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  1. Alexi you are fucking crazy and I love it. I never post things on blog posts but you compel me to! You’re hilarious and amazing and this blog is too good. xx

  2. Hahahaha, yes!!!

    O’ hail the SIDE BOOB!!!

  3. You might be on to something, but what if someone had really huge boobs? I dont think that’ll work as well, but idk, it might….funny, funny, funny LOL!!

  4. I think I’d rather not wear make up to the club then not wear a bra. And I don’t even go check the mail box in front of the house with out make-up. This new side book craze is only for the very small and brave!

  5. I’m all about the side boob, obviously the best part of summerrrr.

  6. I lol’d. You’re hilarious!

  7. I will totally rock the side boob this summer!

  8. Oh my god Alexi, no. Side boob might catch on, but please…PLEASE, you don’t do it. Your boobs are small and saggy and just not good for the eyes. Keep them in a bra and under a non-revealing shirt, for the sake of your sex life.

  9. and I almost saw nipple. bleeh

  10. I think the side boob will catch on almost everywhere; parties, the beach, shopping, sports, you name it. I’m gonna convince more girls to do this =D

  11. I’m curious about your shirt. It’s says 1982-2012. Who’s on it??? Just curious.

  12. ignore dylan s/he’s probably a huge tool. your tits look great. in fact i’ve always wanted smaller boobs because.. they’re just cuter?

    ps i love you

  13. YES! SIDEBOOBS! I am all for the movement of just not wearing bras because I hate them! yay for sideboobs!

  14. I’m pretty sure no one wants to see my side boob. I can’t rock the sans bra look, but anything is possible once I hit the club.

  15. woah woah woah. in fact i just tried this out now and i am usually content with my boobs because they’re firm and perky, but mine look “saggy” from the side too. hm alexi i think after all this shouldn’t be a trend because it makes girls with nice tits look like they have notsonice tits.

  16. Holy shit! i thought summer 2008 was the side boob trend! It’s also about time someone spoke up about wearing a bra during the day time! Cuz i’ve seen waaay too many side boobs during the day (i’ve been on the fence about that issue for some time) and oddly enough if side boobages aren’t only popping out at night, bitches are gross.

  17. side boobs and moose knuckles…

  18. someone’s aiming to get all the guys.

  19. I need to read this site more often,it might get me off one of my anti-depressants….

  20. work woman WORK!

  21. I adore your blog and have been reading it for months now. Your writing style makes me laugh constantly and always has me eager to read the next thing you have to say. I want to get into the blogging world in order to have a portfolio upon my attempts to enter the fashion merchandising world/PR for fashion and know I have to work hard to do so. I was just wondering of you could offer some advice as how to gain followers and get what I have to say out to the rest of the world. thanks mama
    (o: Dana

  22. haha your a crazy bitch! i cant stop laughing, i will now be all about the side boob:]

  23. what if you have really really small boobs? lol like they are nearly flat? no side boob for us :(

  24. NO
    I love you Alexi but, god, NO.

  25. @Dana

    The advice is simple: be relevant and do not try to garnish a following for the sake of trying to capture a following. blogs , like hers, is based on her personality which for her is quite a marketable resource.

    ps: PR is scum

  26. this video is my favorite, even though i don’t agree with the “side boob for all” mentality. i’ve watched it like more than a few times a day so far, and i can’t even tell you why. you’re just fun. <3

  27. alexi, i love you. but personally not feeling the side-boob for my own boob-style. can we get a dude’s opinion here?

  28. no dudes opinion needed! thats what i say! lets do the side boob whatever the dudes think about it! that would be refreshing. let’s have THEM wearing bra’s instead. hell yeah.

  29. wow, this is wonderful, no more worries
    about the bf not being able to undo the bra in
    the moments of passion. side boob it is.


  30. I just have a question- and i REALLY don’t mean to sound bitchy at all- but if someone were to ask you what qualifies you to give advice/wisdom to others, what would you say? what do you think qualifies you to give advice? I really really don’t mean to sound mean at all hahah i just wanna know, cause I LOVE your advice because it’s from a real, NORMAL girl

  31. haha this made me laugh. awesome.

  32. “ssiiiiiiiiiideeee…..boooooooooobb……..”


  33. dam girl i’love your sideboob.


    love the side boob. HAWWWT.


  35. i’m not really feeling the side boob here, but i think your hair looks really cute up like this. i think you should do it more often! :)

    you are awesome.
    sideboob not at all.

  37. who is on that shirt and where is it from??

  38. for boobs as small as mine, it’s almost imperative that I wear a bra at all times. :(

    I wish they would grow! haha

  39. If anyone dont know — it’s Lil Wayne on da shirt. der….

    Double D out!

  40. Cute and funny…the little skit you just put up with this.
    As for you boobs, yummmm, just plain cute.
    btw…I loved your Peppermint Patty commercial.
    Sorry to sound like some hormonally charged teenager, but that commercial makes you look incredibly sexy.
    There, I said it.

  41. i like your spirit.

    don’t listen to the hate (unless it’s constructive)

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  43. @Dylan How does Alexi have saggy boobs? Obviously when she leans forward her boobs are going to go forward. Basic boob anatomy.

  44. yaaaay! sideboobs! im already all for it. but now i can be like, whatever man, Alexi approved movement.

  45. I am willing to bet that Dylan has never actually seen a boob in real life.

  46. sideboobs,frontboobs,bottom up,top down,allboobs,360 degreeboobs yours look just fine ! was that you on a hidden camera voyeur site? if so you’re very flexible and attractive party on in helL.A.

  47. My tits are definitely not able to go braless, but kudos to you! yay sideboob


    had to re-blog this. side-boob and under-boob are some of the most under-utilized weapons women have. love this.

  49. Good stuff, Keep posting stuff like this i really like it

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  51. I want that tee so bad! Can’t believe you mutilated it.

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