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the boy in the striped button down: from alexi wasser on Vimeo.

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  1. hes cute
    i missed these
    keep em coming

  2. thanks babe! i will! xo

  3. Aww…”I loved her more than she loved me.” Guys have feeling too! Sometimes…

  4. He is definetly a babe.

  5. i miss these too and he’s SUCH a babe, even if he is 33.

  6. wow! ‘even if he IS 33’. ha!

  7. move to brooklyn, babe! i love you!!!

  8. cute! loooove these dude of the day videos

  9. ahahahahaha! love it.

  10. dude of the day is my favorite thing about this site! it’s so interesting!

  11. crazy pic – loving your blog x

  12. this was a great one alexi!

  13. the best part is that he IS 33! men are like wine. i love me some wine.

    more old dudes pls<3

  14. This dude is so gay.

  15. Dude is an uggo.

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