BLOG » the guy you HAPPILY let cum inside you WITHOUT a condom:

I’d just gotten home after one of those nights where i did ONE thing that left me feeling like someone thought i was stupid, weird and/or dumb. I’d said something to some dude i thought was a dork, and wasn’t even attracted to, and now i couldn’t shake it. why did i even care what he thought of me? he played no part in my life. he had a girlfriend. i had a boyfriend. but now my whole world was caving in. the spiral had begun; regretting how i acted, what i said, wondering what he was thinking about me now, and how i could change his OBVIOUSLY ill opinion of me. he probably wasn’t even giving me a second thought. but let’s face it, he probably was. but hopefully not. whatever, he can shit talk/think I’m awkward and lame- all he wants! it just weeds out the people who aren’t meant to be in my life! yeah! sometimes i wish i didn’t internalize and analyze everything so much. sometimes I’m very happy i do. either way, i do. I’ve learned that the best way to get over my crazy spirals is to pretend it’s a week later- speeding up the inevitable, when i know I’ll have forgotten i ever even cared what some dude/person/people may or may not have been thinking of me.

that aside, i was using this stranger to distract myself from what was REALLY going on in my life: I’d done it again! I’d cast a spell on a boy and gotten caught up in the moment and not realized that my actions have consequences. that men have feelings too. and that my behavior, words, touch, gaze, and attention can have/has an affect on people. i was in too deep with a guy, and i wasn’t feeling ‘it’ anymore. at least not like i was. now i was left in a sticky situation, but i wasn’t ready to pull the plug, cuz i didn’t know exactly how i felt. it had gone from epic, to me freaking out, to casual. and it felt like the bubble burst and i should call it a day. but things aren’t black and white. i didn’t know what i wanted. i’d met a really great guy. there was nothing wrong with him, i just wasn’t sure if he was right for me. was my confusion enough of a sign to end it, or should i take some time to casually date him and get to know him before i ran ? the only thing was, this thing didn’t start out casual, it started out full throttle and my doubts were only setting in after ‘i love you’s’ were said and he’d asked to go steady or whatever you call being boyfriend and girlfriend. how did i get here? i wouldn’t go back in time and change a thing… i just didn’t know how to go forward.

so often i worry and act out when i don’t get the attention i want from every guy who comes my way. i don’t take the time to consider if i even like THEM! unless they’re a TOTAL dorky/ugly/pussy… THEN i don’t give a fuck! but I’d still have sexxx with a bizarre looking/interesting/successful dude! in a heartbeat! my friend Dallas thinks i have the worst taste in men cuz I’ve slept with fat, ugly, short, abnormally tall, sickly skinny, balding, and bald dudes. not all at the same time! don’t worry! I’ve only had one threesome, and it was with a girl and a guy who were both hipster/heroine chic. but that’s another story, for another time.

anyways, it takes all kinds. the point is, if i even have one- cuz i might not, is that i get caught up real quick. I’m in love with love. or at least infatuation. i can be a dreamy, whimsical person who can find a million different meanings in one look a boy gives me. (which can be unfortunate for the dude sometimes!) i have no problem and am happy to make extreme eye contact during sex. the deeper and more meaningful the experience can be, the better. the only problem is, as easily as i can throw myself all in, i can just as easily shut down- leaving a guy in the lurches. but isn’t that just called life? it’s not pretty and safe and wrapped up in a bow all the time! and don’t men act irresponsibly with women’s feelings all the time? I’d rather go full throttle, then press on the brakes if i decide to- instead of  treading safely and being careful from the get go.

but what was i even looking for? i wasn’t old enough or ready to get married,  or craving a boyfriend. I’ve never sought out having a boyfriend anyways. it always just ‘happens’. but i wanted the love. and for a minute, i felt it too. in fact; i was in and out of it. but then the seriousness of the situation set in: “boyfriend” “i love you’s”. i panicked and had to decide if i should break it off completely, or pull the pussy move by picking fights and being passive aggressive to make him break up with me. i had one foot in and one foot out. a part of me would think “god, the sex is great! he’s good-looking, but he’s not my normal type. but maybe that’s a good thing!?” even though, according to Dallas, i don’t even have a type. I’d vacillate between thinking we were too different and thinking we’re actually very similar. sometimes, I’d imagine myself in his arms, spooning and think “you know what, i could call it a day and call him the one for good!” i hope all girls can be this nutty, because i do NOT like feeling this way. and there’s SAFETY in numbers bitches!

