23 Responses to “2010 MTV MOVIE AWARD MADNESS!”

  1. Aaah! Looked so amazing!

  2. OMG Justin Kirk so wants to do you!!!! Mad jelzzzz!!!

  3. Tres bien mademoiselle! So which of the people that you interviewed (or just admired from afar) rocked your world the most, Alexi? And are you planning to write about the after-show party antics, or is it a case of “what goes on behind closed doors stays behind closed doors…!” x

  4. alexiiiii. ben nemtin is dating whitney port.

  5. Oh, girl, I loved this. Hopefully you’ll do an in-depth blog post about your MTV Movie Awards experience!

  6. alexi! so jealz. you got a wink from jason segal and uncle andy was all up in yo biz! and that new twilight star is sessy. and that clip with snoop was adorable. you are too much!

  7. You are adorable and hilarious. If you are ever in the Twin Cities, look me up and we will party. Nice work. 🙂

  8. aw man i love kelly cutrone

  9. aw, kiowa is such a gentleman! wont be watching twilight, but hopefully he progresses onto bigger and better things.

    oh, and he’s GORGEOUS.

  10. You were fantastic. Lovable and funny and real and awesome. Good on ya!

  11. its official alexi is my bestfriend
    and shes right about cudi
    i love it

  12. Can you just like, live in my pocket?
    You were soo cute and funny and oh my gosh I love you!

  13. and just when I was starting to doubt you, you blew me away!
    love this, alexi!

  14. ;_; you’re an amazingly annoying interviewee, jezus

  15. i want to read your words on how the whole thing was!!!

    you looked gorgeous BTW

  16. Were you wearing contacts? Because your eyes looked supremely gorgeous, even more so than usual.

  17. based on this, i think you should fill mtv’s alexa chung void. pitch it!

  18. dylan sounds like a faggy bitch cock sucking retard. don’t read a blog you hate. and don’t comment on it if you hate it. retard bitch.

  19. aw alexi that was greatt

  20. justin you sound whiny as bieber

  21. Hey, I love your ring! what’s it called? or where is it from? thanks :]….the interviews were pretty amazing as well

  22. No Russell Brand … shame. 😀

    I hate it when the interviewer makes the interaction about them.

  23. OMG you are seriously the most adorable girl on the planet!!! These videos really cheered me up 😉

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