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  1. dude of the day by alexi?!?! what a relief! this is the type of interview i want to see/hear. the dude is engaged and interested in what you are saying. whereas your intern is putting your dudes to sleep. speaking of your intern,
    she blows. in the real world interns don’t get 3rd/4th/5th etc. chances because there is always someone next in line who is BETTER. do the right thing and let her go. or at least try someone new.

    ps. i am sure the intern is a real sweet chick, but that doesn’t mean she is right for this job

  2. UUUUUUUUUUber articulate editor in chief of a fanzine dedicated to hipster culture & minor celebrity worship. “Like… um, yeah, totally comfortable talking about that…” Those thick, Revenge of the Nerds-style glasses are the new goddamn bellbottoms.

  3. I’m into this superman socks.

  4. those*

    Whatever…try to get him on your show, Alexi!

  5. which show? her radio show?

  6. fully agree with “. . .”

  7. ya! the boy crazy radio show! it just won’t stop! non-stop till ya’ drop. haters gonna hate, doncha get involved with date rape, mister. but ‘member that episode about “snake pussy”? hmmm, maybe that’s what’s going here! (BARF…)

  8. This has nothing to do with the post above really, but made me think of you.

    “Why not assume it is all a big lie and the soul is just a whore that we pimp out to fill our emptiness?”

  9. He is adorable and super smart and has a job! Men take note.

    Also Alexi can you pretty please do a post on where to meet dudes in NYC? I just moved here 3 months ago.

    Love your blog! xx

  10. I love Laura. She’s such a “success” in my mind… Dudes take note.

  11. “Are you pro-America or are you Anti-America.” The real question is: Who’d I land myself in the middle of RETARD America? And I know that for every comment like that, I’ll have TEN that’s right ONE-ZERO, IMBOYCRAZY sycophant Tweet-freaks proving me #RIGHT

  12. ooops… a little prince william, post-pro over-exposure halo to under-emphasize that dome (not to mention the framing)…

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