did all this uncertainty mean he was the wrong guy for me? could he have been the right guy, but i was just too young and immature and preoccupied with the need to be alone and work? would i be the one missing out in the end? could i even trust my gut anymore, after all, i have a million ‘daddy’ issues. i didn’t know what to do! should i just stay away from guys, to save them from me and my behavior? wow, how self important am i? is it better to stay with someone if they’re a good person, attractive, and the sex is great – even if the initial crazy euphoria has died down so soon and you could also just as easily be alone? but what if the person is great and could make a lovely boyfriend you could learn from? does it always have to be under the condition of ‘forever’?

if the fireworks/mad crazy aspect of the relationship has died down and you know you’ve met too early on in your life and there’s no way they will be your final destination (which, to me, is a baby daddy). and yes, i know the ‘final destination’  isn’t always the man who fathers your child. but he will, most likely, be in your life forever- whether you split or not, cuz of the kid! so you better be as damn sure about him as you can be if/when you let him cum inside you without a condom.

if all that you’re left with is a nice guy you have sexual chemistry with, do you run and hold out for another “forever” prospect. or do you just hang out with someone and have a nice, fun time?

the thing is, I’ve been single and had sex with guys who don’t love me and it doesn’t feel good. but to be with someone who loves you when you’re in ‘single, all about me and my own personal responsibilities’ mode- feels shitty too! so what is the answer? I’m not wishy washy. I’m all in or nothing. so this makes loving and relationships more confusing. and usually when a girl is aloof with a guy and doesn’t give a fuck and it’s casual for HER/on her terms.. the dude falls in love.

but being grounded and loved by someone you like can be nice too!

i guess when it’s in sync, and the love is equal on both ends and sustains itself- you know you’ve found something bigger than logic, timing, rules, and being rational. you just make room for it in your life, cut the bullshit, stop analyzing, shut the fuck up- because you’re happy to do so and it feels super good and right. and even if you’re not gonna be with someone forever, isn’t it better to live under the spell that it ‘might’ last forever and be open to the possibility of that chance…. and end it if/when that dream is shattered, than stay with someone who you know in your bones you won’t be with when you’re old and gray? cuz then both parties are being kept from something else that could be epic.

it’s better to take the chance of losing someone, and being alone, then stay because it’s safe and they’re good for now/a warm body. that’s way more scary than being alone.

but, just like power shifts in a healthy relationship, do ‘love surges’ come and go as well? don’t moods shift as well? i wouldn’t wanna make any extreme decisions while I’m pms’ing… cuz  I’m a completely different person!

all these thoughts, but i still didn’t know what to do….

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  1. Hey Alexi,

    I was going through the same thing as you. And I rationalized the situation in very similar ways.. especially the part of just dumping the guy, or being a pussy and picking fights the passive-aggressive way. I know its not right, or fair.. for a while my philosophy was to just hang tight. My life is great in all other aspects, and its comfortable to be in this relationship. He isn’t begging me to get married, we have fun together. But really… am I just hanging on until something better comes along? Bottom line, you only get what you want when you take action to change your situation. Typing this out seems like common sense, but when I was in this relationship I felt blind and unaware.. when it was truly obvious to everyone else around me. You know deep down what you want/what’s good for you. Just follow your heart.. Thanks for making me feel normal! You are normal too.

  2. I totally agree. Settling and playing is safe is WAY scarier than being alone. I’d be a crazy cat lady before I settled on someone I felt “eh” about. And I fucking hate cats.

  3. You are not weird AT ALL! we all have these feelings 100%, you are so open just to spell out all these things that go through single ladies heads on a daily basis! I would rather be alone with 20 cats (i hate cats BTW) than settle for a maybe guy, fuck that, we are all better, I will adopt kids from africa before I settle for tepid waters! xx

  4. i’m the same as you… except i have a borderline personality ; )

  5. Always strive for the full package. Never settle. And if you have an in between guy, make sure you’re VERY clear about what you want, which in my case is usually good sex and decent conversation, no more.

