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In celebration of valentine’s day, this entire week is dedicated to the discussion of:

1. whether or not love lasts.

2. what people think love should be.


3. what people think love is.

i started posting your responses to my question last week.

here are two more answers to my question:

23 Responses to “in the name of love/response to my bullshit (part 2):”

  1. THE BOY IN THE TUB IS HOT! I’d totally be long term with him and enjoy falling in love and making love!!!!

  2. I can relate to both vids. Do what makes you happy and take away the good parts of your past relationships. Growing is also key, although finding someone to do it with feels impossible sometimes.

  3. second video makes a really good point. that’s why most of my relationships don’t last- esp when young.
    we are constantly changing!
    isn’t that why there is a “proper age” to get married?
    by that time we are supposed to have settled in on our ideologies and behavior that we will apply for most of the rest of our lives?
    love it

    xoxo erin

  4. I believe this blog caters to only people with bangs

  5. Love fades but herpes last a lifetime.

  6. i love the girl’s response. She seems so sincere, it’s extremely refreshing and insightful. love. : )

  7. I am making a video. A video of a sixteen year old girls point of view. You wait.

  8. Can’t wait! Hurry!!!!

  9. The second video is so right about people growing and changing in life/over the course of a relationship. You could say “I do” as soon as you fall in love, but 10 years later wake up and be totally different people (that’s what happened to my parents). Does taking a bunch of time between finding the right person for you and getting married mean your love isn’t wonderful, trusting and going to last?

    P.S. The dude in the bathtub is super-Spicy with a capital S!!

  10. wow thanks for putting up my video! im glad you liked it. I just recently started a blog id love to know what you think.

  11. wow! the second vid with the girl makes an AMAZING point! even though she brings up her parents relationship constantly she has definate good points, especially about learning and changing from each relationship you have.

  12. Hello, this is totally off topic but I’m curious so…I’m totally asking anyway. I just got put on to your blog today and thought you look really familiar; is that you on a York candy commercial?
    <3 the posts I've read so far.

  13. The second response (the girl) was so good! Loved it

  14. 1) Girl in video #2 makes great points.
    2) I have a crush on the boy in the tub. Just puttin’ it out there. Hi boy in the tub!

  15. something is wrong with me!

    after the boy said, “yes, um, no” i turned off the video.

    does every girl reader on this blog have your haircut?

  16. i commented on one of your posts about monogamy almost a year ago saying im 18 and found the love of my life…..well NOW im going to be 19 soon and still in that crazy dumb found love stage with my boyfriend. We made a year just this past christmas and its been wonderful. Just to put this out there.. partly the reason we have been together this long is because of HIS belief and faith in our relationship. he keeps me believing and falling in love with him again and again. we fight. he says its normal. and then we fight more. BUT we always find a middle ground and talk things out. we are very comforatble with eachother? is that bad? i dont think so. I BELIEVE LOVE CAN LAST AND IT HAS. i dont know what love should be but i know what it is and i know what he has given me this past year and i completely look forward to the future, our future. I think love is not caring about the superficial stuff and just the REAL stuff. sorry not that specific. <3

  17. Crush on tub boy!!

  18. girl crush on Briana! could you BE more adorable and sincere?

  19. tub boy gave a great response and brought up a good point. who knows about love being eternal – but when you do fall in love for however long, it’s wonderful and amazing and you are your best self. if you do break up, what follows sucks, and if you really loved that other person it REALLY sucks. However, tub boy made a point that being depressed spawns creativity – and listening to depressing music is awesome.

    in the end it’s better to have loved and lost than not love at all – as cliche as that sounds.

  20. Hey everyone! I am the ‘tub boy!’ I just wanted to say thanks to Alexi for posting my video! And thank all of the ladies for the nice comments =p maybe check out my twitter? Or don’t. Whatev.

  21. on a note unrelated to love, but related to *you* of course alexi,
    like the new hair colour a lot.

    *waves from new zealand*

  22. you look like bird

  23. the boy in the tub is lame. this scenario was not clever. peace bitches.

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