boycrazy at the golden apple (part 2)

boycrazy at the golden apple (part 2) from alexi wasser on Vimeo.


boycrazy radio CANCELED tonight:

Unfortunately, i have to cancel tonight’s episode of ‘boycrazy radio’.

BUT, this will give you a chance to rack up a ton of problems and drama for us to discuss NEXT Wednesday at 9pm PST. I apologize for the inconsistency. but hopefully i will have an interesting experience while I’m gone that i can write about later!

And from now on…. no more missing ‘boycrazy radio’, i promise! i love you.

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boycrazy at the golden apple (part 1)

the golden apple is an amazing comic book store in Los Angeles. i should know, I’ve been going there since i was a little girl. and now that I’m all grown up, I’ve come to realize that it’s epic for dude watching too! all kinds of interesting, sexy, funny, and successful man/boys shop there. and now, so should you!

i mean, if this couple met and fell in love there, why shouldn’t you?!

every Wednesday (tomorrow) is NEW comic day and supposedly the best day for dude trolling.

be sure to pick up an event calendar when you visit too, cuz you never know who will be doing an in store signing!

so, whether it’s to troll dudes, you legitimately love comics, or you want to get into them- stop by the golden apple!

7018 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles – (323) 658-6047

you won’t reget it! i sure as hell didn’t!

in the videos to come: meet the owner, and two of the boys who were working the day i visited.

each are super neato for different reasons!

and for the love of god, buy something while you’re there!

and please don’t embarrass me/yourself! i love you! xo

boycrazy at the golden apple (part 1) from alexi wasser on Vimeo.

make it YOURS mondays!

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and for the love of god, make it fucking YOURS god dammit! xo

alone in the dark:

Going to the movies by yourself is one of the best things in the whole wide world! IF you can bypass the fat counter and make it into the theatre without buying popcorn, candy, and soda! but, even if you can’t (madonna used to LIVE on popcorn- and she was never super fat!), solo movie going is an epic experience all around! You don’t have to worry about being democratic about your movie choice, it’s 100% YOUR decision if you wanna watch the credits; and there’s no need to make nonstop banter with your annoying friend/family member/or date even. ie: Banter for banters sake. NOT relaxing/super stressful.

By going to the movies ALONE, you don’t run the risk of someone you’re with leaning in to you WHILE the movie’s in progress making some unnecessary, inane comment or asking some WAY retarded question that you can’t possibly begin to answer without missing some pivitol plot point! and you know what?  I’d be pissed if someone interrupted me while I was watching the trailers! THAT’S how seriously I take MY movie going experience! (i can’t see a movie if i miss the trailers. i’ll be bummed from the get go.)  Don’t you hate when YOU’RE part of a group or duo that YOU would totally hate/give a dirty look to if you WEREN’T with them?! I know! It fucking sucks! That’s why being alone/flying solo can be key sometimes/MOST of the time.

When going ANYWHERE alone, you’re free to be you! (Yes asshole, I KNOW you’re free to be you ALL the time, anywhere, with anyone, but it’s NOT always that easy! you know what I mean!) You’re free to be quiet and silently people watch. free to get lost in your thoughts and daydreams! Free to stare/make eye contact with babes or just people who seem neato/intriguing/or have interesting faces or cool/bizarre fashion sense. You’re free to have moments with strangers! You can eye fuck, judge, appreciate, ignore, inspect, and/or study them. you can  listen to other peoples conversations. Who knows WHAT can happen when you leave your house and go somewhere all by yourself?! i mean, hopefully you won’t be robbed. raped, and/or murdered and it’ll be all exciting fun and way upbeat! That’s what I’m striving for! These adventures aren’t limited to seeing movies either! I like to do tons of stuff alone! fuck, masturbating’s a solo sport, and HOW EPIC is THAT shizz?! i know!

I LOVE to go to restaurants alone! I often ride the tram at universal studios by myself too! listen, all you have to do is get in your car/leave your house, and go somewhere in public- solo. It’s not scary! It’s exhilarating! Order tea! Pretend to text if you get self conscious all of a sudden! It’ll pass, I swear!

When I went to see ‘sex and the city 2’, I went full throttle and bought three seats ALL for ME- JUST to avoid the possibility of some annoying person sitting next to me! No scratch that! My having to sit next to ANYONE would have been annoying. in actuality, I was probably the most annoying/anal person in the theatre! and my buying up those seats saved them from ME- but that’s neither here nor there.