  6. does ‘cum inside you without a condom’ when you’re on birth control have a symbolic meaning abt the depth of your love?

  7. Point is- DONT SETTLE, unless you’re 100% sure.

  8. are you writing my life? this is my whole thing here!! to be seeing someone i’ve had a mad crush on for months, to have him in so deep with me that he can’t pace himself… and then i’m more and more sortof turned off. i want to be in love!! but i don’t know, does that wish mean that i am deluding myself from the truth of how i feel towards him? which is variable!!

    and about the ‘being a pussy starting fights’ thing, what if you’re sorta just challenging him to shit or get off the pot concerning the pieces that are turning you off? if you don’t both have the same attitude about the relationship, like hes in deep with you and you are in, ‘eh, sometimes,” about him, won’t you butt heads often? couldn’t that be a way to either work through whats holding you back or… something?

    anyway, im just speaking about MYSELF here! but it is interesting to read what you say!

  9. Thank the lord for your rants.
    At times I honestly believe that I’m going insane and I’m a heartless bitch until I realize that I just need some midol.

    Perception of “love” is a conscious second to second decision. Who is to say that you weren’t in love?… or maybe you were but decided to forfeit because the past doesn’t really matter?… All these things are just another slap in the face telling you to wake up and figure out what is it that you REALLY want. As for me, I’m awaiting for my sass to make a come back and lead me into more blissful disasters.

    Nay girl, nay.

  10. I couldn’t even get myself to read all of this;you’re fucking ridiculous

  11. But you could comment. And that’s all that really matters.

  12. First- Calm down! Just step back and let yourself level out.

    Second- You can have the entire package. If something is off now, it’s not ever going to be right. You need to trust yourself.

    Third- Relationships are dynamic. They’re always going to change because we’re always changing! You’ll find someone who compliments you without having to sacrifice facets of your personality.

    Fourth- You don’t have to participate in things that make you unhappy/upset/feel weird. This sounds childish and selfish, but for real. You’re the only person who has control over your happiness anyway.

  13. Talk about hitting the nail of the motherfucking head.

    Strength in numbers!

  14. ON the head. My bad. Retard.

  15. good stuff captain!

    I know everybody likes your blind leading the blind nonsense (and I do like it occasionally)

    THIS is why I read your blog! SAFETY IN NUMBERS, BITCHES!

    I am most definitely this nutty.

  16. I thought the same way in the beginning of my current relationship now. My boyfriend has it all, but I wasn’t sure it was right for me. I let it go on partly because I’m selfish and thought many times that I should stop this or this is winding down but now when I look back everything has gotten so much better every single day. We both realize it may not be forever or even for a few months more, but at least we are learning things from each other and both the happiest we’ve been with another person, ever!

  17. Love the blog!!! This and one of your Blind Leading the Blind entries totally summed up my life the past few months.

    Was uber-casually dating this one guy who, in theory, I liked a lot a lot a lot, but I just couldn’t really picture myself with him or being with him happily ever after.

    We dated for a while and after a while, I could tell the sparkle just wasn’t there anymore. I think both of us are “too nice” of people to break things off, but I was clearly unhappy with whatever we had going on between us. Friends told me “just let things fizzle out” but I like closure, so I broke things off. It was hard cuz I liked him a lot, but I also knew I was sort of letting myself down for letting it drag out when I wasn’t happy.

    I fully believe you have to be happy in life. If it’s close, but no cigar…why settle or just go through the motions. That’s not living!

    “being alone, then stay because it’s safe and they’re good for now/a warm body. that’s way more scary than being alone.” AMEN!

  18. Alexi – I just wanted to say that I TOTALLY agree with everything you just said and I often have the same feelings. I am an “all or nothing” kind of girl too. I don’t know what to tell you (except Good Luck), I just wanted to say thanks for being so awesome and honest.

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  20. Sighs. The sad thing is that I totally and completely understand every single word you’re saying here. More sighs*

  21. god damn

    so sad right now

    seems impossible to figure out, when you put it in so many words

  22. so gross. this is worse than girls that talk about bowel movements

  23. Funny how we’re all in the same spot.

  24. with an attitude and self-entitlement like this you’ll never be anywhere near happy

  25. Person in the comment above me, don’t hate.

    This is after all Alexi’s blog and a forum for her to EXPRESS her ideas/feelings about topics that ALOT of woman think about secretly but are too scared to voice in fear of being judged by people like you.

