Instead of just advertising my podcast ‘BOYCRAZY RADIO’ tonight at 9pm PST,

i thought I’d get back to my roots and include a video interview of a babe i found at intelligentsia yesterday! that place is dude mecca! if you live in la, and are reading this website, I’m sure you already know all about it. but if you DON’T and are planning a visit… totally add it to your itinerary! the coffee’s good too even!

as for the vid, my camera was set to some bizarro mode, and is picking up weird trace colors. so don’t go thinking this beautiful dude has peach colored paint on his face or whatevs… cuz he totally doesn’t!

watch him answer my questions about break-ups, marriage, and texting!


back to my radio plug:






you are not alone! that’s what I’m here for!

call me tonight!

we’ll bro out and talk about the season premiere of the hills, love, sex, relationships, monogamy, birth control, stds, abortions, binge eating, stupid parents you hate- who hate you maybers? the mall, boy/girl trolling, weight, suicide, depression, outfits, house parties, bbqs, target, cramps, your period, flirting, picking up girls/guys, going down on a dude/a girl, approaching the opposite sex, or just say hi! whatevs!

DIAL: 1(646) 378-0649



  1. alexi, these vimeo’s are killin me, they are always glitchy on my old old old there any possibility of posting from youtube 🙁 !! lots of love!

  2. that beautiful dude has peach colored paint on his face!

  3. Nice. That guy is smoking hot. Such a cute smile 😀

  4. heeeeeeeeee is adorbs. i’m short and have tattoos… but i’m in the midwest. lamesauce

  5. hot babe indeed!
    intelligentsia huh? it seems like when ever i go to silverlake those guys are so stuck up.
    how did you go about approaching him?

  6. yea how did you talk to him?? hottttiiee

  7. Ohhhhh. He’s a looker for sure. I’m short with tattoos and that dude is totally my type. Dammit, I live in the central valley!

  8. total babe for sureeee! i’m so glad you brought dude of the day back! <3

  9. Sitting at Intellgentsia in Chicago RIGHT NOWWW!!

    This place is DEFINITELY a sexy boy mecca! If you have Intelligentsia in your city, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!?!!?

    GO! GO! GO!!!!

  10. more boy (video) interviews please! keep em coming.


  12. ahh i think i’m in love!

  13. los angeles has become such a wonderful city since more smart people and suburbanites moved in and made businesses. come on, i know i’m not the only one who thinks this way. more hot babes in LA! screw the lamesauce immigrants! lets drive their rent up by moving in more hot babes with liberal arts degrees! (you know rent has doubled for these poor people?) and make more important businesses like expensive coffee shops and kitschy boutiques! woo hoo!!! yes, i especially love it when guys have facial hair and are white and wear shrunken denim jackets and are white and drink coffee at places called intelligentsia (oooh i felt 10 times smarter typing that word out! i don’t why but i do feel like more smart cells are entering my brain skull).

    and those american apparel ads you have here are soooo cool! i think they up your coolness! urban outfitters! i love those 2 places! they make the coolest clothes don’t they? i feel a little… unique, i think is the word, when i put together outfits. it also helps to lure in hot babes that drink coffee and stuff. my fave dudes are those that write screenplays. OH MY GOSH! sooo hot and smart. and they’re indie cause they don’t really care to make it in the mainstream.

    i love you! keep it coming with these hot boys and their wit.

    also, i’m shorter and more tattooed than all those girls who claim to be short and tattooed! and i live in LA. this dude could bone me all he wants as long as he keeps his bolo tie on during the entire session. hip hip hooray for bolo ties and other cowboy accessories/clothing worn out of context!

    well ta-ta, i’ll be off reading a novel about a teenager’s coming of age (even though i’m already 22, whatever don’t hate!) it’s really good. probably my favorite book of all time. it’s called catcher in the rye.

  14. that was amazing.

  15. oh my, he is perfect <3333

  16. P, where’s your blog? I would def. read it.

  17. dude, don’t hate on catcher in the rye.
    i don’t care how cliche it might be, it is one of my fav books from when i ACTUALLY WAS a teenager ahaha.

  18. what.a.babe. make him move to brooklyn.

