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the following is a written response to my last post and all the comments it received, by Liz Goldwyn!

this response is a big deal!

Liz Goldwyn is WAY cool, totally inspiring, super stylish, wears red lipstick like a pro, and has done a lot of rad shit! she’s even written a book! i know! a FUCKING BOOK!

she’s an artist, a writer, a filmmaker! and if i play it cool (OR just continue being myself, and she can find it in her heart to accept me)….. she just might be my new bfff TOO!

click HERE to check out her book and HERE to learn more about what she’s all about!
Ladies! Listen up!

I don’t want to get all girl power on you—but…Fuck that! —I shall!

We can achieve so much more by supporting each other than by tearing down—what is the purpose of judging, criticizing, being catty or competitive with other women?

We are faced with so many messages and obstacles about how we have to look behave succeed feel be feminine on a daily basis; and then we are going to go and make it harder on ourselves by hating on our own sex???!!

Other women constantly inspire me, and it makes me feel better about myself to be complimented or supported by them too… I will always tell a girl when I like her style, lipstick, writing, music, attitude, whatever, and I don’t care if that not a “cool” thing to do….Who said that we are not supposed to admire each other? Who said that we have to spend all our time worrying about what boys think of us? What about all the shit we want to do with our lives??!!! Lets stop wasting time on the small stuff!

What do we judge ourselves on? Our bodies?

Is she skinnier/ curvier/prettier/smaller boobs/ bigger ones/ etc?

It’s just exhausting and. …HELLO???!!! : Marilyn Monroe was a size 12 and the first female fertility symbols/ icons of beauty and sex appeal would be considered obese by today’s standards but this was once the norm! And on the opposite end of the spectrum… Olive Oyl (Popeye’s lady) –who might be called awkward and gangly was HOT STUFF! And she didn’t take shit from Popeye either!
So my point is there’s room for all types…

And as far as hating on other women’s success, let me just point out how few female CEO’s; Fortune 500 execs; movie directors; presidents, even…. fashion designers (??!) out are that are recognized and making the same salary as men…and in 2010 for goodness sake! It’s hard enough as it is to make it in this world, and then to have to contend with all the issues that come along with being a woman who is invested in business but doesn’t want to give up her corsets and high heels to be taken seriously? Is it really going to help any of us to be jealous of another’s achievements? I think there’s enough room for all of us, there certainly are for men… hmmmm….something to think about….

I could go on for pages, but I had to say a little something, as I look at Alexi’s blog and think about how I admire her for putting it all out there for us to look at and think about—and wish I could have the strength she does to be so honest and vulnerable in a public forum… maybe we can look at other women and find qualities we are attracted to instead of looking to men for self-esteem. We can love respect and admire men, but we gotta love ourselves first, ladies…


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  1. I agree, some things are just not comparable. We just have to learn to admire and appreciate each other and I still am learning . wow. thanks <3

  2. she is SO right

  3. this made my monday!

  4. I think this is the best Make It Yours Monday. It’s all nice and great going crazy over men but women need to support women and stop trashing each other. It is a waste of energy.

  5. Once a horny hipster hideout, this blog is officially now a feminist breeding ground.

  6. can’t it be BOTH?! i think sooooo! wheeeeeeeeeee! yay!

  7. wow! this was so inspiring. love this blog, and I love you Alexi <3

  8. im just a random boy. i dont know what this is or how i got here. i feel wierd and i think i am falling out of love. i dont want to though.

  9. falling out of love with ME?! big mistake buddy! don’t do it! just breathe! i love you! xo

  10. Couldn’t agree more…stop the hating, start the loving, ladies! Hating makes people look WAY insecure anyway. Don’t put others down just to build yourself up! Not cool.

  11. AHHHH!! total swoon(s) over
    Liz Goldwyn

  12. Not to harsh on your last post or Ms Goldwyn’s fine response but all the nicest, hippest, most Jesus/Buddha girls and boys on earth and their friends have backstabbers: they who cannot be shirked.

  13. I love you Alexi, but I don’t like this Liz Goldwin.
    “the first female fertility symbols/ icons of beauty and sex appeal would be considered obese by today’s standards but this was once the norm!” That’s exactly the point, we’re not in prehistoric times anymore. Fat girls are not cool.
    Even though I agree with some of what she say’s, she’s using bullshit arguments and she sounds too preachy.

  14. That smiley is so awful, that’s not what I meant at all. Hahah

  15. Dear S: Some people are predisposed to be fat and some are to be skinny. Hating on fat people is the same as hating on black, differently abled, left handed, red haired or whatever people: Really fucking stupid. You sound like an idiot.

  16. Recently I read somewhere that women tend to treat success as if there’s only a limited amount of it. I realized I would get jealous if one of my female friends/colleagues/enemies/whatever got somewhere that I wanted to go first, as if that slot had been forever filled. I realize now that we can all be successful, and I’ll get there even if it takes me a little longer, so there’s no harm in congratulating those who have already made it. I think it’s easier to get where you’re going when you’re only competing with yourself, staying posi and not having to watch your back all the time, anyway.

  17. I think that was a great make it yours monday and response to your last post, the most interesting I’ve read on your blog in a while and something to actually think about. Liz’s got a point, women should help each other out and compliment each other and be in a “we’re all on this together” mentality rather than hating on each other, but she is also generalizing a little too much: we women aren’t all criticizing gossipy pests who check out girls to make sure that they’re a size 6, while we’re a size 4 (“YAY!”). and I’m using sizes 6 and 4s as examples because realistically, what human being wants to be a size 0?

  18. i loved her documentary, and now this letter. tru dat liz

  19. Amen sister! Liz is beautiful,funny and brilliant and I look forward to seeing more of her work in the future.

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