Back to going to the movies alone; It’s like you’re alone in public! In fact it’s not JUST ‘like’ that- that’s EXACTLY what it is, and it feels fucking great! sometimes you just need to feel connected. Even if it’s alone, in the dark, quietly watching a movie, surrounded by a bunch of other warm bodies.

i love you!








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let me know you’re out there and that you’re PRO ‘boycrazy radio’!

but either way… I LOVE YOU!

xo, Alexi



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how to tell if you’re making the wrong decisions for yourself:

1. you wake up every morning with a terrible hangover.

2. you get SO drunk, you black out, and even though you somehow miraculously woke up alone in your own bed, your vagina aches and you can’t remember why.
if you’re a dude, substitute the aching vadge part, with ‘you wake up with red lipstick on your d.i.c.k, and have no idea how/why/or when that happened!’

– but, being a dude, you’d probably still be pretty excited about it! even if it meant there’s a strong chance you have aids herpes now. oh well, a blow job is a blow job i guess. fuck, double standards ARE real!

3. you hear that quiet voice in the pit of your stomach (that ALWAYS knows what it’s talking about, BTW) saying one thing (aka- the RIGHT thing! this is what the phrase ‘go with your gut’ means!), but you squash it and do the opposite and end up feeling super uncomfortable with the choice you made- not to mention; aimless, self conscious, and bummed about the situation you’ve put yourself in.

4. you go out every night and never get anything done and wonder how you’re a year older with no accomplishments or life changing progress to show for it.

5. you monitor everything you say before you say it because you’re afraid of what your ‘friends’ will think of you.

6. you’re always worried that people are mad at you.

7. you don’t like the people you call your friends, but you continue to hang out with them because: they are all you’ve ever known, they look/dress cool, and/or you’re afraid they’ll be WAY mean/turn on you if you stop/take a break from hanging out with them.

8. you don’t have a car and/or you live at home, and you’re older than 25.

9. you talk a LOT of shit.

10. you have a tattoo on your face.

make it YOURS mondays!

Ive Never Been Kissed from lidia alvarez on Vimeo.

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and for the love of god, make it fucking YOURS god dammit! xo


2 LIL DUDES OF THE DAY! from alexi wasser on Vimeo.

the blind leading the blind (part 50):

1. stop talking about your fucking wheat gluten allergy. NOBODY CARES! you’re giving great dudes everywhere a hard off. seriously. it’s a boner killer.

2. this fall, it’s all about ripped black tights.

3. don’t tell people you have cancer. it’s kind of a downer. for real. even if you’re OK with it, they get all weird. it’s like fame, it changes everyone around you. just something to think about.

4. sometimes all that needs to be moisturized are your elbows and your knee caps. Boom! Bam!

5. have all clothing you purchase put in a garment bag before you leave the store! oh, they’ll do it! all you have to do is ask. you deserve it!

6. a dirty fork in your car? Really? forgotten by you, and just laying around for weeks? Fuck you man! That’s fucking gross. Male or female. Gross!

7.  for the love of god, take the price tag OFF the gift you tacky ass fuck!

8. if you see some fatty walking a trail, doing a hike, exercising near you or whatevs- be nice for gods sake! say hi or smile! Reward him/her with encouragement- cuz he’s trying to not be soo fat. But, like, don’t feed him as a reward- cuz that goes against the entire point I’m trying to make. PS: have a nice hike.

9. when looking for an apartment, these should be your requirements: upper (which means it’s on the 2nd floor of a building or higher! there’s less chance of murder than if you live in a lower), hardwood floors (chic, classic, easier to clean, dirt/grime can’t hide like it can in carpet), parking spot (a MUST! looking for parking at 4am is a recipe for disaster! and by disaster i mean rape murder- and not necessarily in that order even! not having a parking spot is not safe, sexy, or smart), dishwasher (heroine for the lazy), washer and dryer on the premises! (makes life WAY easier then schlepping your bullshit rags from urban, American apparel, or forever 21 to some coin slot/homeless haven!), and last: location location location! (live somewhere where you feel safe and can easily walk to cool stuff – in case your car breaks down. IE: coffee shops, cute boutiques, a grocery store, etc.

10. just because a large and in charge, African American female walks by doesn’t mean it’s OK/right to say ‘hey look, it’s precious’ to your friends. Not cool asshole! Not cool at all!

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