    Take a look at how many comments above you resonated with this post? that has to count for something, if anything Alexi is being a realist and that doesn’t mean that she has a bad attitude.

    And just for the record, Alexi I think you’re amazing and it takes guts to be as honest as you are. <3

  26. You see what you want to see in a relationship. We all “settle” in the end. We settle with some one or settle with being alone (crazy cat women/old self absorbed bachelor), but make no mistake folks, we all settle in the end, and because we see what we want to see, we will be exactly where we want to be because, mainly, you get tired of looking. At this point in my life I do not really give a shit one way or the other about how I got here in my relationship. Was it a lightening bolt of love or do I just see it that way to romanticize my own personal settling? Who gives a shit”? Relative to THIS conversation I “settled”. That being said, keep doing what you are doing and when you really are tired of shopping, you will settle on a person you like and make them and yourself perfect for yourselves.

  27. how strange that i would choose to read this post the day that i break up with my safe-guy-that-i-could-be-in-love-with -and-grow-old-with-but-am-too-scared-to-do-so. maybe it was a mistake.

  28. I can’t even express how much I am relating with this now.
    nothing more, nothing less.
    why must we over analyze every teeny tiny detail!

  29. fuck, you write amazing! i never normally read posts that are this long!!

  30. i fuckin love this. story of my love life. keep it up and don’t quit.

  31. how is this comment a bit too short? I just said “amen”. that should suffice.

  32. Have I been seeing you in tv commercials lately for Bing and York Peppermint Patties? Or did I confuse you with someone else..?

  33. i am always checking your blog for updates and i quite enjoy reading ur rants. the entry was interesting but reminded me a little of carrie’s column from sex nd da citty. having said that i read the whole thing. if ur having or had doubts it ain’t the one, you’ll just keep repeating the same thing, get out b4 any1 gets hurt.

  34. The pilot for How to make it in America was really really good!! I think it’s going to last…I mean I hope it does

  35. I don’t normally read posts this long either. You explained my current situation completely. UGH! Being boy crazy is not helping my college career in ANY WAY. I’m using someone for their warm body. I’ve decided all or nothing. It’s nothing. He’s not even fun. Goodbyeryaniknowidonthaveenoughtattoostosatisfyyourpunkrockcravings.

    Thanks for the post, Alexi. I’ll suck it up and tell him.

  36. Yikes. Your sentiment is as close to my current sentiment as one could get. What are we gonna do?

  37. …I came to this blog because of the promise of some Boesel, and now I just want a fucking refund on my braincells.

  38. ahh soo good alexi!
    i love this so much.

  39. I’d like a refund as well.

  40. Walk away. If you’re not crazy about him it’s better to be alone.

    And isn’t there a chance he would read this post and walk away himself? I certainly hope he wouldn’t read this and stay! What a moron.

  41. […] like to say that the following paragraph is the part of this compellingly raw-boned confessional from a boy-crazy girl that got me hooked: so often i worry and act out when i don’t get the attention i want from every […]

  42. I wasn’t expecting as many ” wow, I feel the same(s),” so I pleasantly surprised, “us bitches stick together.”

    We cant help but want more than we have, and even if we are with that sexy, great personality of a guy, we fiddle our fingers and look around the corner, hoping someone else comes around and excites us!

    Were young, so we are also career driven. Why the fuck would we want a male to come along, try and sweep us off our feet, and mess up our career goals. That’s my main dilemma. My Mister Perfect is currently there, hanging on, yet we are not titled nor will I even celebrate V-Day.. What am I really afraid of? Getting all vulnerable and shit?? ahhh

    Lots to think about… gonna go drowned my sorrows with Kava tea.

  43. Well said Alexi.

  44. There´s no such thing has true\amazing\outstanding\fireworks\mad love…there is only the respect,the friendship,sexual atraction and mutual endurance over the years that makes a relationship work..which is commonly known has LOVE. Stop being so picky and demanding..cause everybody has flaws and qualites..You just need to accept that,and than you will be truly the way…dont go screwing every brainless,moron, retarded dude you meet cause its fucking lame. Sex means something, the selfgiving you put in it, it´s not are giving away a part of yourself to that person.who you really are will remain with person,in that moment forever, so, keep that in mind the next time you pull your pentys down in the parking lot. Take care

    Take care

  45. And I said take care twice cause I really mean it

  46. this is pathetic. the only people who like this crap are your fellow narcissists (oh my god this is so my life!). your life is dumb. the only thing that you know how to do is market yourself, and that is really useless. grow a chin, Olive Oil.

