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1. no matter how many mani/pedis I get, I’m probably never gonna pick up Vietnamese.

2. Just a year ago I was way more rigid, saying things like ‘I have enough friends. I’m at capacity.’ And now I look at everyone and every situation as an opportunity to make a new friend and for the world to become smaller.

3. I finally realized why pinkberry is the best of the froyo places (i used to totally not even LIKE it), it’s because they put the yogurt in the cup FOR you and you don’t have to wait behind creepy dirty patrons and watch them touch the spigot with one dirt hand while they hold their fucking dog in the other. Egads! Gadzooks! ps: it’s not frozen yogurt… it’s PINKBERRY! pps: have you tried the new salted caramel, and/or peanut butter flavors? i have.

4. it’s like the minute I see someone use the wrong ‘your’ when they mean ‘you’re’ (or vice versa)… I just can’t take anything (no matter how valid) they say or do seriously.

5. sometimes I look at women who are preggers or who just had a baby and I think: ‘fuck, they look busted! I mean, I already have my own body, face and  insomnia issues NOT being pregnant. do I ever really wanna do this?’

6. I probably want to kiss you.

7. I can’t even fantasize (touch myself) about a guy if he has a girlfriend/is in a relationship. I need to at least think the fantasy could somehow come true on a slightly logical level.

8. I’m not a feminist? how dare you! I’ve never relied (and WILL NEVER RELY) on a dude to take care of me; I don’t subscribe to the deeply engrained belief system that a woman needs to get married/have a baby/or have a man to feel complete; i know/believe that women are more than a body or a fantasy for a man (i just wish all women knew that); I say what I want; I love women; I believe they can and should do anything and everything and are exceptional; I’m constantly shocked by and proud of how much women achieve operating at such a high level of expectation (not only can an amazing woman be smart, funny, talented, and successful… but she can run a company, excel at her career, and make & raise babies too… achieving ALL this while donning a stylish/sexy outfit, matching bra & panties, perfect hair/makeup, waxed and shaved body parts, and in heels too even!; I listen; I try to help; I don’t judge; I have great female friends; and the fact that I even do what I do and lead by example by being brave enough to put myself out there/say whatever it is I want to say… is a testament to that! so shut the fuck up!

9. sometimes I get mad about little things. like the other day, I went to Baja fresh and I asked for no cheese on my Americano chicken taco. but they gave me cheese anyway. secretly I was so happy the mistake was made, cuz I love cheese and only say ‘hold the cheese’ for calorie conscious reasons. then the next day, I went in and didn’t say ‘no cheese’ cuz I in fact wanted cheese and was surrendering to my whim like a champ… but they held the cheese anyway! I decided to not say anything because this mistake was totally in my favor. I also decided that they probably made the mistake because I must have come across as a girl who clearly doesn’t eat cheese… and that was really flattering. either that or they think I’m fat and don’t think i should eat cheese. either way, this will not stop me from going back tomorrow.

10. a boy said this to me once, and it didn’t make sense at the time. and when it finally did make sense, I didn’t know if I agreed. but now I think I do. here’s what he said: ‘men love who they are attracted to and women are attracted to who they love.’ what do you think?

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  1. The internet made it so EVERYONE can share their random thoughts and feelings with the whole world, but a lot of people who do it shouldn’t bother.
    I’m glad you do, though, Alexi. Plus, that’s pretty awesome that you probably want to kiss me!

  2. #4. I am the EXACT same way. It’s basic grammar, people!
    #10. True.

  3. #10.. I guess that would explain it.

  4. morning Alexi 🙂 i can’t agree #10 more. men love who they are attracted to and women are attracted to who they love. my ex and i broke up because he loved his ex who he was attracted to. life.

  5. #10: false. And anything else that says men are like THIS and women are like THIS also shouldn’t be trusted.


  7. 9. Being calorie aware when you have a rockin bod is so fun sometimes! its like, well, if you are offereing me this delicious box of yogurt covered almonds, I will gladly indulge! AND THEN YOU DO NOT EVEN GET FAT BECAUSE IT WAS LIKE A ONCE IN A LIFETIME THING! Until the next day I guess! But yea. I work in a kitchen, as a vegetarian, and think I would literally be SHAMED OUT OF MY APRON for not eating cheese. (That is my little dirty cheat. No meat stocks though, gross!)

    Sort of an opposite pressure to LA I guess.

  8. I like that quote in #10 almost as much as I like the hopes given in #6

  9. Number 1 made me laugh and I completely agree with number 4.

  10. #1’s sort of bigoted, but then I refreshed my memory about who was writing it, and realized that’s kinda of the norm around here. sort of like a bad rom-com: dumb people think it’s funny, smart people don’t go because they know they’ll walk out, apathetic people are just like, “oh, well”

  11. #3: agree with cleanliness factor, BUT I can’t stand that they charge you up the butt for the fro yo then skimp on toppings which cost like a dollar something each extra! I’ll prepare my beautiful concoction on my own thank you.

    #4: I’m a grammar nazi

    #7: I wish I could say the same :-/ can’t seem to get those ones outta my head. where are all the hot available guys?!

    #8: that woman you describe, yeah, that’s my mom 😀

    #10: not sure I agree. I think all people can love who they’re attracted to. How can love come before attraction? That needs to be first. I do think, however, that women are attracted to (and grow to love) the idea of someone rather than the actual person, sometimes.

  12. Haha, Baja Fresh, love it.

  13. 10 is a thinkerrrr don’t mind if i adopt that! PS-love ur blog girl thank you for putting something interesting on the internet <3

  14. This was a cool post. But what I really wanted to say is that I called your number and left you a nice voicemail. Squeee!!!

  15. that last one is a Woody Allen quote

  16. I tend to love those I’m attracted to, even if I don’t want to… My version of #10 would be “Women fall in love with the right person, while Men fall in love with whoever they’re with at the right time.”

  17. Thank you thank you thank you — for opening your inner thoughts so this confused guy might start to understand more of the beauty and mystery of the other sex.

  18. I’m pretty sure that last one is a quote from Sex, Lies, and Videotape…

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