coming soon: an in depth interview with JASON BOESEL. we’ll be chatting about his new album, dating, love, sex, and everything else! he is worth the wait, so stay tuned. xo

20 Responses to “JASON BOESEL…..IS COMING SOON:”

  1. I’d rather hear about your valentines weekend. X

  2. um, HOT. (and no, that comment is not too short. grrr.)

  3. omg that guy is always in pictues with kirsten dunst!!! he’s hot!!

  4. real talk

  5. blue eyes, beard, skinny, messy hair, with great style. sighhhhhhhhhhh. so hot.

  6. oh my god he is my love. for ever, ever ever

  7. Oh my god, it feels like I’ve been waiting for this forever!!! I absolutely ADORE Jason! His album is amazing 😀

  8. I can’t stand Bright Eyes, but WHAT A BABE.

  9. so excited for this interview and more of your crazy questions!!
    he’s so hot! i pee’d a little!!!

  10. Oh my gosh. I love him. 🙂 Def. worth the wait.

  11. omg he’s so hot, his skin looks so dreamy too

  12. I love your blog.
    It’s like the ultimate boy blog.
    I started my own a few days ago.
    Can’t wait for the interview.
    I love Jason Boesel’s music so much and he’s a great drummer.


  13. He reminds me so much, of Hugh Laurie. x

  14. i love your blog. found it a few days ago while reading elle. i’ve been looking for a good relationship blog from a female perspective. have you read ?it’s amusing. i think you’d enjoy it. i also saw you on the commercial today, which freaked me out a little, though i’m not sure why.

  15. what a babe! just realized/remembered that he’s playing here in the next week. is he single? ha

  16. A couple days ago I was at M de Chaya and I half expected to see you there and was thoroughly disappointed when I didn’t.

  17. I’m actually going to be seeing him live next week. Can’t wait!

  18. oh he is soooo cute! AHH!! i cant wait to see his interview. Im totally going to stalk him and see him live just so i can practice flirting tips on him. Im sure he wont be into me at all but who care! he is a mega hottie! AH!

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  20. have you ever interviewed anyone that’s done anything important, thats helped people, not just a emo musician actor clone?

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