  47. And i thought it was just me!

    To youre anass above,

    Just because you’re confused, don’t exactly know what you want in life and fall in love hard and fast doesn’t mean you’re a narcissist.


  48. Wow! How hilarious! I met you years ago in the Valley, and you haven’t changed! So, what’s the point of this whole thing? Have you ever taken a writing class? Oh, I guess not- it’s a blog, so you don’t have to know how to write a cogent argument with any sort of point, right?
    Here’s a tip- Just b/c it’s never been said, doesn’t make it shockingly “honest”, or profound, or worth saying! Should I write a blog about how my shit was a sort of grayish color this morning and I wondered what I had to eat that made it that color? That’s basically what you’re doing.
    BTW, the “story”, “the guy you happily let cum inside you” doesn’t even make clear who that “guy” is. You talk about a guy you for some reason are wondering why he doesn’t like you, and then the meaningless one you’re dating, and then go on and on about whether to call him your boyfriend..??
    I think you need to watch a movie about how vast the universe is , b/c you obviously have been way too self-indulgent to realize your shit is TINY! Meaningless! It doesn’t even comment on society’s take on any of this- only your way obsessive/compulsive, minute, unimportant, irrelevant, un-universal, misery-loves-company BS. So sad. What if you actually tried to use your intellect to help people do something tangible in the world? Why don’t you go to Iraq and try to convince the kids there that all they should give a shit about is sex? and whether they should consider a guy their “boyfriend”? This shit is the worst kind of waste of a lifetime. Scrooge, wake up before it’s too late. Start giving those kids their Christmas turkey with all your ill-gotten gains. Do something useful.
    I’m a goddamn art teacher, trying to give kids something to be excited about in the world, and no one’s giving me a fucking TV show. But I’m not bitter, b/c I don’t expect the fruits of MY labor to manifest in an instant-gratification, fifteen-minutes-of-fame, pathetic d-list celeb kind of way– I’m not selling my dirty laundry because it’s an easy living, akin to prostitution, just because there’s STILL nothing easier to sell than sex. You’re just preaching to the choir. You’re not telling ANYONE ANYTHING NEW. You’re taking the easy road, my dear. And it ain’t worth it.

  49. BTW, to indulge your question, nothing lasts forever-it’s called entropy. look it up. All you can hope for is that something new grows where the intense thing began. Things change. Did you not learn this in your early 20’s, like most experienced women, or could it be that you know it damn well, and are just cynically re-hashing something you’ve known for years, to try to exploit it for some kind of gain or attention, and just like to hear yourself talk and talk, and talk, ….I just can’t help but think of the Morrissey lyric, “Evil people prosper over the likes of you and me, always”. Why are the lazy, make-the-smallest- effort-possible ones always the ones who get rewarded? I’m not worried- your 15 minutes are already over. Hope you can make what remains of your life less of a waste, and stop feeding the myth (that you’ve obviously bought into yourself), that women are just sitting there all day w/ nothing better to do than wonder how their eye looks from a certain angle….to all the young girls out there, please don’t be 30 years old and spend hours thinking about who the cutest boy is in the coffee shop– got news- you’d be better off spending that time watering your lawn. There are things you can do to actually make a tangible positive change in the world, instead of sitting there doing nothing,things like this just attempt to convince everyone that only their little 5-person sphere of influence is important, so sad.

  50. Final thought-ever seen “I Heart Huckabees”? You remind me of the Jude Law character, endlessly re-telling the boring Shania Twayne story, just for purposes of self-propagandizing.
    What happened to make you so empty of self-confidence that you think this is how you need to get attention?

