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1. in case you were wondering: it’s better to have people think you’re doing cocaine in a toilet stall, than have them think you’re ACTUALLY going to the bathroom for realz. whatever that means, cuz girls do not do that. they just don’t. next topic please!

2. who came up with darts? Throwing sharp/scary/pointy things all drunky?! No way!

3. tapping along to a dumb song means you’re dumb. Case closed.

4. Just because a person is good-looking doesn’t mean it’s enough to keep you interested. take that YOU SHALLOW JERK!

5. ugly people are the WORST! riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiightttt?!

6. if you and the guy you’re dating are sitting at a table and both on your phones- a good reply to people judging you harshly, as they walk by, would be ‘were not unhappy, were just multitasking! ya nosey bum!’

7. if she’s old enough to cross the street, she’s old enough to get hit. you do the math. Thug life. Peace.

8. wearing really dirty, worn in keds COULD give people the impression that you’re homeless.

9. if you see a girl sitting alone at whole foods, go up and say hello. Tell her she’s beautiful. you really have nothing to lose. She could be the girl of your dreams. Or at least possibly the best sex you’ve ever had! maybe even both! Hurry! She’s getting away!

10. people aren’t single forever dum dums. Seize your op when you can! Cuz the good ones aren’t on the market for long! that’s for damn sure!

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  1. All i can do is hope that your readers realize that your “suggestions” are in fact the blind leading the blind. Which almost makes me want to pray that your female readers open their eyes and not be so blind.

  2. I was always under the impression that when girls went to the bathroom they actually produced cocaine… no?

  3. guilty of number 8.

  4. number 7 by far the best

  5. yayyyy. blind leading the blind is my favorite. can you come out with a coffee table book of these already? k, shmanks.

  6. 5 is just mean. i like the last two though. and number 1 is anything, BUT funny. other editions have been funnier.

  7. Number 7 – true dat, yo. And also number 5 & 6.

  8. alexi, you are my hero. 🙂

  9. What? Girls don’t go to the bathroom? That doesn’t make any sense. I am so confused.

  10. are you a victim of number 5 Simone? xo

  11. #5 & #7, hilarious. thug life. peace.

  12. Number 5 so true, I hate that it is though

  13. this is really dropping the ball, snore

  14. dude. #1. fucking seriously?

    Im not a huge fan of ugly people though. especially short, fat ugly people.

  15. well. that was…lame.

  16. number 5 is obviously a joke, considering it came after ‘shallow jerk’.

  17. Wow, I used to like the advice you gave but now they have gotten ridiculous. Honestly, You sound like a sexist bitch. Do you honestly think guys care if you go to the bathroom? Girls are human too. Guys who love you for you don’t expect you to be this superhuman girl who always wakes up with her makeup on perfectly and smells of roses.

    You need a reality check, your teaching young girls to be self conscious and insecure. Bad news.

  18. a little weak. .

  19. I don’t understand why people get cray cray with TBLTB.. I mean BLIND LEADING the BLIND.. HELLO!!!!! Chillax crazy mamas, and who isn’t a sexist bitch now and then?? XOXOXOXOXO

  20. GIRLS SHIT. NBD. stop saying that. please.

  21. And again haters, lets no all get rambunctious… The title is a clear warning sign…. entertaining and obvious truth at the same time. I applaud

  22. #6: Multitasking leads to not being able to concentrate on one topic at a time. If oyu can’t concentrate on your date, you get bored. If you are bored by your date, you maybe still have sex but that’s it bc. it doesn’t click.

    Lesson: Take Ritalin if you suffer from ADS, don’t call it multitasking

  23. You will never find true love if you don’t realize that people are HUMAN. They go to the bathroom, they smell, they make mistakes, and sometimes they are ugly. I know this was written tongue in cheek but it’s not funny this time for some reason.

  24. Laaame. You are not funny.

  25. i love you, but this seemed a little redundant. Were you half awake doing this? Come on, step up it up. And fuck that ugly bitch sitting at whole foods, and fuck all pretty people looking to get fucked. That goes against what you say as far is being shallow’ wasting time and self respect, majority of them are rich bitches that know nothing but echo park silver lake bullshit. And floozing around with boys in stupid Yay! records Bands

  26. oh my fuck, they’re JOKES people. Serious takers – get a clue

    Critics – this is not a standup club audition, your EXPERT critique is not necessary, is it? Or do you just enjoy hurting people’s feeling from afar?

    If it’s not your cup of funny, MOVE ALONG, EASY

  27. you’re not even trying anymore are you

  28. Number 4 says you can be attractive but may not have anything behind your outer shell to keep people interested or from thinking you’re an ass. Number 5 says ugly people are the worst.” Wtf? Can we be more accepting of what’s real and what’s fake, please?

  29. With “fans” like these, who needs frenemies…?

  30. hi alexi, i’m watching the film artschool confidential just now, did you have a role in there? because there’s this girl who looks exactly like you!

  31. haha of course she cares. shes alexi.

  32. Lexi GUUUURLLL:) I love your blog, but this “Blind Leading the Blind” was not my fav……BUT KEEP ON KEEPING ON:)

  33. wait a minute!!!! wait a minute!!!!!!

  34. you couldn’t be done with the blog if you tried. and that’s what we love about you.

  35. Ditch the bitches: they don’t deserve you! What you need is to host a network-TV talkshow wherein you have Steroided Security available to smack any jealous wannabe who gets out of line in the studio audience. Ka-pow.

  36. I’ve never posted here before, but have read a lot of the comments in the past. Why is everyone suddenly so negative? And in such an unproductive way? Have you never read her TBLTB before? I laughed a few times reading this, and, like all the other ones, there are bits of truth that sneak through as well. I liked it.


  38. Alexi- never commented before, but PLEASE don’t stop blogging.
    Some of us read this for a quick pick me up/ laugh/ rely on it to get through the winter without putting on excess weight/ slacking on approaching guys/ etc.
    *Boston is cold/ dreary and the boys not my style*
    but i still need to stay fine and keep my shit together- your blog is one of my reminders!!! Thicken your skin- keep writing

  39. #9 is great.

    and completely off-topic..
    i was watching “art school confidential” last night and had to rewind the scene during the class in the auditorium. YOU WERE TOTALLY IN IT! (at first didn’t completely realize it cause you were blonde)
    that is one of the funniest movies ever.

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  41. the reason im single is because i cant deal with a “little girl”. i need me a woman who understand men. and thats hard to find nowadays.

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