BLOG » clothes that make a man INSTANTLY fuckable:

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  1. Looks like my wardrobe. Just saying.

  2. Vintage red boots. Just saying.

  3. Ughgghghg you’re so right. Especially the boxer-briefs…I would also add some stylish but non-ironic glasses. I’m a sucker for the “intellectual” look (even if the dude is actually dumb as a rock).

  4. Uhhh dont you mean clothes that make a man instantly gay?

  5. I am SO saying yes to the 8th picture!

  6. yes to skinny ties and j.crew button ups!

  7. ehh the big puffy jacket…I beg to differ.

  8. We are living the same life. I couldn’t agree 100% more.
    Maybe adding a messenger bag or a bike?


  10. i forgot to include sunglasses. xo

  11. noooooooooooooooooooooo

  12. well… I don’t know about the green jacket and furry head WITH the orange lining.. I just don’t know

  13. it’s like the modern lumberjack manly man type look. the green one-step-up-from-a-military-jacket stays!

  14. all i have to say is…yes please!

  15. Desert boots -YES x

  16. clothes that turn a man INSTANTLY into a hipster.

  17. ok, i just bought all these things, where should i meet you?

  18. Tasteful, simple and utilitarian stuff, but I beg to differ. What makes a man attractive is not giving a shit about clothes, and to be specific, not associating himself with symbols of brand identity. On the flipside, nothing is as unattractive as the man who dresses not like himself, but like the man he thinks he’s supposed to be. There’s a big distinction there.

  19. if you dont like the green parka you’ve never seen Quadrophenia where alot of this style of dressing comes from… I.E Mods…. I would also add a Fred Perry v neck sweater and a pair of brother bray boots and this pretty much sums up my entire wardrobe

  20. wow
    please,write a female version of this post!

  21. Yes! Essentials for girls as well!

  22. peacoatssssssssss oh my gahhhh!

  23. Yes!! One for girls pleeease

  24. If this is what you like, then why are all your “Dude of the Day” videos with sloppy guys in t-shirts? Why not reward some well-dressed gents instead?

  25. Uh yeah I guess. Hipster bait, nice but pedestrian

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