  51. no wonder guys think women are fucking nuts!!!!!!!!!!!!!and are not looking for undying love just some quick head in a club parking lot with luck you could be planted on your back on the hood of a cadillac doing what comes natural it lends some credence to the school of thought,if you can find a woman you can stand to talk to for a half-hour without gag-fucking her you should marry her as for no condom and inside you redefines warm gooey feeling i’m saying the gift is more valued by the gifter than the giftee guys will cum in a condom ,in a pussy ,hell!they’ll jack-off ice fishing

  52. regardless of last reply you really are fucking smoking hot so use it because everybody soon loses it but keep up the cerebral activity it is as attractive as your other assets and let that bush grow wild its so much more predatory and will save on bikini mishaps it also gives a girl a very distinctive flavor! no shit delicious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. Dear Alexi,

    Obviously some people don’t understand the importance of emotional catharsis and clarity that result from writing and sharing… (And to them I say – F off! Don’t disparage Alexi just because you think you know everything. This is a blog called “I’m Boy Crazy” not “The Path to Salvation”, assholes. Expressing emotions with other people is how a lot of women cope…. Don’t silence them/her/me.)

    No, your blog doesn’t attempt to teach kids in Iraq a damn thing, but why should it have to? What your blog does is help people feel less isolated – and that is important, too. Keep it up! I love you!

  54. tl;dr

    awesome title with a long boring story attached

    I second the notion of a refund, enacted by my good friends Kelly and Gaby.

    Kelsey, nothing made by humans is ever perfect (100%). never. Never. Settling is what everyone does eventually.

    Emma, shoosh.

  55. I really needed to hear that last entry day! I have found myself in a similar situation. I am dating a guy who on paper is perfect for me but for various reasons (first being that I am newly divorce so the timing of another serious relationship isn’t ideal) I simply know that he’s not “the one” for me. While we always have fun together, the sex is great and he is as sweet as can be, I have begun to wonder if by staying in this relstionship I am being selfish. In the beginning is was VERY hot and unbeliveably easy so it went far fast. Now I’m starting to crave a less committed situation. I fanatcize about breaking up but when I try to prepare in my mind answers to his inevetable questions, i.e. what did I do wrong? what happen? etc. etc. I can’t come up with any reasonable response because he is well… so great. This then makes me think that I should just stick it out because…. why would I leave if he’s so amazing? Then I talk myself into staying with the justidication that not all relationships have to be “forever.” But as soon as I say that I retort (myself) by saying that it’s not fair to him for me to waist his time if I already know that I’m going to break his heart. ARGH!!!!

    It’s nice to hear another perspective in a similar situation.

  56. Wow, that frustrated art teacher guy Leland sounds like a real douche. Why is he so ridiculously obsessed and angry that you are enjoying some success or getting a little bit of press due to your blog? You must have seriously pissed him off when you met him “years ago in the Valley” and the only way he can get his revenge is by writing a lame comment on your blog.

  57. I was an asshole; he was in love.
    He was the woman; I was the man.
    It seemed as if the more I tried to rid myself of this creature the harder he tried. After a year and three months of chasing and running I became his girlfriend. However, I feel as single as ever. I am a wanderer. Why am I with him? Security perhaps. As much as I value his support and company the attachment that comes with being with him or anyone creeps me out. I do not like feeling like someone elses property. Being a girlfriend bares so many emotional responisibilities I just do not care for. I am a woman on a journey and I do not have time to tend my flowers, I can only spare enough time to smell them. So, whether this means that I have brought upon myself a task I can not complete, I do not feel like a girlfriend. I feel as I can come and go as I please. Although I have not disrespected his trust yet, I feel as if the time is nearing. Not so much because I deviously want to make out with a total BABE, but because I want to play this game by my rules. Relationships are full of compromises and I am too independent and too prideful to compromise my freedom.

  58. i wonder if matters if you’re being “Rational” or not, because going by gut instinct is like…way more awesome
    i hate planning and worrying about being in a specific “rational” “logical” mindset my whole life. i mean i really dont wanna be like that…

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  60. This post is exactly why I will N E V E R settle down with a girl, tell her I “love” her or fall in to any routine similar to that. I love your posts but this one hits close to home.

  61. Faceducky, you need the illusion as much as her.

  62. wooow I am shocked but i guess youre right

  63. Just because you’re confused, don’t exactly know what you want in life and fall in love hard and fast doesn’t mean you’re a narcissist.

  64. Hi, I’d like a refund as well.Thank You

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