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In the spirit of Lindsay Lohan and her demise; here’s our featured dude of the day: this is Tyler Shields . you my have read about him and his antics on perez hilton recently with Lindsay and various other celebs, actors, and beautiful people. well, here’s a peek into a section of Tyler’s soul, or AT LEAST the door to his soul, or AT LEAST a snapshot of the mans inner workings on the particular day our paths crossed. i love you, enjoy!

DUDE OF THE DAY: TYLER SHIELDS! from alexi wasser on Vimeo.

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  1. Aw. It seems like you likee himm.. 😛 but thats how it is w/ every guy 4 u xD

  2. it’s shameful, i would be the one to notice,

    you spelled her name wrong =/

    hate to be the one to point it out.

    her face looks fake in that pic, nose job?

    sweet vimeo dude

  3. eeek spelled her name wrong yo;
    not that it matters.

    tyguy is damn attractive. getttt ’emm

  4. word is tyler was doing the nasty with lindsay (who cares how her name is spelled!) but she didn’t think he was hot enough to parade in front of the paps.

    i think he’s hella hot though and would love to have “crime scene sex” with him!

  5. such a good video, thank you alexiiiiiiii

  6. Crime Scene Sex, lol. And 37-minutes…yep, sounds about right!

  7. So good, Alexi! Really great vid

  8. He was actually really interesting. When he said that girls lie, I wanted to say people lie but girls that lie to you are probably telling you something like “I’m not into you” or “I have something to hide” but then she’s actually being honest in a very non-direct way. (She’s telling you something by not telling you something. I don’t condone this.) But, bottom line is that people who lie to you aren’t the ones you need to keep in your life.

  9. Oh my god! HAHA I love this guy…

  10. he seems so calm and is a total babe, it’s kind of hypnotic.

  11. He reminds me of Owen Wilson a bit. Maybe it’s his voice…?

    I like him, though. Very attractive. Very smart. Love his photography.

  12. Alexi this guy made you stutter and stammer! He is hella gooooood! and no way is he 27, he looks older i think (face wise) loved this dude. he’s hot!

  13. amelie i looked it up hes 28 now! I would have crime scene sex with him anytime!

  14. […] So made me the dude of the day we filmed this video a long time ago but its still really fun click on the photo to see the video! Make sure you check out this site!imboycrazy […]

  15. really? this is what we’re supporting? some ugly pale skinny short mean guy who takes affected photos of women being brutally violated? some nerd who hides behind a camera, in a shadowy chair, and behind his own self-built pile of image shit? who’s one raw moment of truth into the person he really is, exposes this line; “women lie.” oh yes, totally hot. let me wipe the cum off my chair so i don’t slide off it.

    how about these new parameters for judging who’s hot:

    1. someone who doesn’t look like a jaundice snail
    2. someone who’s actions show that they actually respect women (aka not stripping women, and pouring blood on them, get over this in-your-face bs. its not sexy)
    3. a dude who feels comfortable enough in his own skin to smile and answer your questions thoughtfully and honestly.

    alexi sweetie, you’d be better off with that 17 year old lover with the brown shag. he was scandalously cute and legitimately sweet.

    i’m just sayin’.

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