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the other day, i invaded the hundreds store like the annoying, uninvited guest, sad clown, dancing monkey that i am. the boys there, Julian in particular, make me feel all girly and silly- like a retarded baby. watch as i embarrass myself to the point of no return. with Nate as my camera man, i try to sexy dance with Julian, break dance, and basically keep customers from coming back!

what you won’t see in the video, is me and Nate leaving the store (backing away slowly, as if fleeing the scene of a crime), Nate going back in- to get my forgotten sunglasses (cuz i was too shy to get them myself), and later; Julian finding me down the street at supreme….to give me my blackberry that i forgot too!

what a day, what a day! and all i really wanted to do was say hi to bobby hundreds himself! oh well, another time!

if you wanna visit the kids at the hundreds store in Los Angeles, and have your own shopping spree/dance party/madness sesh- i highly recommend it!

7909 Rosewood Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90048

tell everyone i say hi! xo

fun times at ‘the hundreds’ from alexi wasser on Vimeo.

25 Responses to “boycrazy at the hundreds:”

  1. LOL!

    ok, that was hilarious

  2. this is amazing. yes, i think after any breakdancing move, you spread yourself as if you are like naked on a duvet with a bottle of cognac, that is exactly what you do.

  3. Alexi we love you.

    Say please to sleaze!


  4. OMG he is sooo cute!

  5. Haha, this is great.

  6. I love a girl who can get her freak on in the middle of a store. I hope you never get a boyfriend (only because that would mean the imboycrazy good times would have to stop.)

  7. nice commercial

  8. That’s hilarious

  9. Ha, love how Julian was like “no”… then he was like “YES!”

  10. Most enjoyable.

  11. That looks like I need to have a store in Atlanta do that for me.

  12. Did anyone hear about a stabbing at that store last September? That’s why they tore out the carpet.

  13. WTF!?

    You MAKE ME HAPPY 🙂 <3

  15. HAHA you’re so white- very cute.

  16. no guts no glory….take over the world alexi!

  17. The fake “grab your ankle and put your hand behind your head because you’re WACKY” move is so played out. And you’re a horrible dancer.

  18. this is by far my favorite video yet. you have no shame and it’s totally adorable, hilarious and endearing. bummed we didn’t get to meet when i was in l.a.! next time!

  19. It’s so cool when MC Hammer critiques dance moves in blog videos anonymously! Dude still takes his craft serious, yo.

  20. look at me! look at me!

    what was the point of this post?

  21. OH GOD. Very funny. I’ll never get sick of your signature move.

  22. Oh wow, what a great store!

  23. haha you just made my day at my “wonderful” job. i love your moves

  24. ahhhhmazing 🙂
    your too rad

  25. MORE NATE PLEASE! i think u should do more interviews/hangouts etc etc he’s too cute i swear this site is almost as bad as facebook when it comes to procrastination…arg!

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