13 Responses to “JASON BOESEL ON TEXTING!”

  1. he looks like a younger hugh lorie

  2. that’s what i love about him!

  3. was that jay malinowski playing in the backround! woo canada (: you should try interviewing him the hottest!!!

  4. Texting has no inflection and should NEVER be used for potentially romantic communication.

    On another note Jason may text me anytime, a young Hugh Lorie is right!

  5. Laurie*

    I’m sorry. I’m annoying, but Hugh Laurie’s name deserves correct spelling :p

  6. Oh dear God. I can’t believe I spelled it wrong. Roxanne you may publicly chastise me if you see fit! I deserve it.

  7. I needed this sooo bad. But its more of the other way around for me I’m the texter and guys always want to call me but I find calling more awkward especially when you run out of stuff to talk about. Also with texting you have time to think or read over things before you say it. I wish I was actually more comfortable speaking on the phone for longer periods of time though

  8. i cant stop staring at the info on the bottom of the video

  9. Thank you-without you I would never have a dude crush on Jason boesel.

    I’ve heard I’m the guy version of you.

    What do you think?

  10. I’m so awkward with phone conversations, but I do think it’s important to just force yourself to pick up the phone every once in a while—especially if it’s for someone you really like. It’s the best way to get over the awkward phase in a relationship. Then maybe you won’t feel the need to pound a few (read: 10) beers before you hang out!

  11. Be a man, pick up the phone. Texting is wuss.

  12. i hate when it’s all about texting. if a guy doesn’t call you, then really he doesn’t want to be more serious with you and go into relationship

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