. what’s with the pink snuggie?

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