I’d be kuh-razy not to be this girls friend! she’s adorable and knows how to make a fast paced, entertaining video! i love you grrrl! xo, me

26 Responses to “BE MY FRIEND…. (THIS IS THE BEST ONE YET)!”

  1. haha alexi, you like her because she looks and acts JUST like you.

    but yeah she is super cute and fun. 🙂

  2. i agree — best one yet!

  3. Best one! She is brilliant.

  4. that’s really funny, i loved it 🙂

  5. The music and cutaways she put in her vid were brilliant.

  6. She’s awesome, I’d wonna hang with her too!

  7. i wish she’d said more about boys but overall best one yet

  8. the bar has gotten higher girlies! 🙂

  9. Ahah, I loved this one.
    Love you Alexi!


  10. yes, i approve of this one!

  11. This girl is adorable. Be her friend immediately!

    Oh, and Vanessa, if you’re reading this, where did you graduate from with your FD degree?

  12. It’s funny because she looks just like you.

  13. aww she’s so cute and creative 🙂 you best be her friend!

    that video made me smile…people are so cool 🙂

  14. ha! best one yet.
    and devendra, now there’s a guy to get an interview from alexi! what a babe.

  15. she’s identical to you
    she don’t wanna be your friend, she wanna be you.

  16. im flattered that you all think i look like alexi. but im far from achieving what some people may consider alexi-THE FEMALE DEITY!
    im short, brown and going through a limbo stage with my hair(i used to have a pixie cut).

    but thanks to all the positive feedback. i love it all! 🙂
    angelique-to answer your question: i graduated from FIDM.

  17. Vanesssssa… you crazy ass… I actually know you!!! and we hang out… JEALOUS ME BITCHES!!!…lol… she’s really fun though…

  18. She’s one of those CREEPY girls who steal your personality and style. I’ve met a few. Don’t let her into your life or she’ll steal your panties and the way you speak.

  19. omg just because two people have the same cut and color of hair does not mean one is trying to cop the other one’s look…. hateraid drinkers

  20. dear Vanessa:

    you look short in your video. is that true?

    you have good ideas and that makes you above average.

    good job with that.

  21. angel- yes, its true, ive got the stature of a petite young woman, but a mind of an above average human being! thanks! 🙂

    to IRVING and his minions-YOU CAUGHT ME! i premeditated the whole video to resemble myself to look more like alexi. i deliberately searched costume stores to find a wig that looked like alexi’s hair and i believe i did a damn good job of it. and my next mission is clearly stealing miss wasser’s panties.

    a kids imagination runs willdddd these days!

  22. what a babe! + nice cutaways

  23. I never question someone who likes mint chocolate chip ice cream and Lil Wayne as much as I do. She gets the green light from me fo’ sho’.

  24. cute hair, both of you. be friends.

  25. omg. alexi’s basic social identity is not that damned original!

    of course categorically similar girls are reading this thing! congrats to vanessa for making blog reading into something creative and fun!

    congrats to both of them for presumably being more complicated than “outgoing quirky hipster bob haired beauty”

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