  19. He kind of seems like an ass. I mean yea he’s good looking but who just stops talking to someone they’re in a RELATIONSHIP with when they want to break up?? That shit’s messed up

  20. naomi (and whoever else may be interested),

    i will be getting a blog soon to write about my thoughts on american society. and by that i mean hot babes from LA to AUS to BK to ATL to CHI to SF and so on and so forth. you know, all the hot babe meccas or any other places that have been fully gentrified (yes! love them liberal arts boys!).

    i will also inform you about all the coffee shops and other places to snag yourself a hot dude with the likelihood of stds but whatevs. you only live once and there are only so many boys to drink your pbr with.

    kittens are rad! i have a shitload of them in my backyard. they just chill there. i just stare at them from my window and take photos of them with an extreme amount of bokeh in the back. that counts as me liking kittens right? am i hip enough for you boys? please like me! i need more random plaid shirts in my closet to wear outside and look disheveled as though i had a long bang sesh the night before!

    your new friend,

    p.s. alexi your blog inspires me. i feel extra intelligentsia when i read it! do you realize the capacity it took for me to type that word? it blows my mind!

  21. hiiii alexi! i saw on aj english’s formspring that he ‘always wished you thought he was hot enough to interview’. so, you know what to do next time you see him! xx

  22. alexis blog is funny and entertaining, its just humour. you should chill p

  23. aww fuck! alice are you serious?!? alexi’s blog is just humor? shit! this whole time i thought it was serious journalism. my world is crushed…. my inclination to blog has diminished…

    bye, it was nice knowing you. i’m done writing. i think i’ll stick to looking cute (like you know “american apparel” apparel) in echo park’s (ex)dive bars that are now inundated with boys from the suburbs (or west l.a. or any part of the greater los angeles area with loads of white folks. same shit).

    p.s. BOYSLIFENYC is the shit! check it out ladies!!! def my #1 fave.


  24. tes qu’une petite merde, ca me tappe carément sur les nerfs les filles jalouses comme toi.
    jte paris que ta aucune idée de ce que jte dis, et qu’en ce moment tu fais une recherche sur google translate non? haha
    bon, moi jaime bien, CA ME DIVERTI et ca me fait RIRE, et jaime pas les connes comme toi qui propage la haine partout, beurk. ton opinion ta qua le dire ailleurs, on s’en fou ici

  25. ah, parlez-vous francais, alice! moi aussi! et je parle espagnol… mi lengua primera es espanol y segunda es frances.

    its always fun meeting other people who can speak more than one language! even more so when more than 2! don’t you think?

    alice, since you hate me so much, here is my blog.

    you can hate me some more.

    i’m a writer and i write in english though because i base my musings on los angeles (my hometown), the current standing of art in our time, and social issues such as gentrification in america’s biggest cities.

    well off to work. it’s a very early friday morning for me!


  26. admito que me impresiona. je te croyais plutôt simple et inculte..
    je t’avoue que ton blog m’ait l’air interessant; bravo de dénoncer la gentrification. – tout de même, je ne pense pas que ce sois ta place sur le blog de quelqu’un d’autre; tu as ton propre blog non? ohh! but what a good way to promote it p 😉
    peu importe – bonne chance avec ton blog et ta vie dans l’inculte ville qu’est L.A. (I wouldnt know.)

  27. umm…. does anyone else think this guy is 100% G-A-Y?
    holy lord. talk about feminine.

  28. he is an ass and TOTALLY in a relationship. WINNER.

  29. He is a babe!!! Cuddles please…

  30. i agree i thought he was totally gay and was taken aback when asked about girls. also i don’t see why everyone likes him? he seems like a jerk. if you don’t text me back and going to call and bitch at you.

  31. hi again alexi, just wanted to tell you that I listened to all of your previous podcasts and I really really like the idea!! Too bad I live in the UK and it’s kind of difficult to tune in live but nevertheless, I love it and I think you should invite more guests! The podcast with Nate was so funny! xoxo

  32. i agree with jess, dt, q, and yup (all the other commenters should reevaluate the video and perhaps their own standards). this dude IS gay and he’s an ass! i absolutely looove gay dudes. but i don’t like it when they pretend to be straight. not cool! besides his girlishness, the whole not calling thing to break up with a girl? so fucked up. gain balls dude! and after you gain balls, can we be shopping buddies?

  33. a. he is without a doubt very gay

    b. he sounds like a total asshole

    what’s the appeal?

  34. he looks like an attractive version of justin bobby. anyone else think so?

  35. he is not gay, just an ass. pretentious to a t. who just stops talking to someone? coward of a “man” if you ask me.

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