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when the fader first approached me to do an interview about my relationship with the Internet, i thought it was a practical joke. for some reason, i thought it was a murderer who had devised a pretty convincing plan to kill me… using my ego/never ending desire to talk about myself as the perfect ploy to getting my address, and an invitation to enter my home. and yet, i still said yes. ‘sure, send him over!’

luckily, it was all legit! phew. but the second hurdle was after i opened my front door to let the videographer into my place. the boy operating the camera was a super tall twenty something babe!

this only added to my nerves and self consciousness! OH GREAT! now i had to worry about attracting this dude! fuck! in my minds eye, i expected a George Costanza type to be behind the camera. no offense to the character of George Costanza, but his aesthetic would have put me more at ease! that’s all. instead, the babes presence in my home, holding a camera pointed at my face turned me into a crazy FUCKING nervous wreck! i was uuber frazzled in a major way!.

i started to calm down mid way through…. but i acted like a complete nut case: before, after, and in between takes. more so than usual, even! i couldn’t stop rambling. saying the same phrases over and over again, like; ‘I’m freaking out. i can’t do this. i think I’m having a panic attack. don’t look at me. look at me! ahhhhhh.’ i even popped a beta blocker to stop from shaking. (don’t try this at home kids, unless you’re a violinist, who’s about to go on stage for a performance, and you need to keep your hands from shaking!)

luckily we both got through it, and the video above is the final product of two people crossing paths for an hour, one hectic day. enjoy. xo, acw

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  1. 😀 you don’t seem to be freaking out on the video at all, it’s all good! And congrats for getting to be a part of the whole thing

  2. love this & love you.
    you never know – in some dimly lit store some guy may have thought you were asian – don’t let something small and insignifcant stand in the path of true unadulterated stalker passion! xxxZ

  3. You’re freaking adorable (: xx

  4. hahaha! the Craigslist bit was hilarious!
    ohhh and I love your sweater and hair!

  5. you are so dope!! keep up the good work!

  6. “and meet the dude that will murder me” hahahah love you!

  7. holy tits. i had no idea. how tall are you? and when are we gunna go on a date?

  8. Awww, Alexi, this was a cute interview-type-thing! You were so not as rambly as you thought.

  9. as always, so sweet. as i’ve said before, once your series hits the air you’re gonna be the next mary-louis parker. or better. much luck, much luv xoxo

  10. “ interviews I do with cute boys” bring those back dude! and congratulations on the show, I’m excited to watch it!!

  11. re. the jew: wait? what? ‘holy tits’, about my height? or ‘holy tits’, about my tits? i’m 5’11.

  12. I love craigslist! I have a blackberry and it’s like the easy/quick loading way to entertain yourself while in line at the grocery store. PS good luck with the show, I might have to buy a TV to watch you.

  13. Alexi+THE FADER= two of my most favorite things put into one!

    You are a gem, my dear. Also, I totally hope to end up on MC one day too! I’m glad I’m not the only one.

  14. Alexi, the thing about you that baffles me the most is how utterly unfazed you are by the wall of relentless jaded rude dickishness you constantly come up against. Unless they already know you, nobody’s nice to you! And you don’t care! Or maybe you don’t even notice!

    How do you do it?

  15. can u interview el guincho, please?

    in the hopes of making sexy a lifestyle choice.

  16. gurrll, your hair is cute (:

  17. Interesting, when you are in front of someone ELSES camera, you seem to be much softer and less spazzed. Did you bring across that message to the camera guy? You sure looked adorable to me, if I may say so 😉
    Keep up that good work, I’m often stuck between laughing my ass off and going “Awwww, cute” 😉

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